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looking for Grid or some other small game [IMG]http://puu.sh/cDVm[/IMG]
[b]Looking for: [/b] Payday: the Heist Coupon. [b]Have:[/b] 1 Refined. Add me if you are interested. -done-
I have a CD-Key for Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition + All DLC Got it from Empire & Napoleon Total War - Game of the Year Edition but i already had Napoleon at the time. PM if interessted.
Have: 50% off L4D2, 33% off Valve and 50% off Mount and Blade with Fire ans Steel Want: make me an offer. And also, I WISH STEAM WOULD STOP FUCKING UP ALL THE TIME.
If anyone wants anything from my inventory shoot me an offer. The "Steam gift" is The ship Killing Floor are guest passes which I'll give out for free to whoever wants them [img]http://i.imgur.com/RG8nZ.png[/img] Oddworld is gone.
I'll give you a coupon for each of those guest passes.
[QUOTE=Scrubby;34083937][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/FNe7d.png[/IMG] Everything has to go![/QUOTE] Torchlight for Left 4 Dead 2?
[QUOTE=B-Rabbit;34036671][b]33 Coupons![/b] [t]http://i.imgur.com/XRGMs.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ZQPkR.png[/t][/QUOTE]
[IMG]http://i916.photobucket.com/albums/ad3/kyle7566/Coupoooooooonnnnzz.png[/IMG] Add me on steam or message me on facepunch for offers. I ONLY take TF2 items, not other coupons.
I need a Bohemia Interactive/ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead coupon. I really want this game but I want it cheap and safe. -50% off minimum. I'm giving a -25% Codemasters, a -33% KalypsoMedia and 2 Scrap Metal on TF2. I'm this desperate.
[IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/rclkl2.png[/IMG] mostly for 66% off cod mw2 pm with offers if you're interested
I have the Hitman Collection, looking for Dirt 3 or some other game. Add me on Steam for offers.
[QUOTE=borisvdb;34101012]Torchlight for Left 4 Dead 2?[/QUOTE] No thanks
Have: Wings of Prey Looking for: Offers
I have these: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Kl3Y0.png[/IMG] Interested in game offers.
I have: -50% Valve x2 -25% Valve -50% AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity -30% Square Enix, Eidos Interactive -50% GTA San Andreas :D -50% Meridian4 -50% S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Clear Sky -50% Space Pirates and Zombies -66% Two Worlds II -75% CoD4 Modern Warfare I´d like: Dungeon Defenders coupon (or gift). Please PM me.
[B]I have:[/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/zGrvX.png[/IMG] Looking for: Dota 2
[H] Mafia II - 50% discount Eufloria - 50% discount GSC Games - 33% discount A Game of Thrones - 33% discount Red Faction Armageddon - 50% discount Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter - 33% discount A Game of Thrones - 33% discount Valve Complete Pack - 33% discount S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - 50% discount Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 25% discount Anomaly: Warzone Earth - 50% discount Square Enix, Eidos Interactive - 10% discount Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retribution - 50% discount Worms Crazy Golf - 50% discount Altitude - 50% discount Greed Corp - 50% discount Avadon The Black Fortress - 50% discount FEAR Collection - 50% discount Beat Hazard Complete Pack - 50% discount Deep Silver - 25% discount 2K - 50% discount The Wonderful End of the World - 50% discount Nail'd - 50% discount F1 2011 - 50% discount FEAR 3 - 50% discount Hard Reset - 50% discount The Ball - 50% discount Hydrophobia: Prophecy - 50% discount Sol Survivor - 50% discount Oddboxx - 50% discount Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete - 50% discount Gemini Rue - 50% discount LEGO Batman - 50% discount The Binding Of Isaac - 50% discount Rock of Ages - 50% discount SEGA Classics Collection - 50% discount Lightfish - 50% discount Hard Reset - 50% discount Poker Night at the Inventory - 50% discount Capsized - 50% discount Homefront - 50% discount Magicka - 60% discount From Dust - 50% discount Cogs - 50% discount Nordic Games - 50% discount Torchlight - 75% discount Max Payne 2 - 50% discount Bethesda - 10% discount Dirt 3 - 50% discount Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga - 50% discount Codemasters - 25% discount Max Payne 2 - 50% discount Rock of Ages - 50% discount Assassin's Creed Revelations - 25% discount Rockstar Games - 50% discount Orcs Must Die! - 50% discount Activision - 25% discount Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 25% discount Wings of Prey - 50% discount Nordic Games - 50% discount L.A. Noire - 50% discount Dogfighter - 50% discount Worms Crazy Golf - 50% discount L.A. Noire - 50% discount Sacred 2 - 75% discount HOARD - 50% discount Borderlands Game of the Year - 50% discount Stronghold 3 - 25% discount Singularity - 66% discount [W] games [url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/smokahontas[/url]
I've got 2 50% off's for Valve games. For the off chance that someone doesn't have about 20 of these, i'll basically take any thing.
[img]http://imgur.com/5dhcL.png[/img] this is my offer... I want it all gone. ALSO all of my TF2 items are also for trade. [url]http://www.tf2items.com/profiles/76561197978208992[/url]
Does anyone have Tripwire coupons and do KF coupons apply to DLCs? Because my friends is gonna buy some skinpacks.
Got 2 Killing Floor guest passes and a -25% idSoftware coupon, do Bethesda coupons exist?
Ive got -50% off Dino Dday. if anybody wants they can have it for free.
[QUOTE=benzinxrm;34135069]Ive got -50% off Dino Dday. if anybody wants they can have it for free.[/QUOTE] Sure, i'll take it. Add me to your friends list. I can't add you for some reason [editline]11th January 2012[/editline] Added you actually. I'll be waiting.
trading x3:gold and HIB1 for games
[QUOTE=nmagain;34144124]trading x3:gold and HIB1 for games[/QUOTE] What sort of games are you looking at?
[QUOTE='[Solar]Inferno;34144223']What sort of games are you looking at?[/QUOTE] What sort of games are you ready to give? I'll add you on Steam. [editline]10th January 2012[/editline] your steam profile link is invalid, add me.
[QUOTE='[Solar]Inferno;34144223']What sort of games are you looking at?[/QUOTE] I've got the X superbox if you're more interested in that and have something to offer
[b]Vaskie's Game and Coupon Store[/b] [b]- [URL="http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=22274&highlight=vaskie"]REP[/URL][/b] [b]- [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vaskie"]Contact[/URL][/b] [b]- I will do discounts if you get more than 2 Items[/b] [b]- Accept Paypal (Gift) ONLY[/b] [b]Games:[/b] [b]- Valve Complete 2011 Pack (x4)[/b] (Store $99.99) [b]$39.95[/b] [b]- Portal (Store $9.99)[/b] [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Portal 2 (2x)[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$13.95[/b] [b]- The Orange Box (x4)[/b] (Store 19.99) [b]$9,95[/b] [b]- Counter-Strike: Source[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Left 4 Dead (2x)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Left 4 Dead 2 (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life (2x)[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2: Episode One (x2)[/b] (Store $7.99) [b]$3.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2: Episode Two (x2)[/b] (Store $7.99) [b]$3.95[/b] [b]- Tropico 4[/b] (Store $39.99) [b]$19,95[/b] [b]- Sonic Generations[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$15,95[/b] [b]- Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$10.95[/b] [b]- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion®GOTY (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$10.95[/b] [b]- Tropico Trilogy[/b] (Store $25.60) [b]$15.95[/b] [b]- X-SuperBox[/b] (Store $39.99) [b]$19.95[/b] [b]- Hacker Evolution: Untold[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Runespell: Overture[/b] (Store $9,99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Dwarfs!?[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Trauma[/b] (Store $6.99) [b]$2.95[/b] [b]- Magnetis[/b] (Store $1.99) [b]$1.00[/b] [b]- Runaway, A Road Adventure[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge (x2)[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- World Basketball Manager 2010[/b] (x2) (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- BIT.TRIP RUNNER[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Supreme Ruler: Cold War[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$19.95[/b] [b]- Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Company of Heroes[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- VVVVVV[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Defense Grid: The Awakening[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- The Binding of Isaac[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- SEGA Classics: Golden Axe II[/b] (Store $2.99) [b]$1.49[/b] [b]- HOARD[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Vegas: Make It Big[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Puzzle Chronicles[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Luxor 5[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Solar 2[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Costume Quest[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- E.Y.E[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.99[/b] [b]- The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- DUNGEONS - Steam Special Edition[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$15.95[/b] [b]- Frozen Synapse[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- Quake 4[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Flight control HD[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]7.95[/b] [b]- The Ball[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Race 07[/b] (Store $5.99) [b]$2.95[/b] [b]- Crazy Machines 2[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Frozenbyte Collection[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Section 8®: Prejudiceā„¢[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]Developer Coupons:[/b] [b]- 50% Valve (x6) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Valve (x6) ($1.50)[/b] [b]- 25% Valve (x6) ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Konami ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Konami ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% THQ ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Activision (x3) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% 2K (x2) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Rockstar Games (x5) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Sega ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Sega ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Bethesda (x2) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Ubisoft (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Codemasters ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Konami ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Paradox ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Atari ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% WarnerBros. ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Warner Bros. (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Nordic Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Telltale Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% GSC Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Paradox ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Codemasters ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Codemasters ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% TimeGate ($2.00)[/b] [b]Game Coupons:[/b] [b]- 50% Braid ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Horizon ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 66% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (x2)($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Back to the Future ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Valve: Complete Pack ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% L.A. Noire ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sega: Classics Collection ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Virtua Tennis 4 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sam and Max: Complete Pack ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% SpaceChem ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Brink ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Deep Silver ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Cogs ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Limbo ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Bastion ($1.50)[/b] [b]- 50% Sol Survivor ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Dungeon Defenders ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Football Manager 2012 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Crazy Machines: EVerything Pack ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Nuclear Dawn ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Deep Silver ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Cyan Worlds ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Audio Surf ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sonic Generations ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 60% Victoriall ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Lightfish ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Red Orchestra 2 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Runespell: Overture ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sol Survivor ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Silent Hill: Homecoming ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Dungeon Defenders ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Portal 2 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Worms Reloaded ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Hacker Evolution: Duality (x2) ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% DemolitionINC. ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Cities XL 2012 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Dead Island ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Civilization V (Game of the Year) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Zeno Clash ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Might and Magic Heroes VI ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Meridian 4 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Rock of Ages ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Monday Night Combat ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Max Payne 2 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Bit Composer ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Meridian 4 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Saints Row: The Third ($2.00)[/b]
trading x3gold ($25) and magicka ($10) for game offers
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