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[b]First rule of Global Agenda: It's buy to play. No subscription fees after that, aside from optional paid DLC.[/b] [b]Second rule of Global Agenda: The FP agency always dies a terrible death. Learn to find an agency that you like with some good mates.[/b] [b]Third rule of Global Agenda: It's not fucking WoW with guns you imbeciles.[/b] [img]http://i447.photobucket.com/albums/qq195/mitchcm34/GlobalAgenda.jpg[/img] Welcome to Global Agenda, a futuristic third-person shooter with jetpacks, alliance versus alliance combat, and so much more! (As well as more to come in the future!) Global Agenda is a persistent MMO game world based around a player-filled resistance against the oppressive Commonwealth faction who rule the world with an iron fist - literally. They're (for the most part) all machines. You play as an escaped agent who was being grown for use of fueling the Commonwealth oppression regime. Up to pace here, now? Good, because all this gets thrown out the window when you leave the tutorial and venture to Dome City. But what's Dome City, you ask? It's the central hub for all players. You meet and greet, take on missions, arrange your alliance/agency battles, among a plethora of other things. As a brief introduction to what exactly Global Agenda is really about, here it is in video form, because you don't want to read a massive wall of text, eh? [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t3vmuBdiGo[/media] Now, I'm sure you're wondering a couple of things about the game if you've never played before, so I'll shed some light on some or most of the major points of the game. [b]Alliance versus Alliance Combat:[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og1M4mcjnhY[/media] That's a five minute explanation of what the Alliance versus Alliance, or Conquest, gamemode is like. Going more in-depth, each organized player agency can group up into a player-made alliance, similar to the structure of EVE Online's corporations and alliances fighting each other for control of sovereign space. The idea is similar, but different at the same time. Imagine a game of Risk, looking down at a 2-D table. On the board are hexes, which are controllable by a player agency/alliance if they can win the territory. In that hex, they can begin production of materials to better their agency or alliance, allowing for further production of better weaponry and vehicles. Now imagine a whole player base vying for control of all these territories. Yeah, it's pretty big. [b]Player versus Player Combat:[/b] Global Agenda takes PvP in the same way you'd expect any shooter. You kill enemies and claim objectives. Gamemodes range from control point captures to payload pushing, all the while giving a player XP from each respective match. It's your basic PvP, but with fucking jetpacks. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpgSzx0FQZ4&feature=related[/media] That's a pretty good video showcasing the Assault class. [i]Please excuse the horrible quality of the video.[/i] [b]Player versus Environment Combat:[/b] These are your standard missions. It isn't free-roam (as of yet; read: Patches and the Future). You're sent into a mission and fight your way to the boss with three other mates on your side. It's good fun if you're into that sort of thing. There's a variety of these, ranging from beginner to expert, and then a special other type unlocked at later levels allowing two players to fight for the Commonwealth on the NPC side. That's a great time. [b]Weapons, Armor, Implants and Devices:[/b] Now then, in Global Agenda, the right weapons, devices and implants are KEY to victory, especially so in Conquest. Why not armor, you may ask? Armor (in its current state, changes pending) is purely cosmetic. So, really, if you see a guy with the level fifty armor and you've only got the level five, he's just flashing his dick at you. It doesn't mean he's got any special stats, it's seriously just to say, "Look at my dick it's bigger than yours." Weapons range from sniper rifles to miniguns, from mediguns to EMP blasters. They're all class-specific, however. I'll delve more into that in the classes section, however. Devices, too, are class-specific, and play a key role in the game. They are (most of the time) better than your regular weapon. Implants are cybernetic devices you use to power yourself up. It boosts up your stats, be it your health, power pool, or weapon damage. Range from common, uncommon, rare, and epic. Typically, you can find a crafter to make you epics. Oh yeah, they break after a certain number of missions with them active, so make sure you have repair kits to rebuild them. Also, jetpacks. [b]Classes:[/b] Global Agenda centers around four different classes: Assault, Medic, Recon and Robotics. They all carry different abilities, pros and cons. For your devices, you're allowed a certain amount of points to allocate into your weapons, and only three offhands. I'll go more in-depth here. [b]Assault:[/b] [img]http://duckbar.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/d1/d1fa01643db2060eefbb78834a488f9f22748e27.gif[/img] Your standard tank. He takes the punches, and packs them as well. Works best with a medic, but can solo. For weaponry, he has an axe for melee, a rifle or shotgun (shotgun unlocked later) for standard gun, and other guns ranging from miniguns to grenade launchers. His offhands, or devices, range from special grenades to shields. Here's a great explanation of the class, as well as strategies: [url]http://globalagenda.wikia.com/wiki/Assault[/url] And a skill calculator: [url]http://serv.hexagenda.com/skills/assault.html[/url] [b]Medic:[/b] [img]http://phuzion.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/86/86d3cf30e44175f6867daa86d6a6f74e82164278.gif[/img] Imagine your typical TF2 Medic. Now give him high-tech armor, and give him the ability to poison other people. That's basically this medic class. With it you can save your team by healing them, or benefit them on the battlefield by wielding a poison weapon. You have a poison dagger for your melee weapon, a standard gun (later on a pain gun or poison gun) for your standard wepaon, medigun for specialty, and for offhands, a self-healer, healing grenades, and a heal wave, among other things. Class explanation and strategies: [url]http://globalagenda.wikia.com/wiki/Medic[/url] Skill calculator: [url]http://serv.hexagenda.com/skills/medic.html[/url] [b]Recon:[/b] [img]http://phuzion.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/35/35a0656f99d5f76deeede4db3f675101e3b0886a.gif[/img] Stealth, sniping and bombing is what this guy does. You can stay back and snipe the enemy from a safe spot, or hop right into the action by cloaking, jumping and bombing your way through enemy positions. VERY useful for hunting beacons. Weaponry ranges from a fucking huge sword to regular rifles, and then snipers. Offhands include various bombs, cloaking, and biotics (you can jump really high). Class explanation and strategies: [url]http://globalagenda.wikia.com/wiki/Recon[/url] Skill calculator: [url]http://serv.hexagenda.com/skills/recon.html[/url] [b]Robotics:[/b] [img]http://duckbar.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/ec/ecbf9b112c2b16a6a8f8999733a7ae7b4ba15c17.gif[/img] Turrets and drones guy. You're up and on the points either defending with turrets or vying for control with drones. I play robotics, so most of my game knowledge is based around this class. It's certainly fun to play as. Your melee weapon is a mace, with your primary gun being a rifle (later on a shotgun or EMP blaster). You've got the robotic arm for repairing structures, and then for offhands there are various turrets (bullets and rockets) as well as drones with various abilities, and med crates and power stations. Sensors as well for detecting stealthed recons. Class explanation and strategies: [url]http://globalagenda.wikia.com/wiki/Robotics[/url] Skill calculator: [url]http://serv.hexagenda.com/skills/robotics.html[/url] [b]Patches and the Future:[/b] [QUOTE=Massively Interview with Todd Harris] Can you give us a preview of the DLC that is coming after 1.39? Yep. Version 1.5 is the next planned major update. It is a DLC primarily themed around the Recursive Colony -- a faction of self-replicating robots that functions like an electronic insect colony. In Sandstorm players were introduced to the Colony as a scavenging minor threat, but in this DLC the robotic hive has become a lot more aggressive. In one Ultra-Max difficulty defense raid mission there are now Recursive Colony bots attacking an instanced version of Dome City itself. The vendor shops are boarded up and the Dome walls are being smashed open by the invading swarm. Your group of 10 players fights alongside the hero NPC Dalton Bancroft in defending this dome and I'd say it is our most intensely challenging, and fun, Global Agenda mission to date. That is just one part of the update that is planned to include more open zone PvE quests, new PvP content, AvA enhancements, as well as our first offensive raid where 10 players infiltrate and assault a queen node of the Recursive Colony. [/QUOTE] These are the only details pertaining to the upcoming DLC around that I could find. If anyone else would like to help out by finding more details, that'd be fantastic. It seems that we're getting offensive raids, as well as some fantastic new things to boot. This'll be great. :siren:[b]FACEPUNCH PLAYER LIST[/b]:siren: [quote] Systematik Sirpooby Ryann Kiberkiller ZebraZebra Robosmores Deamer [/quote] (Ask to be added.) I'm considering making an agency full of Facepunch players that lack an agency currently, or are starting out with the trial and are going to purchase the full game. It, of course, won't be called "Facepunch" or anything of the sort, because I'd like to gain members from outside Facepunch as well. :siren:[b]LINKS AND SHIT[/b]:siren: Global Agenda website: [url]http://www.globalagendagame.com[/url] Global Agenda forums: [url]http://forum.globalagendagame.com/phpbb/index.php[/url] Free trial: [url]http://globalagendagame.com/freetrial/[/url] Steam: [url]http://store.steampowered.com/app/17020/[/url] HexAgenda (great resource): [url]http://www.hexagenda.com/[/url] Global Agenda Official Wiki: [url]http://forum.globalagendagame.com/globalagendawiki/index.php/Main_Page[/url] Some extra videos of some cool stuff: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oH6OKysj3Y&feature=player_embedded[/media] JL alliance winning a zone in Conquest. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDFnGhbUU7U[/media] VANDALFOOOOOOOORCE :siren:[b]COUPON CODES SO YOU DON'T WHINE (Ask to have yours put here too!)[/b]:siren: [quote=Global Agenda Coupon Codes] GACOU380858881371 GACOU380858881373 GACOU380858881372 GACOU380858881374 GACOU380858881370 GACOUSKYLORTR29231 GACOUSKYLORTR29274 GACOU378083027500 GACOUSKYLORTR29272 GACOUSKYLORTR29273 GACOURENEGADE23003 GACOURENEGADE23002 GACOURENEGADE23004 GACOURENEGADE23001 GACOURENEGADE22970 GACOU279162055200 GACOU279162055201 GACOU279162055202 GACOU279162055203 GACOU279162055204 GACOU279162004030[/quote] If you want yours added, please PM them to me. Also, you can check the status of your coupons (used or unused) on the GA site. [b]OP has been updated with new details on the paid DLC coming soon, and I've removed superfluous information.[/b] [b]If there's anything I've missed that isn't general overview that is absolutely necessary and pertinent to the information in the OP, alert me by PM. Also, if you want to get the player list going again, shoot me a PM with your name and I'll throw it into the OP.[/b]
Good, we needed a new thread. On the note of the FP agency, you can lead it I guess (make sure you pick a red as our color), and I think we could do something like this as a recruitment idea: You leading Actual (not retarded) FPers as Officers/whatever GA calls them Random people as meat/rookies not to say that random people can't become officers, of course And it'd be a good idea to get into a decent enough alliance as soon as possible. Oh, and I have a friend or two that would probably join.
Doesn't look like a persistant world to me. Looks like it's done in instance like games. And really doesn't look that good, I'll pass. [editline]06:14AM[/editline] Ah, it is, I'll pass for sure.
Technically, Global Agenda is only an MMO while you're in the city area. Otherwise, it's just a thirdperson TF2 clone with a few neat bits added here and there with leveling and equipment, too. But who's to say that's a bad thing?
I really liked this game until I heard about the payment model. I'm not being cheap or anything but I don't think this game is worth paying a subscription for. It's like Team Fortress 2, only in 3D person and in the future. Nothing really special. :(
I'm not sold on it, either. I haven't been a member of a good alliance long enough, or even participated in enough AvA matches where I honestly had fun, to make up a firm decision. That's why I want a FP agency, so I can play with people who I decently know and can actually consider friends.\ Oh and add me to the player list. FP Name: Dutch, In game/SF name: Sirpooby
downloading the trial, looks fun.
When does 1.3 release, maybe I will reinstall it and get a little more than 9 hours play time. (Which is all I have right now because it's so god damn boring and grindy as it is right now.)
Add me to the FP player list :v: GA name: Ryann If you ever get around to settng up an agency for that, hit me up on there. [editline]06:36AM[/editline] [QUOTE=ketchup;21420289]When does 1.3 release, maybe I will reinstall it and get a little more than 9 hours play time. (Which is all I have right now because it's so god damn boring and grindy as it is right now.)[/QUOTE] 1.3 releases at the end of this month, if not earlier.
I'll work on structuring most of it tomorrow and possibly set up some preliminary relations with guys I know in other agencies/alliances. I've heard rumors about an organized 4v4 tourney coming up soon, but I'm not entirely sure on the specifics. As for paying for the game, I'm not going to pay for a subscription until I know it's worth paying for. I've already shelled out $50 and haven't played much over the past two months. The basic non-sub form will be fun still, as they're adding a lot in Sandstorm.
Suicide Requiem - in-game Kiberkiller [editline]02:01PM[/editline] I'd gladly join FP agency as long as it will have less than 25% tax and will play on Anvil.
I'll be setting up the agency later today, but I'm just worried about the logistics of it all. We're a wide spread of users, which would make organizing in a single zone difficult. I'm mainly a Sovereign player since Citadel fell to I alliance, so that's where I'm at. We can organize all this later, when it's set up, though.
I'm a Sovereign player, too.
Righto then, I've been on today, and am going to make the agency. Name suggestions? I'll toss in my own too, and pick the one I think is most fitting/best sounding.
I kinda like just plain ol' Facepunch. Lets everyone know who we are and how we roll (punch them in the face).
I play Global Agenda off and on. Not too much recently though, because I'm waiting for the 1.3 patch. IGN : ZebraZebra If you could add me to the list that would be cool.
Fine by me, there. Creating now. If you're online, contact me at Systematik, and we can work on some stuff.
Maybe I should try reinstalling when patch 1.3 comes out? I didn't look much into it but meh.
Updated OP with names and a REALLY useful bind for jetpacking. Created the agency under the name Facepunch, and I'll send out invites to those who are on the player list. [editline]05:54PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Oblivion470;21433830]Maybe I should try reinstalling when patch 1.3 comes out? I didn't look much into it but meh.[/QUOTE] Do so, it will definitely have some renewed vigor.
will there be much point in playing a game like this (beside for the sci fi theme and lore) once APB is out?
It's different gameplay.
[QUOTE=Suicide Requiem;21446509]It's different gameplay.[/QUOTE] I have played both,the formula is very similar. Different doesn't always mean 'better', i guess its all down to opinion but the majority of people i know that have played both will tell you what the better game is. and APB is only in beta lol.
Cant join a FP group as im in Fruitz and dont see me leaving them after ive made loads of mates. But to those who are undecided about this game, just stop now and play once 1.3 is out, from what is changing it seems as though there will be a hell of alot more to do.
[QUOTE=Talkbox;21446929]I have played both,the formula is very similar. Different doesn't always mean 'better', i guess its all down to opinion but the majority of people i know that have played both will tell you what the better game is. and APB is only in beta lol.[/QUOTE] I played both and i can tell you that's they're very different. And different doesn't mean better or worse, it's different. Why did you even come to this thread? To tell us how bad the game is?
To be honest, GA basically still in beta, i'm guessing they had to release it asap as they were running out of money (hirezstew privately funded it). However, now that their funding problem is solved for now they will be able to churn out the patches to make it a full game.
Add me onto that list, IG name is DrParanoid.
I applied to the agency via the agency center, as SystemGS doesn't seem to be on when I am.
You can add me to the list, I won't be on til' 1.3 hits though. (IGN: ketchup)
OP, you forgot this one: [img]http://www.globalagendagame.com/kbimages/pricingmatrixbig.png[/img]
Haha, you'll have to pay to get access to most of the 1.3 content. Great. Oh well, I'll probably be subscribing anyways.
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