• "The game of my dream" A Russian turn-based game with no real name.
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This is a game I found on Bay12 and really just had to share it. It's like a roguelike in a way, but more like spelunky than anything. The world also ages with every turn, trees grow, dirt falls, and the world just gets older. It's pretty amazing to be honest. Copy-paste of Bay12 thread: Forum link: [url]http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=26591.0[/url] Link to the russian forum: [url]http://www.gamedev.ru/flame/forum/?id=159858[/url] LATEST BUILD (31 July): [url]http://rghost.net/39495345[/url] MIRROR: [URL="http://filesmelt.com/dl/31Jul_Eng.zip"][img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/download57.png[/img][/URL] What's new? 1. List of Action is divided into three windows. 2. The quest to find a blacksmith who teaches a great recipe steel sword. That exceeds even many of the artifacts on the properties. 3. Lots of small fixes and update the balance. For example chests and hell the characters do not appear too close to each other. (I mean they do not build dwarfs close) 4. Drew pictures to the inventory. At the same time Enlarge it and it was difficult for the mouse in the little squares to stick. 5. made a couple of new enemies: the lava dragon, and a mummy 6. Through the door of my message could pass creatures. 7. When reading the scrolls dwarfs sometimes the game slows down to the deranged state. Partially corrected. 8. Clearance bombs now gives tin. 9. By mistake, the sand did not appear on the surface of the world. Now there is. 10. (Important) hero can raise a ladder and a door on the block where he stands. 11. In windowed mode the game is now released the mouse outside the window. 12. All four types of teleporter can now drop by gravity. 13. Some recipes are better balanced. Removed acorns as material for crafting recipes. 14. Returned to the opportunity to put the bricks. 15. Made the choice of the character at the start of the game. While four of them: a pirate, a poet, a magician and a builder. 16. Did the action - a random teleportation. For the Wizard character. 17. Pressing a new game no longer overwrites the save. If you then press the escape. Very often complained about it. 18. Artifact blades, all seven of them now have damage randomly determined at the beginning of the game. 19. did need some characters drink rum, to die of thirst. Namely, Pirate and Wizard. 20. He made the game special properties of monsters. While the set is as follows: a. fast, b. Refractory in. friendly, was aggressive, cowardly etc., is mined 21. pointer to the king. Type of compass, but it indicates where the king. Need a very limited extent, in the same quest. 22. shield generator. If you are too lazy to put the doors in all the aisles to the house - just build a generator in the house. And the enemy will not pass. 23. The bomb! Quite a useless thing, undermining a piece of land away from it after the installation is only possible through the teleporter. 24. Implemented the scroll wheel to scroll through the list of actions. [t]http://i.imgur.com/qVZbb.jpg[/t] The game looks easy at the start, but becomes challenging in the lower depths. It may look like a mining/crafting game, but it's not. Resources like copper ore are rare and can mainly be found in the lower layers, like the limestone layer. You can find gold ore or coal in the upper layers. You need pickaxes to mine trough most layer materials. It took me some time to craft just a tiny copper sword and a copper pickaxe. There are monsters like lizards, imps, water ooze (really strange water creature). There are also Dwarves, which i never found and a lot off other stuff. Due to the instable caves it's really challenging not to die. There also earthquakes, volcanos, etc. The goal is to find some (steal?) stuff in the deeps to build a teleport device and teleport to the next level. Bay12 thread: [url]http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=113055.0[/url]
Looks pretty interesting. Kind of like a turn-based minecraft cave spelunking
Looks neat.
Oh wow, I like the aesthetics, downloading now
This looks fucking great.
Just played a little, I'm assuming you have an infinite supply of wood? Also man I wish the turns were a little quicker, you can feel a definite pause after you make a move, I mean yeah that's because the world is doing stuff but it'd be nice.
This is pretty cool.
[del]Okay so I noticed in the What's new list you can play this game windowed mode; How the hell do you do that?[/del] disregard this silly question, checked the INI folder and found what I needed
Fausty told me to say this game is good so this game sucks
Looks somewhat interesting, checking it out.
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