• Call of duty: Black ops 2 Pc or xbox 360
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So I've been looking at cod blops 2 but I'm not sure if I should get it for pc or Xbox 360 or get it at all. I have mw3 on pc and it's currently the only cod game I have. I don't have Xbox live yet but I'm going to get it if I'm getting blops 2 in Xbox. I like the gameplay of mw3, because it's fast paced and fun. My pc can run mw3 on high so the graphics won't be a problem. I'm not home atm so I can't post my specs. I live inn Europe if it matters. So what do you think about cod blops 2 should I get it, will you get it? Sorry for bad English and thanks for any answears:) [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Choose for me/missed the megathread" - Orkel))[/highlight]
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