• Compiled WC Mappack
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Hey, Does anyone have a link to a compiled WC Mappack, i heard there is one, but i can't find it!
To compile that would involve a lot of work. Many of the stuff there has been made obsolete and some textures are also gone. Also the amount of corruption among the map files is big enough that not even hammer from the HL2 Leak can open them. There is of course some maps that have been compiled and fixed though.
From what I've seen only few maps are corrupt. They are mainly either older VMFs or missing materials/models. There is a set of compiled maps floating around, the only place I can think that has it off the top of my head is the BetaArchive FTP.
90% of the files are incomplete
Are they? I didn't notice that, all but a couple I've tried opened fine.
There is infact a complete compiled WC mappack for the beta, most maps are very broken and a bunch are missing textures, it is a very big upload though, I'll see if I can find the link for it
I heard there is some kind of "Leons compiled WC Mappack" but i can't find it.
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