• Salem - A Sandbox MMO with... Permadeath!
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Tired of those stupid cookie-cutter mmos where your virutal life is about nothing other than continous mob killin only interrupted by delivery quests? Look no further, Salem is finally here for you! [IMG]http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/416978_379885812035259_182545565102619_1331323_549779321_n.jpg[/IMG] Quoting from [URL="http://www.paradoxplaza.com/games/salem"]Paradox's site[/URL] [B]Features[/B]: -Persistent and mutable world. -Crafting, farming and building. -Open PvP combat with permadeath. -Free to Play! Here is some Media too: [img_thumb]http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/429306_372283016128872_182545565102619_1309318_358193603_n.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://webguyunlimited.com/pixelperfectgaming/wp-content/gallery/salem_mmorpg_screenshots/salem_mmorpg_screenshot_08.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/12.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/13.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://webguyunlimited.com/pixelperfectgaming/wp-content/gallery/salem_mmorpg_screenshots/salem_mmorpg_screenshot_016.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://webguyunlimited.com/pixelperfectgaming/wp-content/gallery/salem_mmorpg_screenshots/salem_mmorpg_screenshot_011.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/04.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/01.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/11.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://screens.latestscreens.com/pc/screenshots/salemthecrafting/05.png[/img_thumb] A Teaser [video=youtube;lvZH0g3yKXw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvZH0g3yKXw[/video] And a gameplay trailer... [video=youtube;Qwyglmi0kWo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwyglmi0kWo[/video] TotalBiscuit also Covered this MMO in an episode of his WTF Is series (Thanks MitchvW): [video=youtube;N3nxcjaTUbc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3nxcjaTUbc[/video] [B]So, how do you play?[/B] The game is soon going to Beta phase, and you can suscrbie right now to get a referral link and a chance for the beta.[B] But[/B] if three persons sign using your referral link, you get a guaranteed spot for the beta testing! Here is the [URL="http://beta.salemthegame.com/"]Official Site[/URL] to sign up, or you could do us all a favor and sign with one of our links. If many persons are interested, we should keep a list on OP with all referral links for people to sign with. [B]Here are some referrals in case you want to sing up:[/B] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=dbbaa94f9ba]CommanderPT[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8afdfc0b1c5]RaptorBlackz[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=3f492616b52]MitchvW[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8f6707e8e15]Profanwolf[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=0347db8690a]Psygo[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=e0e070effcb]Kowalski[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=90d2aec814a]leet_name[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=d8011339ea5]TheCactusman[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=fe97caa0ac5]Nevermind.[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=1681cd9a0b4]Steven :D[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=ceeb369fdbc]WittyUsername[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=9674e4712bb]Topman[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=7d64e662620]Topman's friend[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=680c976b707]Vui[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=1aea72f3e95]Kamern[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=24a927969cb]Fergeh[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=c8aef4c3021]Dude Meister[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=910bffbce6a]johan svensk[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=c8aef4c3021]darkedone02[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=435456803a7]CowThing[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=77d68409e23]Grasp[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=d84887b3842]juGGa[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=47e295561f8]Kaelazun[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=1ddd333674b]lemonaid[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=a4faf21fc7e]The Dood[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=05eef03da53]$$JOSE$$[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=98b724d27e5]cathal6606[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=db630d3bac6]Applecrap[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=c46ef4d3412]DVH[/url] [url=http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=eaec0b1b48d]Bly[/url] [b]Kamern created a [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fp-sc"]steam group[/URL] for us, to get some kind of FP village going when the beta goes live.[/b]
Signed up using your link OP.
Thank you! If you want, send me your link and I will add it to OP.
[QUOTE=Plasma Rifle;35287206]Thank you! If you want, send me your link and I will add it to OP.[/QUOTE] No problem. I have yet to receive anything though. The game looks rather interesting at least. Permadeath will be entertaining for sure, at least when you aren't the one who dies.
My referral key if anyone wants to use it. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8afdfc0b1c5[/url] Can't wait for a new Haven&Hearth :)
If anyone is nice enough to register under my link I would appreciate it. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=3f492616b52[/url]
Help me with this :v:, I would be very grateful. [URL]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8f6707e8e15[/URL]
Updated the thread with more links. And, from the looks of it, it will be damn fun to run into a village and steal all of their hides...
Also for the people who want to see more gameplay: Here is Gamescon coverage with TB and some devs. [video=youtube;N3nxcjaTUbc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3nxcjaTUbc[/video]
Oh nice, didn't know that he made a WTF Is on Salem. :dance:
Signed up twice with different emails. Still no sign of a confirmation or a referral link. [editline]25th March 2012[/editline] Got it at last. Here is my referral link: [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=dbbaa94f9ba[/url]
mine: [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=0347db8690a[/url]
I wonder when the beta is going to be released.
[QUOTE=RaptorBlackz;35287320]My referral key if anyone wants to use it. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8afdfc0b1c5[/url] Can't wait for a new Haven&Hearth :)[/QUOTE] I signed up using your URL. This game looks very interesting!
[QUOTE=RaptorBlackz;35287320]My referral key if anyone wants to use it. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8afdfc0b1c5[/url] Can't wait for a new Haven&Hearth :)[/QUOTE] Also signed up with your link Here's mine if people want. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=e0e070effcb[/url]
I hope it's not as bad as Haven and Hearth is. Since it's being made by the same guy/people, it's definitely gonna have a lot of the same mechanics, which could be a good thing, although Haven and Hearth is stupidly buggy and grindy. Let's hope it's an improvement in every way.
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=90d2aec814a[/url] Here's mine, if you sign using my referral, thanks!
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=d8011339ea5[/url] Here's my referral, though I don't know if my computer would be able to play it anyway.
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=203e953fe24[/url] Used your link cactus.
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=fe97caa0ac5[/url] Here's my key , used profanwolfs
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=1681cd9a0b4[/url] Signed up using Nevermind's
Here is my key: [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=ceeb369fdbc[/url]
Here is mine. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=9674e4712bb[/url] Also my friends key he is not on facepunch. [url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=7d64e662620[/url]
I don't know if I can look past the... Uh.. "Artstyle"
There we go, updated the OP with moar links.
This is the best thing I have seen in eons. Its like Wurm, but with effort put into it.
Damn right it is! I have so many sweet memories with Haven and Hearth... War against the Ruskies, stealing shit from newbies then faking being friendly with them and sellin it back, making a cart and adventuring around filling it with whatever I can steal then teleporting back to home when caught.... Can't fuckin wait for Salem. :dance:
[url]http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=680c976b707[/url] <- here's mine. I signed up using CommanderPT's link.
We should make a google docs spreadsheet or something so that we only use each referral 3 times, and more importantly, not clog the whole damn thread with referral spam. I have no idea how to use google docs/spreadsheets/forms at all.
Problem is, it doesnt even send you an email telling you that someone signed up using your link. People should report which link they followed, just to keep the needed referrals list up to date.
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