• favourite cod moment
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post your best cod moment mine was when i cleared out a room of about 6 players in overgrown in cod 4 [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmck" - Swebonny))[/highlight]
Mine was when I got 5 360 noscopes in a row, then a quad collat.
Wow this is the most obvious troll I have ever seen in my entire life. 2/10 trolling buddy.
when shepperd got a knife threw da eye xDDD
i won a match and i started cumming and farting
When the credits start
My favorite was when stupid questions like this were posted in the COD thread and not made into a pointless thread that will most likely be locked in min.
my dad raped me when i was 6
When I keep getting killed by the same camper from across the map about a hundred times. And the part where an enemy spawns right behind me right after I spawn. I love those parts.
I'd be lying if I said CoD4 didn't have any memorable moments.
Second level of Finest Hour (on the gamecube) where you have to defend the tank warehouse from a horde of Germans with rocket launchers. Shit was hard, but goddamn was it fun.
Haven't had many cod moments recently, the local chippie only has trout these days.
Mine was when they used the same engine for 5 games.
That one time I was spawncamped by a helicopter gunship.
I caught a large cod while fishing in the ocean, my favorite cod moment by far.
wait a minute are u trying to rustle my jimmies
when yuri ate cpt price whole and masturbated
That time when i woke up and realized that the modern warfare franchise was all just a dream...
It amazes me how frequent these threads are.
When I turn it off and go play a game that's fun.
My favorite CoD: MW2 moment was when I uninstalled it
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