• Infinity:Quest for Earth 2010 Tech Demo
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Looks like stuff we seen before but its getting better...I really dont understand why this guy doesnt look for investors,I ask that all the time but I always get the maintain control answer but dude if you hve something as promising as this EA will surely consider giving the "Respawn Studios" consideration. This blows EVE Online out the sky with easy and if he does get some great investing are starts looking.I would easily love this far more than stupid EVE [URL]http://www.moddb.com/games/infinity-the-quest-for-earth/news/tech-demo-video-2010[/URL] imagine combat dude.Huge fleet battles on land,air and space for control of a planet or something, trying to escape pirates by doing crazy flying from space to land and etc. This is far better update to me than Tyrannis,sorry. I even see atmosphere heat on the ship at some point.The ship doesnt look that bad.I wouldnt consider it AAA asset but its pretty damn good.This is why he needs to do this,I really dont get it.I just seems like a given to show this around and do that.But thats just me [U][IMG]http://www.infinity-universe.com/Infinity/images/stories/Journals/TechDemo2010/patd7_med.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.infinity-universe.com/Infinity/images/stories/Journals/TechDemo2010/patd2_med.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.infinity-universe.com/Infinity/images/stories/Journals/TechDemo2010/patd9_med.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.infinity-universe.com/Infinity/images/stories/Journals/TechDemo2010/patd10_med.jpg[/IMG] [/U] I cant wait till the rest of the universe is shown.Cantwait to see interaction on a gas giant or a waterworld, or a place like pluto,and my favorites a nebulae and a blackhole. But Im guess when these things are perfected they will begin on the citylife,combat,social interaction,and etc.love to see some characters eventually.
well I guess I posted this in the wrong place since this thread isnt getting any replies which is almost absolute on facepunch
Been tracking this on ModDB, seems like a great game and I'll most definately get it when it's released.
Seems like this thread is more about how bad EVE is than about how cool the tech demo for Infinity is. Why not spend a bit more time on giving us information about the tech demo, and a bit less time telling us how much you hate EVE? [b]Edit[/b] Tech demo was pretty damn impressive. I'm definitely stoked.
You're 4 days late and made a new thread where one already exists. Could we make a new megathread that isn't an EVE hate thread?
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