• Oh Skins ._.
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Lets End This Quick Then. I want a skin, that's it. So Mind stop posting here so i can leave this to die out?
You must be new here
Oh dear Jesus I just lost a few brain cells reading that. It's like the embodiment of the worst post that could ever be made. Ever.
Try grammar, and speaking cohesively. And posting in the thread that exists solely for skins, as opposed to making a new one for just a simple request. Don't use smiley garbage, and don't reference memes like the trollface (we hate all of them)
You should try lurking.
Oh man he snipped it what did he say before?
[img] http://filesmelt.com/dl/skin20.png[/img] there u go
[QUOTE=Noss;37014559][img] http://filesmelt.com/dl/skin20.png[/img] there u go[/QUOTE] best skin ever 10/10
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