• Borderlands: Making a Eridian Lightning gun with WillowTree
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I have been trying to understand willow tree basically all day, and to avail, I have finally figured it out. I have been experimenting and using weapon part guides from a WillowTree guide website which lists the parts and effects of weapon parts. ANY WEAPON I make using willowtree doesn't appear in game. The weapons are completely valid, but no matter what I do, I can't get them in my inventory or to appear anywhere in my game. An example of a code I have produced which should work but doesn't work is found below: gd_itemgrades.Weapons_Eridan.ItemGrade_Eridan_Sniper_Railgun gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.Eridian gd_weap_alien_rifle.A_Sniper.a_weap.WeaponType_Eridan_Lightning gd_weap_alien_rifle.Body.body4 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Grip.grip5 gd_weap_alien_rifle.mag.mag6 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Barrel.barrel1 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Sight.sight6 none gd_weap_alien_rifle.mag.mag6 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Barrel.barrel3_Rifle gd_weap_shared_materialparts.ManufacturerMaterials.Material_Eridan_1 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Prefix.Prefix_Eridan gd_weap_alien_rifle.Title.Title_Lightning 0 1 1 I don't understand why it won't integrate itself into the game. I have gotten a shield to work before using willowtree, and actually, got a eridian rifle to work ONCE before it dissapeared. Can someone possibly explain why the weapons I make don't ever appear in my inventory? And Can someone also possibly give me a script of an Eridian Lightning sniper rifle weapon (perhaps a 11011) (level 19) AFTER giving me a fix to getting the weapons in game. Edit: I have also tried other peoples scripts off other website prior to making this post, but even then, they still don't appear in game.
Yeah, they fixed it (hopefully permanently), so you can't use modded guns in BroLands.
[QUOTE=imadaman;21261980]Yeah, they fixed it (hopefully permanently), so you can't use modded guns in BroLands.[/QUOTE] Hey there is nothing wrong with modding weapons. you shouldn't say you hope it will be gone forever.
[QUOTE=imadaman;21261980]Yeah, they fixed it (hopefully permanently), so you can't use modded guns in BroLands.[/QUOTE] I'm currently using a modded version of one of my electric weapons, it originally had a quality of 1, but I set it to 5, and it still let's me use it. I also just remembered why that Eridian gun I got working dissapeared, I accidentally saved over the save file that had it with an out dated file. I just don't know how I got that weapon working earlier. Edit: Actually, would I be able to mod weapons with an older version of borderlands, such as v1.01, and then transfer that save to the current version? (1.3.0) And just because you mod a weapon, doesn't mean it's over powered, the weapons you can produce from legit modding (such as using a gun achieved in the game without cheat of any kind, and then later increasing the quality level through a mod. It isn't a completely unfair advantage given the fact that if someone who doesn't mod is lucky, can probably get the same kind of weapon, or something even better than it.) are possible for normal players as well, It's just not always a sure shot.
[QUOTE=Lordbleck;21261700]Try this, don't know if you still need it though: gd_itemgrades.Weapons_Eridan.ItemGrade_Eridan_Sniper_Railgun gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.Eridian gd_weap_alien_rifle.A_Sniper.a_weap.WeaponType_Eridan_Lightning gd_weap_alien_rifle.Body.body6 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Grip.grip5 gd_weap_alien_rifle.mag.mag3 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Barrel.barrel1 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Sight.sight2 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Stock.stock1 None gd_weap_alien_rifle.acc.acc_none gd_weap_shared_materialparts.ManufacturerMaterials.Material_Eridan_1 gd_weap_alien_rifle.Prefix.Prefix_Eridan gd_weap_alien_rifle.Title.Title_Lightning 0 3 0 19 [/QUOTE]
willowtree is one massive mindfuck its no use trying to make ur own shit in it
[QUOTE=LeonS;37126018]willowtree is one massive mindfuck its no use trying to make ur own shit in it[/QUOTE] WillowTree and [url]http://blmodding.wikidot.com/gear-calculator[/url] are your best friends when it comes to gun creation. It makes sure that everything is valid and stuff when you go to make stuff. [editline]7th August 2012[/editline] And it gives you all the stats right there. Sadly though it doesn't go past level 61.
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