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[QUOTE=vexx21322;36333733]Now the same for torches.[/QUOTE] how would an upside down torch work?
maybe if you place a torch on a ceiling it could turn into a brazier that hangs from the ceiling [editline]14th June 2012[/editline] or something similar, but you get the idea
Does anyone have a mod like mineprinter? It used to let you print schematics in multiplayer, but the download link's broken on the forums.
[QUOTE=CoalTen;36332717][URL="https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/213379019129884672"]Dinnerbone's twitter[/URL] [/QUOTE] Oh, you CAN. On the snapshot page on the wiki it said something like "now you can not place them upside down".
i'm waiting for lanterns. it could maybe give off more light and be placed on areas that normally can't hold torches; but will require more materials to make.
[QUOTE=SonicHitman;36336238]i'm waiting for lanterns. it could maybe give off more light and be placed on areas that normally can't hold torches; but will require more materials to make.[/QUOTE] What's a location that a torch can't normally be placed?
Lanterns were scrapped a long time ago. Notch confirmed that they were never going to be added during Minecon.
[QUOTE=Loriborn;36336276]What's a location that a torch can't normally be placed?[/QUOTE] Underneath blocks. But we have glowstone and redstone lights now.
You know, they could just be decorative. maybe toggle-able with redstone, without taking an entire block like redstone lamps.
Wow, I was playing an adventure map, when it became night, so I went into a random house and slept there, then when I woke up, I walked up to the door, then suddenly, this popped out: [img]http://puu.sh/B2Xd[/img] Made me jump. and that wasn't the end of it, I passed that cow by and turned around looking at the villager's house when it suddenly popped out again: [img]http://puu.sh/B2XQ[/img] That cow is sneakier than a creeper.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/2012-06-15_02.38_.34_.png[/IMG] [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] do you see the problem here
Watching Adzter's Minecraft server get 3Gbps shoved at it. Someone really must hate him to send 3Gbps at a 20 slot Minecraft server. Well anyway I refuse to drop him so time to look into getting him a DDoS protected IP!
[QUOTE=xpod1;36336750][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/2012-06-15_02.38_.34_.png[/IMG] [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] do you see the problem here[/QUOTE] If you decompile the snapshots, the file for rendering string is all kinds of fucked up.
[QUOTE=darksoul69;36336847]a DDoS protected IP![/QUOTE] what
[QUOTE=xpod1;36336750][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/2012-06-15_02.38_.34_.png[/IMG] [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] do you see the problem here[/QUOTE] You need to wring out all the non-euclidean geometries from that wool. :v:
Hola hola. My build is actually taking shape as a village now, will post something to show it later. [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] [t]http://puu.sh/B4h2[/t]
Since no recovery programs helped me restore my lost saves, I created a new desert world, this time, it's bigger than the older one: [IMG]http://puu.sh/B4pB[/IMG] I love this generator, It makes beautiful desert landscape. [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] Also built this [IMG]http://puu.sh/B4NH[/IMG] [img]http://puu.sh/B4mc[/img] Not as nice as the one I had in the older version, but, it's atleast close enough.
I want that generator
[QUOTE=Recurracy;36338346]I want that generator[/QUOTE] Here you go: [url]http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/366765-map-generator-mcterra/[/url] Choose the version, the guy who has been working on that generator recently picked it up again and updated it with a plugin feature but he removed all the other generators, so version has all the cool generators in it.
I have started getting back into minecraft. I have a legit survival world that I have been playing on. Other file is a creative vault project that I have lost my steam on finishing, probably only a couple more hours till the whole mega project is done, but I have no drive to finish it. I want to start another big project, does anyone have some idea what it should be?
[img]http://i.imgur.com/e1m7D.png[/img] what are you doing there chicken
[QUOTE=Shortyish;36341835][img]http://i.imgur.com/e1m7D.png[/img] what are you doing there chicken[/QUOTE] Cooking his own eggs obviously.
[QUOTE=bassie12;36342290]Cooking [B]his[/B] own [B]eggs[/B] obviously.[/QUOTE] Ouch.
Rooster Teeth Minecraft Part 4, I've been waiting all week for this. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C24-6jgPnKM[/media]
Hey guys, i really don't want this to come across as a shameless plug but if anyone's looking for a small 24/7 100% vanilla MC server to play on please pm me!
A little update to my Notch tracking site: [url]http://www.isnotchonvacation.com[/url] [sp]Damn I need to update this site more often, I've only updated it three times so far.[/sp]
When you're caving near lava, always carry a fishing rod and pull mobs into lava for laughs.
I still wish fishing were fleshed out more; right now it's just throw the bob in and wait to get a generic Fish. We should have more fish (and other things) to be catchable, as well as possibly a baiting system and maybe nets or spears. Being able to fish for special lavafish would also be a neat thing, though it'd require high-value materials to make a suitable rod or net.
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