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Alright, so, when I try to connect to a server, I get to either the setup screen or some type of premission bit, but the game kicks back to the server browser at around 1/4th or 1/5th left downloading when it says "receiving mission files". In the background, on occasion (of the server browser) it says that it's still downloading or joining. I can't seem to play.
[img]http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/560941721087931505/2571AAA1E3C64C66F994ADC93EC77372FD53A07B/[/img] Are you fucking kidding me.
Well not that I've lost everything, I think I'll start again by trying to help people in Elektro at the Church offering to heal them or point out some places.
Do zombies/loot spawn in inland towns? Places like Pusta and Staroye?
I've found quiet a bit of loot in random areas... Then again I also found a dead players corpse in the middle of the forest.
Are there any groups playing on Teamspeak/Vent that I could join up with? Walking around on your own is fun sometimes because you can hike around the woods, hills and set up your own little camps but I think that being in a small and organised group on Teamspeak would be so much better. My steam is Helskga.
[QUOTE=Red scout?;35927472]I found an AK-74 with one single mag. I'll save this for later c: Also I am in fucking LOVE with the winchester, never more shall I run out of ammo.[/QUOTE] Did you find the AKM in a military tent? If you did, I killed a bandit there and dropped my AKM because he had a AK-74 Kobra.
So, now, in the background that it goes to after the loading screen, it says "Waiting for character to create". I can't play. Help?
[QUOTE=Arachnidus;35929938]So, now, in the background that it goes to after the loading screen, it says "Waiting for character to create". I can't play. Help?[/QUOTE] you have to wait awhile sometimes
[QUOTE=Fisk;35929755]Is anyone playing right now and feeling like teaming up?[/QUOTE] Are you anywhere near NW airfield?
[QUOTE=SPESSMEHREN;35929880]Do zombies/loot spawn in inland towns? Places like Pusta and Staroye?[/QUOTE] They spawn in every town.
[QUOTE=-nesto-;35929958]you have to wait awhile sometimes[/QUOTE] It's supposed to be doing that behind the server browser?
[QUOTE=Ghost656;35929970]Are you anywhere near NW airfield?[/QUOTE]Yes
Can't play right now, Database server is too busy
someone said there was an update, then the chicago server reset about 30 mins ago. however the download page doesn't have anything new
Im hoping for a sale on ARMA soon so I can get this mod...
Gah, and now it's hanging on "waiting for server response", on a black screen with the chatbox i nthe bottom left :(
i was in the most left and bottom town and opened a door and suddenly 10 zombies ran at me, i was backing off shooting them but they couldn't cross the small grass strip between the concrete dock and the road
Well so much for being the helpful priest, I just killed two guys in a Cafe because they refused to identify. One of them filled me up with buckshot but I took him out with a PDW on full auto.
[QUOTE=Ghost656;35929918]Did you find the AKM in a military tent? If you did, I killed a bandit there and dropped my AKM because he had a AK-74 Kobra.[/QUOTE] I found it in a hunting blind, presumably randomly spawned.
I'm really enjoying myself today. Yesterday a group of four held me at gunpoint and then said they were friendly. After 5 minutes of talking they shot me and ran off laughing. Didn't even loot me. :smith: Because of that, I'm now becoming a bandit. Shoot anyone, only if I have to. Just shot down 5 people today who tried to kill me, I then got murdered by some other guy about 5 minutes after. Currently hiding in a town since it's pitch fucking black, got a head shot on some bandit with a CZ 550. Was quite happy. He was walking around with two survivors though, they scattered after they watched their bandit friend fly to the ground!
TALES FROM CHERNARUS So, me and a mate had been shooting threatenly-looking survivors in cherno, and then proceeded to Stary to loot the army base there. Found some serious guns, m16A3's with acogs and redpoints and all that.. So, the quest continued to the NW airbase. We snuck around the fence, (I had never been there before, so I didn't know what to expect) and right infront of us stood two bandits sneaking up to the barracks containing precious loot. So, we shot them without hesitation and proceeded to loot the barracks. More guns, more goodness. Met up with another friend and walked back to Stary Sobor, to check if there had been spawning more loot. So I was to cover my friends with my M16 with an acog scop from the hill while they looted the tents. Suddenly, I heard a loud crack from my right. Another survivor was shooting at my friends with a CZ550, and he was lying RIGHT beside me. He took out both of my friends, but retribution was swift, and I planted 5 shots straight in his head. Felt good. And then we left due to it being dark as fuck.
PC gamer did an article [url]http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/05/12/for-the-love-of-pc-gaming-download-day-z-arma-2s-zombie-survival-mod/[/url]
i just get "wait for server response" this sucks
I really like the death music.
[QUOTE=TippZ;35930335]i just get "wait for server response" this sucks[/QUOTE] Apparently the master server is down or something.
Jesus, before all the servers went autistic my friends and I got ambushed and they both died except for me. It was trippy, we were just moving and all of a sudden I hear a bullet ring out and see one of my friends get shot right in the face, the other gets bullets riddled into him as I run away with bullets whizzing past my head. Fucking scary shit man.
[QUOTE=zombojoe;35930285]PC gamer did an article [url]http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/05/12/for-the-love-of-pc-gaming-download-day-z-arma-2s-zombie-survival-mod/[/url][/QUOTE] Welp, prepare for way more of "Waiting for server response"
DayZ title song: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGqdpROG8Sc[/media] On a more related note, any estimates when the main server will be back online?
Are arma 2 and operation arrowhead worth 30 bills?
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