• Minecraft Hunger Games - Facepunch Edition
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[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/S2ikc.png[/IMG] Hey Facepunch, since Jacko245 went MIA I decided to go ahead and get this thing running seeing as alot of people had interest in this and so did I. [B][U]The idea [/U][/B]The idea is that we use a kind of island map. A gamemaster will be appointed and all players will be placed somewhere in the middle of the area. From here, the GM will quickly explain the game for the players and will release the players. From here on, players are in it on their own to be the last man standing. You can fight, chop, or even create alliances to help your way to be the last man standing. Just remember, that at the end you will have to cut the ties with your allies, since the last one standing will be the winner. Make sure they don't stab you in the back first though. Digging and building a shelter is recommended and you might also want to make sure you have some kind of food available. For a more detailed explanation, I advise you to read the following: [t]http://i.imgur.com/4wXV7.jpg[/t] Although this states that people should be kicked, I have created a plugin that automatically makes players who die, enter 'spectator' mode where their gamemode is set to creative so that they're able to fly, all of their events are cancelled meaning they're unable to do anything besides flying around and chatting and are also made invisible. [U][B]The current plan [/B][/U]Darksoul69 has upgraded the server to a 20 slot, so there's loads of space for players! Thanks alot to Darksoul for his help and contribution. Other than that, I intend to use bukkit on the server and the following plugins: [B]Herosneak[/B], first and foremost because it is the best out there to hide player's name tags other than using a clientside plugin to remove it. [B]Worldborder[/B], to make sure people don't leave the designated area. [B]Dynmap[/B] ( or something such as it ), to allow the GM to get a proper view over the battlefield and make it easier for him to track individual players progress. [B]AntiCheat and OreObfuscator[/B], to fix various glitches and discourage people from cheating easily. [B]HeroChat[/B], to allow custom channels to be created. Both for ingame chat, gm chat, observer chat etc... [B]LogBlock[/B]( or any other block logging plugin ), to allow us to revert the map back to its former state after a round of the game. As for map, some users in the other thread pointed out the decent maps made by [URL="http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/aurelien_sama"]Aurelien Sama[/URL] and I intend to use his Eldaria Island v2.1 at first. More specifically, I want to use this part of the map: [IMG]http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/5038/screenshot2012031920412.png[/IMG] It is a fairly decent map but it may not be exactly what we are looking for in the end. I hope someone out there will be able to point out a map that is better suited for this, so if you have seen one that might be what we are looking for, let us know. [U][B]Future plans [/B][/U]There are two things that we still need to sort out, and that is what happens to dead people and also how to integrate the gamemaster into the game. My idea is to first and foremost just ghost the dead players and make sure these cannot interact with the world what so ever. This allows them to still ghost for other players, but at first I don't believe it should be of great importance as to whom wins and who loses. The GM should just be set to creative mode and ghosted aswell. This way, he has easy access to the various tools he might need to push the game forward, at first atleast. I'd really like to use a client plugin for the GM atleast, so that he has an easy to use UI which will make his life alot easier. If people opt for this option aswell, I'd start working on said plugin right away. It might also be necessary in the future to force a client plugin onto the users, so that we can completely eliminate name tags as they are quite a huge pain in the ass for this kind of game. But we will have to discuss this as an option later on. [U][B]Want to join? [/B][/U]We regularly schedule games to be played. Right now, we're primarily playing games at 10pm GMT+0, as it seems the most people are available at this time. So hop on in on the server at the specified time, and you're part of the game. :) The server is hosted in the US, more specifically in Arizona I believe. The IP for the server is: It WILL have whitelist on aslong as there is no appointed gamemaster on to run a game. [U][B]Next game is hopefully Saturday ( 07/04/2012 ), at 10pm GMT+0 (as usual). Please write in the thread if you're interested in showing up. [/B][/U] Countdown for the lazy ones, [URL="http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2012&month=04&day=08&hour=00&min=00&sec=00&p0=1413"]here[/URL]. [I][B][U]Server is live![/U][/B][/I] ATTENTION TRIBUTES: We now have a steam group! Join it to receive game announcements, [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FPMCHungerGames"]here[/URL] [QUOTE=Danta7;35463395]The whitelist is used to shut the server down when there is not enough players for a game, usually when it is late for most people. That way GMs that don't have access to the server website can open and close it for matches. It is also used for a minute or two during the setup of a match, and sometimes longer while the GMs create a new map. It is not used like whitelists are normally used. So there is no need to ask to be whitelisted.[/QUOTE]
I will join, loved the idea from the other thread and I hope this gets popular
I'd also love to join, this sounds really fun.
I will join to. I'm central time zone (US)
I'm down for it Good luck
I'll be able to play thursday, If you are hosting it then, otherwise I'll be really looking forward to the weekend.
Well, I'd love to run a few games before the weekend. What about 9 pm in GMT+1, which is 3 pm in central time zone in the US. Or is that too early? That would be today then if there's enough people who'd like to participate.
I'm in depending on what day it is done.
Today? As in wednesday?
What time and will I have to download anything to get on the server?
How long will it be for roughly? If it's <5 hours I'll be able to play the one today.
We need to have at least a day in between planning and playing, and I can't make 3PM, school gets out RIGHT at that time.
its 3:49 here, i am Pacific Standard Time, if the game is still gonna happen i'll be ready, but if its already passed then when will the next one be?
Okay... I am not available tomorrow, so what about Saturday the 24th of March at midnight GMT+1. That would be about 6 pm in central time zone in the US.
[QUOTE=Capsup;35244743]Okay... I am not available tomorrow, so what about Saturday the 24th of March at midnight GMT+1. That would be about 6 pm in central time zone in the US.[/QUOTE] What about PST? (Pacific Standard Time)
ah ok thanks, its 2 hours before which means its at 4 o clock, i should be free maybe
I got the Corucopia figured out Basically, It's a large iron box with one open side and stuff in it, in the movie that is.
Capsup, is that game still gonna happen today?
[QUOTE=Pinhead!;35276579]Capsup, is that game still gonna happen today?[/QUOTE] Yeah, I hope so atleast. There's no one who has stated that they'd like to show up though? [editline]lol[/editline] Shit, I just noticed that 1.2.4 is out... There is however no bukkit build available for it, so we have to use 1.2.3 if we actually want to this today. Should we wait until bukkit releases the new version or continue anyway?
[QUOTE=Capsup;35276747]Yeah, I hope so atleast. There's no one who has stated that they'd like to show up though? [editline]lol[/editline] Shit, I just noticed that 1.2.4 is out... There is however no bukkit build available for it, so we have to use 1.2.3 if we actually want to this today. Should we wait until bukkit releases the new version or continue anyway?[/QUOTE] Welp, we still have to see if people are gonna play
If we don't have atleast 5 persons by 23 pm in GMT+1, that is, one hour before the game begins, I'm going to postpone it until another time where more people will sign up. I've written a quick plugin that will automatically make players who die during the game go into 'spectator mode' where they're unable to do anything but fly around invisible and watch the game. The gamemaster has two commands currently, start and reset. If players die before the game has begun, they just respawn and nothing else happens. When the gamemaster resets the game, all spectators are respawned as normal players. This gives us loads of freedom as can start and stop the game whenever we want to.
cause im a bit dumb, how do you get a 1.2.3 jar, i updated my jar already Also its still at the same time? and what is the IP for the server.
[url]http://minecraftonline.com/downgrade.html[/url] Same time if we get 5 players total.
Sign me up.
[QUOTE=Capsup;35277976][url]http://minecraftonline.com/downgrade.html[/url] Same time if we get 5 players total.[/QUOTE] Thx and alright So as of right now, its in 2 hours?
If anyone wants to be gamemaster for the first game, let me know.. I prefer being a player, but I guess I can be GM if nobody else wants to.
What time is this? I can make it during the rest of today. Also i'm stuck at 1.2.3 as my main server is still waiting for bukkit.
Im still free, can't wait to play!
Well, doesn't seem like we're enough people, so that's unfortunate. We'll have to figure out what time we want to do it at then. Sometime during next week? I'd really love if people would actually post the timeframe in which they're available so that we can figure out the best time for everyone. Personally, I'm available in the time between 6pm and 11pm in the GMT+1 timezone. Use [url=http://www.happyzebra.com/timezones-worldclock/cst-us.php]this[/url] to figure out what time that is in your local timezone... Other than that, lets hope we can gather enough interest for it during the week! I was kind of dissapointed not being able to even get 5 people on a saturday. Oh well, bed time for me then. :)
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