• Super Fighters Deluxe
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[url]http://mythologicinteractive.com/Games/SuperfightersDeluxe.aspx[/url] [QUOTE]Superfighters Deluxe is a full-on sequel to Superfighters and adds some of the most desired features like online multiplayer, improved melee combat and more character customization. Note that this is a pre-alpha version and contains only the most basic gameplay. We will update the game regularly and add in more beloved features from the original Superfighters (like bots, fire, grenades, bazookas, hanging crates, gibs) and add many, many new ones.[/QUOTE] That about sums this game up. It is still currently beta, sadly there is also only one map as of now. Check out the video on the page for an idea on gameplay. It actually runs a lot smoother with a 2 v 2 match, so dont let that video discourage you exactly if it looks [I]too[/I] chaotic. Also, it currently features up to eight player online with up to four different teams. I find myself constantly playing differently, from hiding behind metal barrels, popping over and shooting, to leaping over enemies heads to slash the gun out of their hand to force them into a melee brawl. I would definitely like to get this more known, so give it a try atleast. You HAVE to have other players however so far.
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