• My Adventure in Fakefactory's Cinematic mod 10.90
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This will be played with all the HD models installed for the full experience with no cheating. Let's go! [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/0/f/b/9c082847f95dd331b89695be8aed2.jpg[/img_thumb] ... Hm [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/2/d/0/aa681fbddafad9cd3feac1b8d8cd8.jpg[/img_thumb] A little bit of magic later [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/6/9/d/8ba3fd74a6846fc398f27317f8e9d.jpg[/img_thumb] That eye isn't the eye we know and love! what's going on here!? [sp]I couldn't get a good shot of gman since he's all transparent n shit I'll get one later[/sp] I respect this stranger and his ability to make his rather groomed eyelashes float [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/4/d/7/a00ab92e9be4a24313a5d8c0106be.jpg[/img_thumb] [B]Freeman...I...[/B] little bit later we're out of the trippy dream sequence and on a nice train going twords a trainstation. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/d/a/a/c421969d54afa37cd234ebbf4f76f.jpg[/img_thumb] Weren't you black? [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/e/8/6/45beccecb982f65d04a1fbd4b1dc7.jpg[/img_thumb] Monkey man! also note the HD briefcase, oooooo high res, also the metal bits are now apparently made of leather because [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/4/3/9/575b9d14871f712f46d21641e3e87.jpg[/img_thumb] Oh you Fakefactory :allears: [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/6/0/8/3ebac421941fe45c7af173b5d6cfe.jpg[/img_thumb] I'd like to note that Ff Breen is (relatively) not as offensive as the other humans but not by much. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/c/0/d/a988b138311763a39926a5e9663ea.jpg[/img_thumb] And here are our new metro cops... something seems off. Besides the fucking Massive body armor that is. Whelp a little bit past the gate [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/7/a/8/17b7f969fabd0e0ef294353c6882c.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/c/8/3/057688f97d2905ccddecd1adeeb8f.jpg[/img_thumb] [B]DEAR CHRIST![/B] Ahem, the females in fakefactory as you know are mainly barbie dolls They're prettied up so much that it fails and they tend to look very very creepy ._. Also they are the main offender in Downs y'know besides [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/c/9/e/88a71b725ea54feaf21ea92e60207.jpg[/img_thumb] [B]I AM THE KING OF SPAAAACE!![/B] Also they pretty much have an hourglass figure no matter where you look as so [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/5/1/b/e8f83394e1de6541e92e5ab1c6250.jpg[/img_thumb] [U]Ass count: 1.[/U] Moooooving on. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/2/2/7/3767de8cc8acffaa43e0fe4eacf6e.jpg[/img_thumb] Was this corridor always this dark? the "don't drink the water" guy must be around here somewhe- [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/f/f/5/6e842e698cef0f991af193600a0eb.jpg[/img_thumb] fakefactoryyyyyyy! He scares me more so then a lot of the humans in here, I hope never to see him again. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/6/a/b/c792c42d76bb0bd3b174cfb463c93.jpg[/img_thumb] Sheesh all he needs is wireframe glasses and -Hey weren't you white? Fakefactory loves to change the Race of people a lot, sheesh I haven't seen a single black person yet, just old fat people and asians. I should note that Fakefactory's Maps are well done kind of. it looks pretty here and there [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/5/a/8/88d31ed62969c7894d9e349a4cd2d.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/0/f/7/cf17e7b582588f97b90dbc4303fdb.jpg[/img_thumb] This however is not one of those times. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/b/8/b/3fffbf87af6c66647f5a351c91c76.jpg[/img_thumb] oh yeah the Bumpmaps on the Metrocop helmet look like absolute [B]SHIT.[/B] [U]Ass Count: 2.[/U] As we stroll inside the checkpoint we get stopped to meet Barney! I wonder what he's been doing after the train [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/5/a/b/2840641010c36501ec832f0ef7dbb.jpg[/img_thumb] I also wonder what Fakefactory has done to him. down the hall and and into the security room [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/e/e/9/fef273fe4148f3a5f00862b2aa86b.jpg[/img_thumb] little bit of office room chat and now for the biig reveal... [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/9/1/a/47ed66a6f22cdcaa8f84bfe412035.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/4/4/a/3a02ca69fcaa9edffdb24a46afad2.jpg[/img_thumb] :smith: Well back to the environments [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/e/1/0/4fb75fc023049d62bb73f257d3e89.jpg[/img_thumb] Well it's not great but it's better. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/2/d/d/d86e52bed9b781eb7f7cf2cbb6f4c.jpg[/img_thumb] Why do I imagine this to be what Fakefactory looks like. little bit later there's a knock at the door and we're shoved into another room to stack up boxes and [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/9/7/a/e7db5bbfc499a410935eb9fd7ad81.jpg[/img_thumb] HD Crates, sure why not. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/c/9/d/834ce95145544bee5a48432f780a5.jpg[/img_thumb] [B]WHAAAWHOOOOOO!![/B] Now with a broken ankle and a walk animation that looks like we shat our pants we venture into the mall to figure out the mystery behind the zombie outbreak. .....sorry just trying to get into my happy place. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/3/b/d/1d242be8e8888431b02f14639a9ff.jpg[/img_thumb] OooOo neat Garden, wonder who takes care of it. A load screen and stairs later [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/b/3/4/8ba7509a17b6e63feb35575d49c7c.jpg[/img_thumb] Getting better, what's with the wall texture though? and Here's coming our Favorite character in Half life 2! Who we only see the foot of cause I suck at screenshotting! [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/b/3/b/e385a39844399eff8cbc8f63e411f.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/7/9/c/7c2e3d5b9d09506106ce3a7355ba0.jpg[/img_thumb] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieSzsh4hJWI[/media] I can only think of this commercial when I think of coca cola. anyways past the amazing characters (wave goodbye everyone) We arrive at the this place [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/3/f/3/065abb93cc7d698c9e8ad7381a567.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/7/a/b/cb6dcbb32b912e603fb9af6219db7.jpg[/img_thumb] Seriously what's up with the wall. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/8/9/2/b6ec67e87c6c13bef7df22bb47b88.jpg[/img_thumb] [U]Ass count: 3[/U] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/f/7/3/5a8e0c697d37a9c755383c70c2901.jpg[/img_thumb] Better! FF loves his trees though. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/f/6/8/bae10a26eaf1ef880679ed1956217.jpg[/img_thumb] oooo dammit don't you have an anime you can be in somewhere. Anyways through the allyway yadda yadda you know how this goes. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/c/c/2/b86fc46e4a1b3c8a8bd024e6ccfaf.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/1/e/6/65508db1acb0750996ad991358fda.jpg[/img_thumb] Monkey man again :D and the dude who's head looks disconnected from his body. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/9/a/2/77cddee801e820cc39f859ee04b7b.jpg[/img_thumb] Skip ahead a little to the apartment [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/b/1/9/453f0bc5f2f1c4530142f3e4b7618.jpg[/img_thumb] Nothing of interest here. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/1/9/8/dd51211cd6f8a0d52f990ab120e8f.jpg[/img_thumb] [U]Ass count: 4[/U] Oh yeah Some areas have some neat dynamic lights. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/8/2/6/a6a7fb1b65aa8248841ab85b2cbb7.jpg[/img_thumb] and He fucked the couch couple [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/f/2/8/944b1a6596920920decac4f5f6132.jpg[/img_thumb] And now to run the fuck away from the metro cops! zip zop zoobity bop. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/2/f/2/d453409f4f79865d19d5a5ce4a062.jpg[/img_thumb] He's supposed to be black too! I have not seen a single black person up to this point! [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/1/5/5/1e0f4aa1758250f2e9f342e2cefa8.jpg[/img_thumb] Ooo pretty. [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/8/8/a/5ad4af0c77715520966b85794d059.jpg[/img_thumb] annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm boned! A little while later we wake up to the sight of [img_thumb]http://uppix.net/2/0/b/d07e3e85704d42080bf0cbc3ad89a.jpg[/img_thumb] Oh god I'm in hell. _______________________________________ [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26238677&viewfull=1#post26238677][img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/ea83da27102bb3bd4265e43e8b.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26402031&viewfull=1#post26402031][img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/690cc2d1canals050084.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26458109&viewfull=1#post26458109] Part 4: Red[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26499017&viewfull=1#post26499017] Interlude: Humans![/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26519134&viewfull=1#post26519134] Interlude: [B]xXMaNiAcXx[/B] [/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26676175&viewfull=1#post26676175] Part 5 [B]AND[/B] 6: No name[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=26824043&viewfull=1#post26824043] Part 7: Shittyholm[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=27053658&viewfull=1#post27053658] Part 8: Stalling[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1028651-My-Adventure-in-Fakefactory-s-Cinematic-mod-10.90?p=27161949&viewfull=1#post27161949] part 9: maybe doing this whole adventure thig was a bad idea[/url]
Continue it. You are now on a quest to find a black person in the game other than Eli.
I love how every texture is stupidly high res and grainy, except for the diffuse map on that briefcase. He's just put a stupidly high res detail map on it. And you should definitely continue.
Yes, continue.
i am legend
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_pj6dqP96g&layer_token=023b36ff6fafdb92]Yes. Please.[/url]
Continue torturing yourself for our amusement, please.
The thing is, it all looks kinda pretty and nice. Except for those fucking character models
Continue because I'm curious about the ass count.
continue it, faggot
Continue, good sir Thread Music: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFCdyKZmKQ[/media]
Jesus christ.
Will work on it some more monday, going somewhere for the weekend
oh dear god haha continue!
Large Ass Pictures. But continue please.
Dear god, it's worse than I thought. What the fuck did he do to Gman?!
I'll say what i've always said: Take away all character models and you're left with a fantastic selection of textures and effects.
Doesn't look that good in certain areas.
Hence why I shall never use that mod. Ever. [editline]20th November 2010[/editline] The only thing I like about this mod is the setting textures and what not. The character models are terrible. [editline]20th November 2010[/editline] Make videos instead of screenshots. It'll be funnier.
Some of the character models are alright. Specifically the ones where he's tried to recreate the actual characters in HD rather than ripping models off of websites or making stupid shit that doesn't fit.
You must quest for the lost black citizens.
"Don't drink the water!" guy looks scary. Where is the black citizens, anyway?
Scrolling on the op is much like playing this mod.
Wow, this mod is actually pretty nice looking. Except every character model there is, of course.
i say go on, i need to se if the mod is good besides the funky and outfitting models, i would like to see more of the maps.
The quest to find a black person.
Well this sucks balls.... I can't see any pictures. Any chance using different host?
All pictures are now broken
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