• What game do you want more than anything?
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what [b] RELEASED [/b] game would you want more than any other game in the world right now?
None, I can just go out and buy it. Unreleased? Bad Company 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 for PC.
None. Unreleased would be HL2 Ep3 :smug:
Well I think unreleased would be better, but it's your thread, so whatever. I want Fahrenheit, but it doesn't work in Vista/7, so that blows. If we're talking unreleased, I want Ep.3
[QUOTE=MAspiderface;18521898]None. Unreleased would be HL2 Ep3 :smug:[/QUOTE] EP3? Released? Preposterous!
Fifa 10
The Ship. I'll probably try to get it for Christmas.
Released: None Unreleased: Diablo 3
Well, I'm not going to go that crazy over it, but I'd like Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. It just came out not too long ago, and I've always loved the series.
Released? Whatever. None right now. I have enough new/unfinished games, namely MW2, L4D2 and FF6. They'll probably keep me occupied until christmas.
I want Tropico 3.
Shattered Horizon. Unreleased: the next Elder Scrolls game.
Id like MW2 for my Xbox.
The Fatal Frame games
The game I would give my soul for is Earthbound ("Mother" in the US). It's never been released here in the UK D:
Shattered Horizon. My main PC got bunk. But I shall build it stronger and better with Windows 7 and DX11.
L4D2. /caps?
At the moment, I really want Dragon Age Origins.
Psychonauts, But that 10$ has to be saved for Friday, and Monday ;)
Well, released, the L4D2 4 pack, and give them to my friends, so I had more people to play it with. And unreleased would either be Dust 514 or Bad Company 2 for PC.
[QUOTE=Benie;18524061]L4D2. /caps?[/QUOTE] And you're playing it right now Also released: none unreleased: battlefield BC2 (PC)
I want all my old Atari and NES games back. I had over 200 different games for the two systems, before my house got picked up by a hurricane.
i want that good game
[QUOTE=stuntman021;18522927]The Ship. I'll probably try to get it for Christmas.[/QUOTE] I hate to say it, but it'd be a waste to buy it now. There's literally only around six people playing at a time, which is a shame because it's such a great game. It just needs more people playing it, but they won't because no one plays it. It's a vicious circle. :frown:
Many, won't list them Unreleased: Spryo 1, 2 & 3 remakes. As in updated graphics and stuff. No new voice actors, use the old voices. Edit: No typos here mate, take your bad spelling and shove it up your ass.
Unreleased:Mafia 2.
Dungeon Keeper 3
Probably L4D2. I don't have a burning desire for it, but nothing else interests me that me that much. Maybe I should also check out Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Modern Warfare 2 for the multiplayer, but I don't wanna spend 60$ (or 60 euros in steam's case) on it.
I want my Spore without all the shit in it.
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