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I only played tricky but I never got past the first level.
When I was younger I'd ask my friend if he wanted to go play SSX Tricky and my Mom once said, " You wanna go play sex tricks?" Haha. But yeah, I didn't really care for SSX 3 or SSX On Tour that much. I also spent a lot of time on the original SSX.
This game is amazing. I have Tricky, 3, and On Tour for the Xbox. I am now going to go play SSX 3 (my personal favorite) on my 360. Oh yeah, I also had Tricky for GBA, but I accidentally dropped that in a lake. And then this SSX game thing that you plug into the TV, and it was like a snowboard thing that pivots and you control it like that. I haven't heard of it anywhere except for that I had it. No idea where it went though.
I had such great memories with SSX Tricky, too bad I can't relive them.
just got back from playing ssx 1 the trick book is so hard on ssx 1 compared to tricky
I really enjoyed "On Tour". It was the only one I actually bought, the rest I played at friends houses or rented.
[QUOTE=dookster;26234453]I really enjoyed "On Tour". It was the only one I actually bought, the rest I played at friends houses or rented.[/QUOTE] on tour was great but the only thing that bugged me was the monster tricks because when you did a monster trick it slowed you down and not everyone else which became annoying when you where in the last 20
I remember some of the courses had awesome shortcuts that were really hard to get to but cut through half of the course. Me and my brother spent hours getting to them.
Tricky. Nostalgia.
Tricky was amazing. I think I'll play it right now.
[IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/21l8l4x.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://blog.adultrental.com/files/2009/11/jizzinmypants.jpg[/IMG] [editline]23rd November 2010[/editline] Since Hot Pursuit is out, maybe an announcement is soon to come.
I swear, I come into this section every day knowing I'm going to be reminded of an awesome game I used to play. I actually never tried SSX3, but the original, Tricky, and On Tour were all favorites of mine.
I literally have 100% COMPLETED SSX Tricky about 3-4 times. Did EVERYTHING. Got Gold on everything with EVERY character, even if I didn't particularly like them, got all the boards...I mean quite literally everything. That's how fucking much I loved that game. And the funny thing is, I had to rent this game quite a few times before my parents actually bought it for me...for whatever reason I always asked at a bad time and couldn't get it. I must have rented like over a period of like 6 months before we bought it. I remember this one day I was getting so frustrated because we checked all the movie rental places in town for the game and nobody had it. That day sucked. SSX3 was really damn fun.....but I never did to it what I did to Tricky. I think I might have even traded it in for some stupid ass reason. I really liked that game. Good thing it's only like $10. Never bothered to even try SSX on Tour.....it just seemed dumb. But I could be wrong. Oh and yeah, I've never played the original SSX....but I've heard from everyone that Tricky is better so I don't see the point.
SSX Tricky, and 1080 were my favorite games ever for a while.
I don't even know how I got ssx tricky. I think it was a christmas/birthday gift, but it feels like it just appeared in my house one day. I'm gonna try playing tricky again, SSX 3 is too easy.
You knew you had a good board when you could Misty flip over the finish line on flat ground. Also, I remember how much my mind was blown when I unlocked Untracked in SSX 1, and discovered that super-secret area in the SSX 1 version of Pipedream.
on ssx 3 the flip assist made it to easy you could do a back flip with a ramp or slope
In Tricky, Untracked was my favorite track. I was so good at it. My cousin beat me in everything else, but whenever we played Untracked, I won. :smug:
I had the one for PS2. Got it for free with it.:buddy: Also later on had some SSX where you could customize your character with sunglasses & shit. Was coo' aswell.
I've often wished this game was on PC :C
If I bought Tricky for the original xbox, would it work on my 360?
best snowboarding game of all time.. [img]http://www.pwned.com/gamecovers/nintendo64/eb2aee52cf2db265eaf404cec8f7cdcc-1080_Snowboarding.jpg[/img]
I am now a master of upside-down grinds. I just played through world-circuit showoff on tricky, this is the only thing the commentator said; "NICE C-C-C-COMBO, CALL YOUR MAMA IN THE ROOM AND SHOW HER HOW GREAT YOU ARE" "TRY SPINNING THE OTHER WAY" is what he told me when I kept spinning counter-clockwise to get boost.
I've just completed ssx 1 gold on all courses race/show off and all tricks in Mac's trick book now i will move onto tricky
Every time I think of SSX On Tour I jizz. :)
[QUOTE=fish puncher;26251813]If I bought Tricky for the original xbox, would it work on my 360?[/QUOTE] The only modern console which can play it is the fat version of the ps3.
I had SSX3 on my xbox and SSX something for my PSP and I love them.
I've never even seen a Gamecube personally. :frown:
[QUOTE=Inacio;26258379]I've never even seen a Gamecube personally. :frown:[/QUOTE] I seen something on G4 where they compared the strength of the GC to the xbox and PS2 and the gamecube was indestructible.
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