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:siren:[B][highlight]Alright, first off I want to make some things clear. Read this before posting in this thread![/B][/highlight]:siren: [list][*]Do not post here claiming that 'this or that is better' [*]Do not post here saying that LotRO is a WoW-clone [*]Do not post here just to say "I didn't like it", explain why. WoW-clone is not a valid reason.[/list] [img]http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/6929/167cw0.jpg[/img] Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is a MMORPG that have been out for over a year now. It is almost completely based on the lore, hence no PvP:ing across the lands. All the of the PvP (or in LotRO's case, PvMP (Player versus MonsterPlayers, I'll explain later)) is set in certain areas. At the moment it's held in Ettenmoors, but it will come a new area with The Mines of Moria update later this summer. [B]Is The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) based on the movies or the books?[/B] [I]Turbine owns the rights to produce massively-multiplayer online games based on the written works, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.[/I] [B]Where does the game start?[/B] [I]Humans begin the game in the town of Archet, on the edge of the Chetwood Forest. Hobbits begin in the Shire town of Little Delving, Elves begin in Celondim, in the Ered Luin, and Dwarves begin their adventures in Thorin’s Hall, also located in the Ered Luin.[/I] [B]Will we be able to meet some of the characters from The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit?[/B] [I]While adventuring in LOTRO, you will encounter many of your favorite characters from the books. At times they will be directly part of your story! What's the Prancing Pony without Barliman Butterbur? The Old Forest without Old Man Willow? Thorin’s Halls without... Thorin?[/I] [B]How large is the game world planned for launch?[/B] [I]The approximate size of Eriador at launch is 50 million square meters.[/I] [B]Which races can we play?[/B] [I]Players may choose from Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits.[/I] [B]What about the evil races? I want to play as a Uruk![/B] Of course you can play as a evil character. Look further down for "PvMP". [B]What classes are there?[/B] [I]Currently, we plan to have seven cardinal classes: Champion, Captain, Guardian, Hunter, Minstrel, Burglar, and Lore-master. But with Mines of Moria there's going to be two new; Runecaller and Warden.[/I] [B]Do I need to grind to get XP?[/B] [I]No! My questlog is almost always full. There's always things to do. There's a bunch of solo-quest if you're shy but also plenty of groupquests[/I] [B]I've heard something about "Fellowship maneuver", what's that?[/B] [I]The Fellowship Maneuver (also known as conjunction) is when someone breaks the defense of an enemy character. This will open up 4 buttons on the screen; red for direct damage, yellow for DoT, blue for power, green for morale/health. If the members of your fellowship make a special combo with this conjunction you will unleash powerful attacks or mighty heals/restoration. If you do it right you can even summon spirits to fight alongside you. [/I] [B]What's a 'deed' and 'trait'?[/B] [I]Once you get to a new area there will be some unlockable deeds for you. May it be kill x amount of orcs, scout all the famous ruins in Trollshaws or even use-this-attack/skill x amounts of times. You don't need to do them at the same time, you can advance in them without thinking about it. Once completing a deed you'll gain a trait. There are 20-25 (can't remember) of traits in the game with 8 levels each (not counting all the class/racial/legendary traits). Once you've unlocked a trait you can go to a bard and equip them. Traits will enhance certain abilities so you can customize your character to fit your needs.[/I] [B]What's the levelcap?[/B] [I]Currently it's 50 but after the expansion it's 60[/I] [B]How often do you update the game?[/B] [I]Every 10th week there's a big release called "books". These can include new areas and major updates to the system and other yummy stuff. Most recently were book 13 with the new Forochel area. And once every year they will release an expansion.[/I] [B]Sessionplay?[/B] [i]Session play is a new system that allows you to temporarily play as a character other than your normal character. These characters do not have permanence, so you don't keep them like you do your Free Peoples or monster play characters. You can play in a session as a Ranger, Troll, or Chicken (yes... chicken!).[/i] [B]PvMP[/B] What's so great about it? I mean, the evil dudes can't roam freely all over the map disrupting the peace and totally ruining the lore. As far as I can remember Orcs never captured Bree, why can't we do it now? Speaks for itself doesn't it? They don't want to ruin the feeling for other players. The evil guys, also known as Creeps, can start as 6 different characters: Weaver (spider), Warg, Reaver (Orc cannonfodder), Defiler (Orc healer), Blackarrow (Uruk archer), Warleader (Uruk). Creeps start at level 50... INSANE DON'T YOU THINK. OH FUCK, THAT RUINS THE GAME, THEY'RE OVERPOWERED FROM THE START! Not really. As a new creep you have no rank, kinda low health/power, not so many skills and you suck all the way through. By joining other players to take keeps (there 3 keeps; Lugazag, Tol Ascarnen, Tirith Rhiw) and strategic points (Isendeep Mine and Grimwood Lumbercamp) you gain something called Destiny Points. These act as a currency for buying new skills, traits (yes, you buy them here) and increase health/power/evasion/armour and even new appearances. You also gain Destiny Points by completing quests for the different tyrants spread over Ettenmoors. If you're lucky enough to help killing Free Peoples (Freeps) you'll gain Infamy. Once you gain enough you'll climb in ranks, unlocking more skills, traits and such. Max rank is 15 for both Freeps and Creeps. [B]What about me?[/B] I'm playing on the European server Snowbourn as the youngest member in The Last Alliance (aka The Grumpy Old Gits). Before I joined the youngest member was 28. We have lots of people in their late 30s and even some guys over 50. They're a great bunch of guys. My characters are Uldun and Novelin. My Creeps are Svorrh, Svergmell and Siemesh (or something like that). PICTURES! Forochel by night. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00007.jpg[/img] Drinking adventure in our Kinshiphall. Notice the textbox at the top of the screen. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00073.jpg[/img] Part 2 [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00074.jpg[/img] This is where I woke up. My cousin (Gilegar) ended up outside the entrance of the biggest raidinstance currently in the game. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00075.jpg[/img] Some random PvMP-screenies [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00004.jpg[/img] One of the keeps, Tirith Rhiw [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00006.jpg[/img] A skirmish outside Elf Camp [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00011.jpg[/img] Restless Creeps between Lugazag and Tol Ascarnen. (excuse my low graphics, had computerproblems back then) [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00067.jpg[/img] Defending Tol Ascarnen, chasing the Freeps back. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/080620ScreenShot00081.jpg[/img] If you're a LotRO player, please post your character here. Enjoy.
Nice thread! I myself stopped playing long ago, even though I have one of those accounts that never expire :D. I really should play again.. It's an amazing game, but I just am not into Lotr right now. (Note: I change what I feel like playing a lot, last month it was medieval, and before that it was star wars stuff. Right now it's space) edit: I think I'm going to reinstall it right now :v:.
I need to get my old account back on and play.
[B]Edit:[/B] [B]MINES OF MORIA: MEGAPOST[/B] First off, I want to add a link where you can play a few games related to Lord of the Rings and Mines of Moria. [url]www.unlocktheminesofmoria.com[/url] Nothing beats axe-throwing after a few pints of mead! [img]http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/8397/thelordoftheringsonlinepg1.jpg[/img] [list]Two new classes: Rune-keeper and Warden. [*]Max level 60 - gives your characters a new array of powers and abilities. [*][B]Legendary/Unique items you create yourself[/B] and give special names. Now you can be sure that you are the only guy wielding a certain weapon. [I](see below for more information[/I] [*]Opens up the Dwarf kingdom of Moria and 10 areas within. [*]New traits to further advance your character. [*]New graphics technology. [*]New environmental aware AI. It now reacts to lights and sounds, and detect characters better if they're in a lit area. [*]200 new monsters, including the new raid-baddie [I]The Watcher[/I] [*]Witness the release of the Balrog in the "Durins Bane" session-play! [*]Master your crafting professions by joining a crafting guild. [*]Serve Sauron with the new monster play features, now with Artifact Control and a live online leader board to showcase your achievements. [/list] [B]Legendary items; copy/pasted from GameSpy[/B] In The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien synthesized a variety of European mythologies into a cohesive narrative structure that largely worked on its own terms. In such a synthesis, the magical properties of items could hardly be ignored (the whole cycle is based on a magical Ring, after all). What's Arthur without his Excalibur? Aragorn without Anduril? Frodo without Sting? Legendary magical items with their own names and histories are as much a part of high fantasy as dragons and elves and magic spells. Despite that, giving players truly unique items is an area that's been pretty much ignored by high-fantasy MMOs in favor of so-called "epic" items that lose a bit of their luster the first time you run by another player with the same glowing orange mace strapped to their back. That's one of the major inspirations that pushed the developers of The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria when it came time to consider the game's new itemization curve. While the game will include a standard array of new high-level gear in the now-typical common/uncommon/rare/epic progression, the team wanted to do something more. "The whole point of legendary items is giving the player something that advances with them," said Jeffrey Steefel, the game's Executive Producer. "Players will be able to acquire legendary items with names and histories that are as much a part of their story as Sting or Anduril." In developing the mechanics of the legendary items system, the team took a great deal of inspiration from Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy VII and its "Materia" system, wherein players would slot found units into weapons in order to maximize key abilities that fit their play style. They also pulled major gameplay elements from the story of Anduril, the hereditary sword of Aragorn's ancestors. Known as Narsil when wielded by Isildur, this was the sword that cut the Ring off Sauron's hand and was shattered. In the course of the novels, the sword is re-forged as the more powerful Anduril ("Flame of the West") and serves as a symbol of Aragorn's acceptance of his heritage and destiny. The legendary items system also has some more prosaic purposes. "It's a way to both re-purpose earlier content to keep it relevant and provide the player with a mobile quest hub that serves as an alternate means of player customization." To that end, quite a few quests in Mines of Moria will involve a player's legendary item and the need to gather certain bits of material or lore from the world in order to unlock more and more of its power. This is abstracted in-game as a separate items level and experience point total. Legendary items will start at level one and be able to advance to level 50. The game's legendary item system kicks in when a player hits level 51 and acquires an "Unidentified" legendary item from a drop, quest or as a crafted item. Unidentified legendaries have no name and no stats beyond basic damage and one or two small bonuses. They can be identified by the unique pattern on their icon as well as the fact that all legendaries are "unique" and restricted by class. Legendaries come in two categories, melee items and class items (books for Loremasters, burglar's tools for Burglars and so on) and can be sold on the auction house as long as they're unidentified. Identifying a legendary item requires the player to go to one of two new NPCs in the game -- the Forge Master -- to "identify" the item. Once this happens several new functions kick in. First, the item can no longer be sold on the Auction House (though they can still be traded player-to-player until they are bound). Second, identification brings out the item's "legacies." Legacies are one of approximately thirty possible inherent properties that are assigned randomly to the item. The number of legacies assigned is also random within a specified range determined by the item's base quality. A "rare" or yellow item can only get one or two legacies while an "epic" purple might get four or five and an "incomparable" or teal weapon could get up to nine (though that would be extremely rare). Each legacy is also assigned a "Quality" rating (gold, silver or bronze) based on how powerful it is. In looking at this system, one would assume therefore that players would naturally gravitate toward the teal items in order to maximize the number of legacies their item can get and reject any weapon with silver or bronze legacies. There's a kicker to this however: leveling. As a legendary item levels up, it begins to acquire "legend points" that can be assigned to increasing the rank of its legacies. As legacies increase in rank they become more powerful. The point cost for increasing a legacy, however, is based on its quality, so ranking up a gold legacy is considerably more expensive than a bronze one and a weapon with points placed in one or two silver legacies can make them far more powerful than one that splits its points between nine different gold ones. Players can have up to six different legendary items bound to them at any one time and any particular item can only gain experience points when it's actually used in combat. While there will be items available that will allow players to split their experience points among all the items they're advancing, they'll have to make a judgment on whether it's worth slowing down one item's advancement to work on all six they may have. Every ten levels, an item will have to be reforged at a Forge Master in order to advance further. At that time, the player may choose to rename their item and dump any legacies they don't want in favor of randomly assigned new ones. One of the major quest lines in The Lord of the Rings Online has to do with Aragon's decision to reforge Narsil into Anduril. He naturally appeals to the player to assist him by sending him or her to Evendim to search the tombs of his ancestors for a historic jewel that belongs in the sword's pommel. That Aragorn would go to so much trouble for a small detail shows the power of even the tiniest elements of a legendary item. It's no surprise then that players will have to go to equally difficult lengths to obtain the finishing elements for their legendary items: relics. Relics in The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria are obtained only through the destruction of legendary items at an Item Master. The level of the legendary item destroyed determines the power of the resulting relics. Relics, it should be noted, are not inventory items nor can they be sold or traded. They exist solely in the legendary item information panel and can only be acquired through diligent effort and sacrifice on the player's part. Each relic created will have two or three static bonuses attached to them and be classified as a "Beginning," "Middle" or "End" relic. These can be slotted into one of the three special sockets available on the weapon. Relics themselves are ranked by tier, with eight potential tiers that determine how powerful their static bonuses are. Fortunately, a relic's tier isn't permanent. Upgrading relics is the major function of the "Relic Master," the second new NPC being added to the game. The Relic Master has the capability of combining relics of like tier into a new, higher-level relic. If the re-forging goes well, the player trades a couple of lower-tier relics for a higher one. If it goes badly, the player will receive a few randomly selected equivalent-tier relics back. Steefel seems almost giddy as he describes the possibilities inherent in the legendary item system. "Legendary items are really going to impact the way the players play the game" he says, and then compares a legendary item's legacies to a player's inherent abilities and relics to a player's traits in terms of the level of customization available. More than that, though, he's excited about the prospect of having truly individualized "loot" in an MMO that's not just random. "Legendary items are going to be important to the player not just for what they can do but because they'll be something that's truly theirs. Every player can have their own unique item and be assured that there's no other like it in the world." [img]http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/2016/thelordoftheringsonlinexd3.jpg[/img] [img]http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/4417/thelordoftheringsonlinexh9.jpg[/img] [QUOTE=tinhead50]Nice thread! I myself stopped playing long ago, even though I have one of those accounts that never expire :D. I really should play again.. It's an amazing game, but I just am not into Lotr right now. (Note: I change what I feel like playing a lot, last month it was medieval, and before that it was star wars stuff. Right now it's space)[/QUOTE] Ah, I know how it is. Been there myself. :v: When did you stop playing? There's been a lot of changes lately. Or where you around when the great Angmar Revamp struck?
I played the beta god that game was fun if only I had my computer to run it :(
[QUOTE=Kazumi]Ah, I know how it is. Been there myself. :v: When did you stop playing? There's been a lot of changes lately. Or where you around when the great Angmar Revamp struck?[/QUOTE] Well.. Last time I played was.. hmm.. I think Febuary. But, I have played since the beta, hence my account never expires (I bought the life time thing, and you could only buy it if you pre-ordered)
Damn this game is fun.
Ah, I'm considering buying a lifetime subscription. Might get it next payday. [B]Moria Update![/B] [url=http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/45334]From TenTonHammer[/url] [quote=TenTonHammer]The era of modern fantasy is in love with the idea of dungeon exploration. From Robert Howard’s Conan to the epic tales of R.A. Salvatore and Drizzt Do’urden, fans of contemporary fantasy have made it abundantly clear that crawling through the depths of a dark cavern in search of treasure is appealing to their whims. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown or the idea of hidden caches of gems in the mysterious confines of these caves, one thing is for certain, the love of dungeoneering is not lost on the modern fantasy gamer. How often have we – as gamers – looked forward to our upcoming trials and tribulations within an instanced dungeon? Or maybe the long, arduous raid encounters are more your style where you delve deep into the heart of your virtual world in search of the biggest, toughest, and meanest bosses around. All of the elements of dungeon exploration are within almost every massively multiplayer online game, and we love to partake in whatever dungeons the developers can create for us. Up close and personal with the Lord of Fire and Shadow. All of these previously mentioned encounters pale in comparison to what J.R.R. Tolkien devised in his first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Mines of Moria is a deep, dark, and thoroughly enormous place, and it is large enough to go beyond the bounds of mere dungeons and become a world all its own. So when Turbine declared that they were making Lord of the Rings Online, everyone was truly anxious to see what the developer would do with the Mines of Moria. It took a number of months, but eventually we received our answer. Frankly, the developers at Turbine have truly made something remarkable with their Mines of Moria expansion. Although I've been in awe of graphics and environments in the past, the artists and designers at Turbine have truly set a new standard for dungeons and indoor environments in online gaming. From the moment you enter Moria, you'll see what I mean. For over an hour, the crew at Turbine guided our Ten Ton Hammer staffers through the depths of Moria, even delving into the deepest recesses of the world where none should have dared set their hands against. As you've probably guess, the Lord of Fire and Shadow awaits you in the Mines of Moria, and we were able to get an exclusive peek at the massive demon just for our readers! Once you've picked your jaw off the floor, continue reading for my thoughts on this upcoming expansion. Our first stop in the Mines of Moria was - ironically - the First Hall, and it instantly took my breath away. As a reporter, I typically record all of my interview / tour sessions, and literally the first words out of my mouth were "Wow." Unlike other indoor content that I've seen in other massively multiplayer games, the sheer scale in this first area was incredibly. As I ran through the hall, it was almost overwhelming to try to gauge just how enormous the environment was compared to my character, and I continually moved my point of view to see just how large the area was. As you can see from the screenshots provided by Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley, every piece in Moria is absolutely huge and absolutely beautiful. The majesty of Moria is evident in this screenshot. When I asked Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer of Lord of the Rings Online, to describe how they created this world, his answer was very candid and open. "It seriously forced us to make some enhancements to our technology," Steefel said. "It was something we'd never done before, and we believe that no one has really done something like this before, at least not in an MMO and probably not in an RPG either." "What we did to allow our technology to make these huge cavernous spaces was alter the technology so that the ground players are walking on is actually landscape terrain and the ceiling above the player is actually inverted terrain," Steefel noted. "We make two pieces of terrain and actually put the world between them. This allows us to treat everything in the world - walls, floors, ceilings - as landscape. It has physics. It has form. It's not skydome textures." And the proof of Steefel's claims were staring me right in the face as I ran throughout Moria. Even with the game settings cranked up to the max of the DirectX 9 settings, I never dropped below 30 frames per second until the few times that I fired up FRAPS to catch a video. Even then, the strength of the Turbine engine was evident throughout the demonstration. Turbine's technical team should be proud of this particular achievement. As we walked, Steefel explained some of the basic philosophies upon which they created the entire Moria expansion. "We're not building a series of dungeon spaces that connect up to create the land that is Moria," Steefel said. "Moria is an entire city - an entire civilization - that exists underground. That forms everything that we do in terms of the space, the content we put in it, the creatures that populate it, all that." To hear a developer discuss that type of thought process for an area is relieving, especially when it comes to an area as loved and cherished by Tolkien fans as the Mines of Moria. The mines played a pivotal role in the first book in the Lord of the Rings series, but they also held an amazing story of their own, and Turbine has set their mind to crafting that story for everyone to experience. "Everything in Moria has a reason to exist," Steefel continued. "It all relates to the other spaces in Moria, the history of Moria, and how this civilization grew and developed. You could go into the Flaming Deeps and discover some of the areas where the Balrog was and where they delved too deep." Eventually, we reached the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm. Since the players will be experiencing Moria after the passing of the Fellowship, the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm has obviously been destroyed and players can only glance across to the other side. As we approached a group of monsters attacked us, and while these monsters did have some similarities to the creatures that are seen outside of Moria, players will be happy to learn that the developers have really taken the time to make sure that all of the monsters found within Moria actually feel like they belong. For instance, many of the monsters seen within the Flaming Deeps seem to have their own inner glow, making them seem much more in line with the entire environment that surrounds them. Again, as we journeyed through the heart of Moria, I couldn't help but stop and stare every once in awhile at the amazing height and breadth of the world around me. "Moria's a very vertical place," Aaron Campbell said. "If you jump off a ledge you fall, and fall, and fall, and fall." With that, I proceeded to quickly jump off the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm and test just how far you can fall in Moria. Not surprisingly, he was right. You fall for a long, long time before you hit bottom. If you're interested, keep checking back with Ten Ton Hammer to see an entire montage of Moria falling scenes within the next few days. The creatures of the Flaming Deeps are certainly appropriate for their area. Third on the walking tour of Moria was "The Cooling Chamber" where huge flows of water were being pulled down into a larger piping system. "There are actually several of these throughout Moria," Steefel said. "They're needed to really cool the entire area since Moria is below the surface and so much heat is constantly rising into the halls." Perhaps out of every area that we saw on our tour, The Cooling Chamber was the most intriguing in my eyes. While you couldn't actually jump into the flowing water, just watching the movement was strangely hypnotic. This only again served to reinforce the idea that Steefel mentioned earlier in the interview, that every place in Moria had a distinct purpose. On a random side tangent, the Turbine developers truly wanted to add some spice to their Moria experience, and although the Balrog of Khazad-Dûm had already encountered the Fellowship at this point, the developers have devised a crafty way to allow the gamers to experience this part of the Lord of the Rings story. In one of their frequent "historical" instances, the players are allowed to jump into the very history of Middle-Earth and experience what the Dwarves encountered when they first unleashed the thread of the Balrog. Words cannot do this part of the tour justice. My heart raced. My breath was short. But I had just enough wherewithal to hit "record" on my computer and capture the whole sequence for you to enjoy! This concludes part one of our tour of Moria. Make sure you check in with us in a few days to learn exactly what became of our intrepid virtual tour guides. Were they consumed by the Lord of Fire and Shadow? Or did they escape? Stick around and find out![/quote] [url=http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/45291]Video of the new historical instance - Releasing the Balrog[/url] [url=http://www.massively.com/photos/lotro-mines-of-moria-dev-tour/1064866/full/]Pictures:[/url] Cute [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002cute.jpg[/img] Full sized map of the whole area. Don't think it's big? Look for "The Great Delving" to the far right, then look at the next picture. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002moria.jpg[/img] This area alone is about as big as Trollshaws! [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002delving.jpg[/img] Endless stairs [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002endless.jpg[/img] Town [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002town.jpg[/img] Legendary Captain Weapon that he made himself. [img]http://upload.snelhest.org/images/081002legweapon.jpg[/img]
Something i noticed on this game is that the textures sometimes were messy and rushed.
I didn't really like it. It felt like a cheap copy of WoW, but I never really got that far. It just didn't feel right.
I've been meaning to make this introductory thread for all players interested in joining the dark side on occasion. If you already know most on how creep play works, please read the tidbits at the bottom for useful hints. But first a quick lesson in ettenmoors terminology! Creep is slang for the monsterplayers, whilst freep is short for "Free Peoples". Without further ado, let's start at the very beginning. [B]Getting Started[/B] Choosing your class can be difficult. Especially if one doesn't have an insight on what all the different kinds of monsters are good at. Some find their love in the first creep they try whilst other keep swapping between them. You can have one of each if you want to try them all out. So no need to worry with a final decision or anything. But I digress. Let's introduce them all! Orc Reaver This feller is the classic Orc warrior that spring to people's mind when they think of the dark creatures. He is a beast when it comes to burst dps and he got a nice skill named Charge, which does exactly that. Short cooldown, high speed. Lots of fun and lots of dying. [img]http://i.imgur.com/YPGqB.jpg[/img] Orc Defiler The latest addition to the monstruous repetoir, the orcish healer does the exact opposite of his Reaver comrade. He keeps himself and everyone else alive using an array of HoT's (Heal over Time), and he's damn good at it too. Also got a few nasty debuffs which is always useful. [img]http://i.imgur.com/MkNXy.jpg[/img] Spider Weaver The number one utility monster with a tool in all its eight legs. She is very versatile and got many uses where its primary is Crowd Control and dots (both power and morale). Further on you will get your very own pet mini-spider! (which you can devour for morale, if the need is dire of course...) [img]http://i.imgur.com/Ot4o2.jpg[/img] Uruk Blackarrow The most populous of all the classes in our tribe. The Blackarrow is the top choice for a steady dps at a safe distance. Gets a good skill cycle which keeps the enemy slowed and burning. Using the different stances you can get a big bonus against your opponents chance to block and evade or to increase your damage outright. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZHkC1.jpg[/img] Uruk Warleader The core in the monster army. He helps the others with buffs and heals, but also got some potent debuff banners. He also has the ability to cast a bubble on target ally which negates 90% of the incoming damage! You will quickly learn to love Warleaders, especially those of you who play Reaver. [img]http://i.imgur.com/UXOEa.jpg[/img] Warg Stalker As the name implies, he stalks. This is the four legged equivalent of the Burglar. Pouncing from stealth with powerful burst dps and debuffs. Can always pop out and pick off the fleeing freep before he gets to safety. This class is the cause of many conjunctions/warband maneuvers. (Which I will cover further down) [img]http://i.imgur.com/NllEF.jpg[/img] [B]The wonderful world of Ettenmoors.[/B] Alright, so you have picked yourself a monster. You will now find yourself in the main camp called Gramsfoot. Here you are able to buy new skills and traits at your trainer, aquire potions and other items and also aquire a few quests. If you are new to this or on a new monster, it is highly recommended that you visit said trainer. First, talk to the Tyrant near the burning post in the middle. Then go look for your mentor. Once you're all set. It is time to learn about the area we will run around in. I have provided here a map I found on google which I've slightly modified, and I will explain the most areas and their uses. Let us start with the most important ones. [img]http://i.imgur.com/vaxHp.jpg[/img] Starting off in the top left and lower right corner you can see Gramsfoot and Glan Vraig (GV). These are the starter areas for both sides and they are inaccessible to get to for the opposing side. You will become a pincushion in an instant thanks to all the guardians standing around the entrances. These are the only proper safe zones in all of ettenmoors and here you can get a couple of quests. Creeps can buy skills and consumable items, whilst freeps can get rare equipment and mounts based on their rank. The Keeps Lugazag (Lug or LG) Tol Ascarnen (TA or Tol) Tirith Rhaw (TR or Tir) Lumber camp (LC or Grimwood) Isendeep (ID) These are all the most important places on the map. They are acting as big quest nodes and are riddled with NPCs working to defend it. Capturing a keep takes a great amount of either force or wit, and this is if you stumble upon them free from actual players. With defending players inside, things gets a lot more difficult. The keep switches side if you manage to kill the defending Tyrant or Captain-General (CG). And in the case of Lug and TR, you need to continue in a room behind the Tyrant or CG to capture a flag. Once the flag is captured, the keep instantly switches side. Making short work of any remaining defenders unless they manage to flee. When a keep is controlled by the opposing side there will be an NPC in the starting areas with a quest ready for you to capture it. This quest will grant you a whopping 2000 Destiny Points. The Tyrant and CG will also drop a single emblem which can be returned for another quest that will give you another 2000 DP. It is also important to know that Lug and TR are connected to respawning circles (graveyard, GY) marked as red crosses on the map. You will always spawn at the nearest circle if you die. And if all are controlled by the opposing side you will spawn at your starting area. Completing quests inside these keeps have two benefits. Not only will get you Destiny Points, but you will also get maps. These maps will take you around the map quicker than running. There are three tiers of maps. Crude, poor and good. Crude and poor maps all share the same cooldown within their tier. Getting at least 2 or 3 of these maps are extremely helpful in that it will save you a lot of running through burglar ridden areas. Only creeps will get maps. If you are defending one of the three greater keeps (Lug, TA & TR) there are some tricks you can use in your favour. If you in a collaborated effort return Isendeep iron ore and barrels of oil, a cauldron of boiling oil will be placed just above the entrance. This will automatically pour searing oil on the attackers which deals a nice chunk of damage. The defending players are immune to this oil. As for TA, there are even further tricks to help you defending. Shattered swords and Grimwood kindling will hide goblins inside the walls of a small corridor, shooting a barrage of arrows at passing opponents. There is also the Ongburz Hornblower which requires the horn of the Elite Master, Rockwithers. When the hornblower gets aggro, he will instantly run for his horn. When he blows it, it will spawn a number of trolls charging the attackers. Noted on the map is also Dar Gazag (DG) and Grothum (GR). These places got some quests too. While Grothum got some quest connected to grant you the ID maps, DG doesn't give you anything other than DP. Hoarhallow (HH) is an excellent area to farm for money and quest items. But beware. Freeps also know this. The five blue dots spread over the map is Outposts. Capturing one (if you have the quest) will give you another 2000 DP. And if your side is in control of 2 or more outposts you will have access to the massive cave Delving of Frór (DOF). Here you can get money from farming and selling trash loot. But also barter items. (explained later). Elf Camp (EC) and Orc Camp (OC) are miniature havens. But they are far from safe as they get easily overrun and infiltrated by stealthed players. These are almost always populated by other players. Another point worth noting is the two bridges connected to the TA island. They got handy names such as WTAB and STAB (West/South TA Bridge). [B]Getting better.[/B] As you might know, you gain ranks from defeating other players. The ranks may not mean much for the freeps, but it means everything for the creeps as this is the only way we advance. We have no gear to upgrade and no legendary items (yet... fingers crossed). For each rank we will get new skills and traits available for us to buy for DP. Starting at rank 5, you will gain access to racial traits which can be gained through bartering stones from Delving of Frór. A player is worth about 100 infamy/renown from start. It is multiplied with a stat named "rating". At most you can get 200 infamy/renown from a kill. But you will only get all this if you run solo and defeat the player without help from either players or NPCs. If shared with other players, the infamy is distributed in favour on how much damage you did. If you are in a group this will be split evenly amongst you. Here is a chart of all the 15 ranks. [img]http://i.imgur.com/GH3Po.jpg[/img] [B]Short hints.[/B] There is a lot of stuns and roots out there. Get yourself loaded with anti-stun and anti-root pots from the vendor in Gramsfoot. Tracking talismans are very useful. For creeps these are bound to races. Uruks tracks men, wargs tracks hobbits etc. They even work on stealthed targets so burglars beware. If you get the message "You feel as though you are being followed" in the chat box, you are being tracked by a hunter. If you are a warg, just pop out of stealth and in again and you should be clear. Every single quest is repeatable except the first introductory one. Conjunctions/Warband manoeuvres works a bit differently. Instead of making a pattern with the colours, try and keep it as varied as possible as this will give you a higher tier of manoeuvre. If possible, try not have 2 of the same colour/attack next to each other. Quick description of the warband colours: Brown is high damage, green is dot, white is power restore and purple is heal. Stuns, roots and dazes works differently against other players. The long 30s ones are halved and they get progressively shorter for each CC effect applied until you are immune. This resistance/immunity resets after about 45 seconds since the last effect dropped. Doesn't apply to slows. As a reaver, double click your charge button to give you the speed boost instantly instead of waiting for it to apply after the animation. All quest items are stored in the inventory and you are able to sell them. Or if you want them on one of your other monsters, just ask a tribesmate to hold them for you meanwhile you log the other creep. Level 40-50 freeps are seen as candy. Eat them. Burglars and Wargs are everywhere and you are always watched. There we go! I hope this helped giving you a better understanding on how PvMP works.
Why isn't 'It's a WoW clone' a valid reason for disliking it? If you already play WoW then obviously you're not going to see the point in playing something that is like WoW.
[QUOTE=chris0132]Why isn't 'It's a WoW clone' a valid reason for disliking it? If you already play WoW then obviously you're not going to see the point in playing something that is like WoW.[/QUOTE] It's mainly because I'm sick and tired of hearing that reason. It's hard for the developers to make unique products that are nothing like something that was released earlier. I mean, when SWG (rest in peace) got their Jump To Lightspeed expansion, I remember saying that this was just to ripoff EVE. But heck, they went out to space. EVE can't be the only MMO with spacebattles and the like (though EVE's system was completely different). Hell, Everquest II players even complained about WoW being a clone, even though EQ was just released a couple of weeks earlier so there were no chance for Blizzard to copy. The point is that games will look like other other games in certain aspects, it's inevitable. I might have a bit of a biased opinion about this but I can barely see any similarities between lotro and WoW that isn't in other Fantasy MMORPG. I'm just tired of people saying that "You're copying our game". If they think so, feel free to explain why it's so similar. It's a bit of "judging-the-book-by-looking-at-the-cover" concept.
I really love LOTRO, best online game I've ever played! And I play on the server "Snowbourne", I have a lvl 50 dwarf guardian called Athils.
I had a 50 captain on Evernight. Never got a decent guild so I quit after getting some pvp armour.
I played the beta. I loved that NPCs wouldn't notice you if you hid behind an object.
[QUOTE=Kazumi]Ah, I'm considering buying a lifetime subscription. Might to it next payday.[/QUOTE] I thought you couldn't once you had already paid for a normal subscription.. did they change it?
All they seemed to do was remake DDO(dungeons and dragons online) for LOTRO. Probably different, but all of the interface and graphics are 99% the same.
You forgot the part about instruments and the fact that the graphics are a lot better than that :D . I personally love this game but none of my friends play it.
The one thing I hated about this game (in the beta anway) was that there was a loading screen for running into most houses. This pissed me off to no end.
This game owns!I don't play it anymore because my computer is so crap,I could not go in to bree witout lagg anyway I had a 39 Minstrel on Evernight.
LOTRO Is a good game, polished to hell, even at release. Nice free content updates and the expansion in sight in the near future. Although the OP states about WOW clones etc. Although you could still say LOTRO has got some qualities of WOW, not saying that's bad as myself enjoyed both games. Seriously though. DO NOT let the "lord of the rings" put you off, I've not even read the books, watched the films and I enjoyed this game for the MMO it is, not because of the title. I quit LOTRO for AOC which I kind of regret doing as I don't even play either anymore. There's a 14 day trial I suggest people try it and then there's the gold edition of the game that gives you 45.
I wish I had the ability to actually play this game. My attention always drifts off half-way through the free trial.
LOTRO is a great game, I play it every day. It is true that it has some things "borrowed" from WoW, but hey, they just implemented the great UI features and some gameplay mechanics into the game from WoW. Also, Is that hot action-bar skin on your dwarf a custom? Because I REALLY like it! EDIT: Also, my character. [IMG]http://i33.tinypic.com/16ifyc4.jpg[/IMG] And the game is really gorgeous. :) [IMG]http://i38.tinypic.com/2hx0c9y.jpg[/IMG]
I played this a while ago. I have a lvl 48 hunter.. was awesome. Though sometimes I wished it to be more of a WOW clone - combat was somehow slow. After some time I wanted to punch somebody for this damn "you have to stand to use thisblablablargh"-shit.
I played this after I quit WoW, but I got annoyed with my computer not being able to handle it all the time, so I went back to WoW, I have a new computer now and want to play this again :(
Then do :downs:
I played the trail, it was pretty good and fun but I despised the Dice combat system, I want to use my mouse to fight not a dice! Also I overloaded my quest log and I think I killed my log after a while... Over 40 quests all over Bree Land!
[QUOTE=Trekkie_12]I played the trail, it was pretty good and fun but I despised the Dice combat system, I want to use my mouse to fight not a dice![/quote] What? :raise:
Played the beta, was enjoyable but I found it to be quite ugly in terms of its art style once I moved on to Guild Wars.
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