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My level 5 W/* running character now has access to the Crystal Desert. The full sized shot is linked in the thumbnail. Anyone need a run? [url=http://i.imgur.com/pPcUy.jpg][img]http://i.imgur.com/pPcUyl.jpg[/img][/url] [editline]08:26PM[/editline] [QUOTE=skynrdfan2;23347322] good i guess, i have no idea what to do with the scythe or how much it's worth though.[/QUOTE] Depends on the skin. What type of scythe is it, and what are the mods on it?
[QUOTE=Kronos Zul;23399793]Did a couple Kilroy dungeon runs and leveled my paragon up 4 times in about an hour.:guitar:[/QUOTE] Normal mode or Hard mode? I usually get 2 level ups in a hardmode run. I'm less than 200k experience until Legendary Survivor.
Just logged on to this for the first time in awhile to see if any birthdays had passed, and found that I didn't really have much gold or any valuable items - until I checked my rit out and saw the obsidian edge he was holding. :smug:
Haha nice
[code]PsYchOsIs - p5ych0515 (Neu) - Neurario Meepstone, level 20 Ranger/Monk[/code] I play him with a group of friends, doing a mission or two every couple of days. Up to Ice Caves of Sorrow now, normal mode. And yeah, only two months old. [img]http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/2053/gw030.jpg[/img] Also, Skynrdfan3, I think I've seen your main somewhere before.
[IMG]http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/8776/legensurvivor.png[/IMG] I finally did it! Now I can get back to actually playing the game.
[QUOTE=Newbienice99;23417017] I finally did it![/QUOTE] Grats, i remember having nightmares about my assassin dying during the process of getting that title.
Game's gotten really boring for me. Even at level 20, I don't know what to do.
I'd love to play, I deleted all my characters a while ago, so bearing in mind i'll be level 1 I'll still be up for playing.
good god, legendary survivor, you deserve a medal
how does one come about getting prestige armor?
The title where you need to level in pre-ascalon to 20 is much more medal worthy
[QUOTE=shemer77;23428455]good god, legendary survivor, you deserve a medal[/QUOTE] If you farm it using Kilroy's punchout it takes you less than 10 hours. A friend of mine did it in 8 hours and 47 minutes using scrolls. When you "die" in the punchout you are merely knocked out as long as you can spam the everlasting fuck out of a button for 10 seconds. Macros and such work for this, so you are, in essence, invincible. Leg survivor really isn't that difficult to obtain as long as you play carefully and avoid PUGs. It's just time and money consuming. You either buy scrolls and farm it with the punchout, or you capture every elite you can access, possibly avoiding certain elementalist and ritualist bosses due to their ability to spike for upward of 400-500 damage on casters that aren't using shield sets. [QUOTE=skynrdfan2;23430555]how does one come about getting prestige armor?[/QUOTE] Elite armor is generally speaking a cosmetic upgrade. Max armor is max armor. It doesn't matter if you are in Sunspear, Elite Sunspear, Vabbian, or Obsidian. So if you wish to purchase it, make sure it is not for anything other than cosmetic reasons. It provides no gameplay benefit. In prophecies the two places to buy elite armor are Mahran's Grotto, and Granite Citadel. In factions you can buy Elite Kurzick at Vasburg Armory after completing the Eternal Grove, Elite Luxon in the Leviathan Pits after completing Gyala Hatchery, and Elite Canthan after completing factions. In nightfall you may purchase Elite Sunspear armor in the Command Post after completing the quests to get the NPCs there, or by having someone who has completed those quests bring you into the Command Post. You may purchase Vabbian Armor in the Kodash Bazaar, Ancient Armor in the Bone Palace, and Primeval armor after completion of Nightfall. Norn Armor is available in Gunnars Hold, Asuran Armor in Rata Sum, Vanguard Armor in Eye of the North outpost, and the Dwarven Armor is available in the Central Transfer Chamber. Furthermore the core Obsidian Armor, or Fissure/FOW armor is available in the Fissure of Woe after the completion of some repeatable quests there. Elite armor costs 15,000 to craft per piece. Exceptions to this are the tattoos for the monk, and the scar pattern for the necromancer which cost 8,000 due to their heavy requirements on rare materials. Eye of the North armors all cost 10,000 per piece as well if memory serves. The other exception is Vabbian Armor which costs 5,000 per piece, but requires Rubies and Sapphires which make it the second most expensive set in the game. Some professions do not have elite head pieces for certain sets. In total, it will cost around 60,000 - 150,000 gold to craft a set of normal prestige armor depending on the availability of materials. Vabbian and Obsidian are much more expensive. At 7,000 per ecto, Obsidian armor is around 840,000 for just the ectos, let alone shards, other materials and the 75,000 for crafting. For more information see [url]http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Armor[/url]. The links on the right hand side will take you to renders of all the armor arts for a specific profession. Forgot to mention that ancient armor is 10,000 per piece as well, though most of it requires Elonian Leather which makes up for it.
As Zephyrs said, Legendary survivor really isn't the biggest achievement. It's probably one of the easiest titles to max (not counting things like 'finish all the missions') if you really put your mind to it. But I disagree on the cost thing, I actually made a decent amount of money in the time it too me. Kilroy's in hard mode always paid for itself (I used the 10 minute 2x experience scrolls) with more to spare. But since the only thing that's really left in GW is helping friends and maxing titles, I figure getting this one is a good start. Lum1naire is right. The 'Legendary Defender of Ascalon' is likely one of the most time consuming titles in the game. It's not [I]difficult[/I], but you have to devote ridiculous amounts of time to get it. I wouldn't ever do it because it would put strain on my computer running GW pretty much 24/7. It's funny, because I hate all of the Obsidian armor. It just seems so ugly, and plain to me. Edit: Sorry FPGuildies, Imma join another guild. But if anyone needs any help or anything, message me on Gateguard Jeken.
Fair enough I guess. The scrolls were selling for many times their sell value at the merchant shortly after EotN was released because of everyone farming the title. If you sell the unIDed golds and booze, you will probably break even or make a modest profit these days. I do agree to a certain extent about the FOW armor looking less than amazing. I like the Dervish set, especially the hood, since it is one of the few dervish armors that lacks extra frills without being plain. It looks serious with all the leather ties, wrist guards, and such, rather than ornamental. I will say that it is a pain in the ass to dye it though. It has a charcoal spotted pattern on it that destroys any light color. Generally speaking there are better looking armors available than the obsidian, and it really isn't that hard to farm the materials these days so the prestige is a moot point.
In my opinion, the only half decent looking obsidian armor is the ritualist version. Even then, the ritualist Ancient armor looks much better.
The rit armor looks ridiculous, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing. [img]http://wiki.guildwars.com/images/7/73/Ritualist_Obsidian_armor_m_gray_front_head.jpg[/img] [b]Anyone for tea?[/b]
I really want to get back into this game but I don't feel I can unless NC Soft stops being completely retarded and gives me access to my account. I've given them my Factions/Nightfall pre-order CD keys, my actual CD keys for the products, my email, my address, my physical address. They still won't allow me into my own fucking account.
Wow that's stupid.
Anyways I got access to my account but not my Master Account. My name is Necrious Atah, I'm looking for a few people to finish the last four missions in Prophecies.
I would love to do this, though after hearing about guild wars 2, Guild Wars seems hollow. It's unfortunate, really.
I found a pretty cool Kurzick guild that's just starting up, if anyone wants an invite.
[QUOTE=skynrdfan2;23430555]how does one come about getting prestige armor?[/QUOTE] you buy it
[QUOTE=skynrdfan2;23430555]how does one come about getting prestige armor?[/QUOTE] [url]http://guildwars.wikia.com/wiki/Elite_armor[/url]
[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/GWS.png[/IMG][/URL] how much is this biznez worth
It's a fairly generic skin, so the item is not worth much. Probably worth more if you pull the mods off. The 20% enchantment mod is worth a couple plat, and the perfect guided by fate inscription may be worth a plat or two if you stand around in town long enough. Elemental mods aren't worth more than 500 gold. 1 plat if someone is desperate. You might be able to sell it as is for about 5kish, but most people will just want the enchanting mod. I'd suggest selling the enchant mod for 5k and let yourself get "haggled" to 4.5k if someone presses for 4k. You could get more, but it really isn't worth the time. edit: I can salvage stuff for you as well. I only have a 32% chance of breaking stuff due to wisdom/luck titles. edit: So I decided to screw around in RA for a bit with my tried and true friend Shock Axe. It still remains the most vanilla, yet universal melee bar in the game. I play a few rounds and do OK before getting back into the swing of things. On my sixth round (2nd team) right off the back I get attacked by an assassin. Why the fuck an assassin decided to attack a warrior and not the monk is beyond me, especially since he wasn't using elemental weapons (vampiric). Anyways, I saw him starting a generic chain, and decided to shock him to the ground, interrupting his dual attack and destroying his chain. I hit frenzy since nobody else was near me and he was on is ass for 3 seconds unable to move. He got up and hit dash and started to run away. I'm rusty as hell so I didn't rush instantly, so it took me about 5 seconds to catch him. I bull's striked his candy ass back to the ground where it belonged and hit frenzy again, since he was again disabled with nobody else attacking me, got up enough adrenaline and eviscerated him followed by body blow. At this point he started to get up so I disrupting chopped him (cause shock was not quite done recharging), and caught shadow refuge disabling it for an additional 20 seconds. Then I shocked him again and finished him off. Feels good man. I love shock axe. For those of you who don't know what shock axe is, here's a link. [url]http://pvx.wikia.com/wiki/Build:W/E_Shock_Axe[/url] It is one of the best warrior builds for general pvp use in the game, and has been run for years now. Now admittedly, after doing 2 shocks in about 12 seconds I had about 4 energy left, so I couldn't pull the same shenanigans for about 45 seconds more, even if the opportunity presented itself. Hell I couldn't even use frenzy at that point without switching to a +5 energy weapon. Don't let the exhaustion fool you though, shock is amazing. It's an interrupt if you need it to be, it's a snare, it gives you a 6 second knocklock after a successful bull's to beat the snot out of someone, it's shock and it's fucking awesome.
[QUOTE=Newbienice99;23414825]Normal mode or Hard mode? I usually get 2 level ups in a hardmode run. I'm less than 200k experience until Legendary Survivor.[/QUOTE] Normal, because my Paragon just got to Eotn. [editline]04:33AM[/editline] [QUOTE=PsYchOsIs;23416730][code]PsYchOsIs - p5ych0515 (Neu) - Neurario Meepstone, level 20 Ranger/Monk[/code]I play him with a group of friends, doing a mission or two every couple of days. Up to Ice Caves of Sorrow now, normal mode. And yeah, only two months old. picture Also, Skynrdfan3, I think I've seen your main somewhere before.[/QUOTE] For the love of god, add me. My ranger is stuck on Ice caves of Sorrow, because of that damn Evenia. I got to the end of the mission and she ran back and attacked the Mursaat. :argh: [editline]05:11AM[/editline] My Ranger is Narious Drache.
My alliance and I just did Urgoz' Warren for the first time (my first time, some of the other did it before). I was the tank as my Assassin and I did fairly well. Tank isn't as great since the Shadow Form rebalance, but...
[QUOTE=Kronos Zul;23491775]Normal, because my Paragon just got to Eotn. [editline]04:33AM[/editline] For the love of god, add me. My ranger is stuck on Ice caves of Sorrow, because of that damn Evenia. I got to the end of the mission and she ran back and attacked the Mursaat. :argh: [editline]05:11AM[/editline] My Ranger is Narious Drache.[/QUOTE] I am willing to assist with Ice Caves. All of my characters are infused so it's very easy. Before infusion, the bonus on that mission can be painful. Outside of the bonus though, you should only have to fight 2 or 3 Mursatt Elementalists at the very end of the mission, so spectral agony shouldn't be that much of a problem. edit: Current characters that I am on if I am playing: Double Derv Dare (Main) (Primary running character) Spike The Holywater Mistress Mirazhe Zephyr Stride Just add Double Derv Dare to your friends and give me a yell when I'm on. If I don't respond right away I'm afk and will get back in about 15 minutes usually.
[QUOTE=Zephyrs;23483665]lot's of words[/QUOTE] oh nice, if I ever get back my account I'll run that warrior build. I don't have any expansions so should be good. Well, except for that one EoTN skill...
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