• The SSX Series - I'm gonna quadruple backflip off this cliff
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Holy FUCK, SSX Tricky, I still have that game, time to plug in my gamecube.
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwR4sbwtCac[/media] ?
i remember when i got the ps2 on launch day and it had ssx 1 the demo disc and i couldn't stop playing Elysium Alps as Mac on the demo disc been hooked on it since but it when i played ssx blur on the wii at my friends i was like WTF! all the characters were fucked up. I do still play ssx about once a month there is hope of a new ssx [url]http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/games/846655-ea-registers-new-ssx-names[/url]
[QUOTE=Creeper;26173522]I was playing Tricky today. I was going to unlock the last track I hadn't got, Pipedream :3 Also, the grind mechanic in this game in this game is fucked. Upside down head grinds? Yeah, sure. Eddy is the best character, you can't deny it.[/QUOTE] Fuck no, Psymon was the best
I remember playing SSX Tricky and SSX 3 on my gamecube, it was fun.
Message to Eddie... [b]Less sucking please![/b]
used to love this game :downs:
SSX Tricky was amazing. Always played as Elise. Didn't give a fuck.
Finding all the alternate passages and different routes in SSX Tricky was awesome. The best level was the indoor snow slope filled with suspended half pipes and rails.
I feel like a really bad person for never playing Tricky, but I just loved the shit out of the first, SSX 3 and On Tour.
Whats all of this about tricky? It's all about buying ps2 near when it first came out and ssx 1. SSX 1 and SSX 3 were the best.
1 Thing I will always remember from this game was, "EA sports, [B]BIG!![/B]"
[QUOTE=adadadsd;26219637]1 Thing I will always remember from this game was, "EA sports, [B]BIG!![/B]"[/QUOTE] more like "ea sports... [highlight][b]BIRGHH!!!!!![/b][/highlight]"
[QUOTE=Stizzles;26219726]more like "ea sports... [highlight][b]BIRGHH!!!!!![/b][/highlight]"[/QUOTE] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibKLUOnLgg[/media]
oh god, i used to play tricky all day every day.
Fuck yes. This series is goddamn awesome. Got all of the games except for the Wii exclusive, Blur. Way too many fun moments were had with this. Tricky is clearly the best of the best.
Tricky is lying right behind me... I feel like playing it again
[QUOTE=SystemGS;26203226]Funny that a thread about this game just cropped up. I was on my bus to school the other day, and my friend has his laptop out with a PS2 emulator on. He was playing SSX3 and showing it to everyone. Everyone was making fun of him, and I didn't say anything. On the inside, I was having a nostalgia attack.[/QUOTE] Go to that kid. Show him this thread. You will have done a good deed.
what also made ssx great was the soundtrack and the commentators Rahzel and DJ Atomika
I had the tour one on PS2. It was awesome!
Words cannot describe how much I loved this series. I had every one and played the shit out of all of them.
"Ohhhhh! I didn't know backs could BEND that way!" "Tricks = boost. Boost = SPEEEED!" SSX 1 Commentator <3
[QUOTE=MasterG;26231085]"Ohhhhh! I didn't know backs could BEND that way!" "Tricks = boost. Boost = SPEEEED!" SSX 1 Commentator <3[/QUOTE] some more "Combo" "call your mum in the room and tell her how great you are"
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-monster nostalgia! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WiltjitA4I[/media]
SSX tricky was my childhood :gizz:
[QUOTE=-_- JJ;26212075]there is hope of a new ssx [url]http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/games/846655-ea-registers-new-ssx-names[/url][/QUOTE] I'm happy, but hopefully this series won't turn into the next tony hawk, though.
Oh fuck yes, my namesake game (I hate my username but then again I was around 7 when I created my first account anywhere)
I always wished i could pull off the moves they did in this game when i went snowboarding than I realized i can't do shit on east coast penn parks tricky was the shit
[QUOTE=Diealready;26172431]These three games defined my childhood, many hours were spent [highlight]infront of my gamecube[/highlight] playing them[/QUOTE] Sorry to break it to you but PS2 is the master race for this series. [editline]22nd November 2010[/editline] Holyshit I just found my PS2 games, every single SSX game is in there :holy:
I remember playing tricky all the time at my cousins house, we had so much fun. I remember on one track, I didn't even care if I won, I just wanted to be the first to open some door right before the end, I think it was the really long track. [editline]22nd November 2010[/editline] I never even cared about score, I just finished as fast as I could.
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