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[img]http://i45.tinypic.com/11qgwti.jpg[/img] I was wondering if anyone still plays this game? For anyone not played before here is a short video that explains the game better i could [video=youtube;GJReZRji7tg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJReZRji7tg[/video] When you are ingame type /room Facepunch to join the room i created. sorry for the lazy thread.
This shit was so amazing. DON'T WORRY GUYS I GOT THIS
heey i remember this was really fun with lots of people
You pepole should come play then.
This was awesome for a while, but it got stale because they didn't add any new objects to play with.
Daaamn it's so long since the last time. Reveriee incoming
I played the shit out of this game, so many times spent laughing my ass off. Honest to God this game will make your stomach ache from all the laughter.
I remember this. I usually get the cheese first, knowing how to wall climb, and killing everyone while a shaman. Good times.
Duuude I had like, all the damn hats! Too bad I forgot my login >_<
I've played this since it was only in french. Room /v/ shenanigans are always funny. [editline]27th June 2012[/editline] Join the room, guys.
I'm in the room right now, nobody else is there :(
I remember this game, the shenanigans that went on just made me cry of laughter. Sadly I could never really enjoy it to the full extent because everyone just trolled and it got pretty annoying.
oh god not this again
Hell yes, figured out my password.
[QUOTE=Sharker;36526887]Hell yes, figured out my password.[/QUOTE] Me too Found an old notepad file I didnt know I made that had my login info in it. :v:
OP heres some stuff for you [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/11qgwti.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/5fa800pic2.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/e66e00pic1.jpg[/img] ITEM INFO Arrow It has no effect on the game it is just the shaman to specify a location for the mouse. Small Crate A crate lighter and smaller. Primarily used for construction. Huge Crate A small crate and huge. Primarily used for securing elements of a map. Sometimes used to raise mice. Anvil The anvil just replace the heavy box, but has the same interest. Used to block the other objects or weigh down a plank. Small Plank Small plank. Sometimes used to raise mice. Large Plank Large plank. Often used to raise mice. Balloon Balloon. On some maps, it explodes after a few seconds. Cannon Ball A cannon ball. The arrow inside means the direction in which it will be projected. Trampoline The trampoline is not enabled on all the maps, but it is very useful, it makes you jump. Items can be rotated with the mousewheel Hold down mouse button to place an item Items can be hinged with the C V B N buttons on the keyboard, press the same button to move the hinge on the item C is a yellow joint, relatively stiff, can only be attached to your own items V is a blue joint, like the yellow one but looser B is a red joint, the only joint that attaches to the background. Can only be put on planks. N is a blue joint, just like V but it's motorized so it spins on its own
Oh man good memories This was my avatar for a long time [img]http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/3862/tfmav.png[/img]
I remember when we used to play this, and that one time one of the devs came on to the server wearing a hat and everyone went crazy asking if they could get one and when the update for them would be.
Haven't played this in a long time, but seeing that there's a new Facepunch room gives me good reason to play again.
I remember a lot of FP members playing this. Shit was so fun.
What, no smartass thread title for this game? This will not stand.
Noone is in the FP room :c
Guys, there is a difference between /room Facepunch and /room facepunch. We have 4 people in Facepunch right now.
Joining this shit. Btw, typing /room vanilla Facepunch will bring us to the classic maps. Oh, and I'm Karmarama ingame btw.
i play this with my friends sometimes its reall funny
I forgot how fun this game is. If you see Mysteh that's me.
Cronkdestiny is a heartbreaker :(
[QUOTE=rapperkid04;36529911]Cronkdestiny is a heartbreaker :([/QUOTE] I MISS U ALREADY
[QUOTE=TheCronkofDestiny;36529926]I MISS U ALREADY[/QUOTE] I MISS YOU TOO!
just visited /v/'s room. that was a fuckton of fanfics.
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