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Hey, We're a group of mature, friendly players looking for people to join us We currently have 7 worlds available: Creative - Players have the creative gamemode and can build whatever they like Survival - Standard Minecraft with a few basic commands like /home /spawn etc Anarchy - Exactly the same as Survival but PvP is enabled and griefing is allowed Hardcore - Exactly the same as Anarchy but you are banned from the world after dying twice Games - Small world with several different games in it such as SpleefArena and DeathCube Nether - Standard nether for Survival and Anarchy GuestZone - Small creative world where guests can build before they are ranked. (Players must be builder to access the other worlds). You can visit the server at: OrbisMC.net You can find our website at: OrbisMC.info You can view the dynmaps at: OrbisMC.net:25563 You can chat to us on teamspeak at: TS.OrbisMC.net:23510 (password: OrbisCraft) Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you online soon! - The Orbis Team.
Wrong section, horrible thread.
[QUOTE=badgers123123;36552072]Hey, We're a group of [B]mature[/B], friendly players looking for people to join us [/QUOTE] [quote]badgers123123[/quote]
What's with the big influx of bad server threads all of a sudden?
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