• Facepunch on Minecraft Menu?
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[T]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8581/20120530164514.png[/T] Has anyone else seen this?
holy shit when did that happen!
/v/ is better
I've seen that a dozen times
This happened over a year ago
uh that has been there for like ever
This is exactly like the first thread I made in this section! I quickly got laughed out of this section.
I just wanted to know if this was recent.
It was recent, about 2 years ago.
We should change the grey subtitle of the Minecraft section to "We know about Woo, Facepunch!"
It was there because our enthusiasm about minecraft made it more famous and therefore making notch richer and therefore giving him more money to spend of holidays before jebb came in.
yea cuz we gave him more money to go on vacation
what is this new information
I can't wait for the Halloween update, they're adding lanterns!
You shitting me? [quote=Minecraft chat rules]4. There is a "Woo, Facepunch!" Splash image.[/quote]
Did i just go 88 miles or something?
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