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man u didnt see what he said when he came back
well at least tell us?
i cant remember exact words but it was gay
parky, I'm looking to try and get a small website for coalition, for apps when we are recruiting and for easy posting of news/boss kills and so people can post AFKs without logging into the game. just a small forum, and a front page to show progress, recruitment and boss kills. will be used mainly in cataclysm, but no harm in sorting it now :) are you interested? [editline]03:52PM[/editline] can also use to to discuss the guild and try and keep some of the drama out of the game. can also discuss boss tactics beforehand, post guides for people to watch/read.
yeah you could use one of the forums like phpbb
someone told me you were good at coding/making websites. am I misinformed?
i told shanto i dont do coding, i can make a website but i only know CSS and HTML, but if you use a free forum base like that it's easy to take an existing theme and edit it
it's not the forums I'm thinking of. the front page news posting system would be the main thing, including boss kills, recruitment and stuff.
[url]http://wordpress.org/[/url] [editline]04:13PM[/editline] + [url]http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mingle-forum/[/url] [editline]04:14PM[/editline] or [url]http://bbpress.org/[/url]
parky; the easy mans way
so yeah dinamuz is a "girl"
a girl? what? bullshit
wait here ill upload the screenshots [editline]04:14PM[/editline] ok thwe screenshots werent saved but he said he was a girl and that his brother was the one talking on mumble
right did anyone get a chance to chat to that veet guy about raiding with us this week, and I'll get a new tank for next week. I'm not looking to recruit veet, I want a pally/DK/Druid for the other tank spot.
apparantly merch has done of the honors of getting a new tank
oh. the idea of different role officers allow officers to recruit within the expertise. does this new tank have a name? :/
looks like a dps on armory. has dina left?
nope i dont even think dinamuz knows
should hopefully have my PC back tomorrow - if not I'll be on my dad's laptop. either way I'll be there.
Ah cool hopefully it's the pc and you can just play it as you do.
sponser my migration and ill move my 251 average dk tank/dps over im broke :(
Well shit. I moved my Deathknight the other week to a realm that im not even raiding on :'( I may consider a transfer and faction change within a few weeks as im after a nice guild for cata
Man i would totally consider this as soon as cat comes out... i would be bringing my 80 holy pally over from alliance side and race changing to a tauren pally. You guys are on the EU servers?
yes [editline]10:31AM[/editline] just because youre registered here doesn't mean instant access you have to not be shit
pretty sure that's up to jethro but it wouldn't matter since he would more than likely be a social
no im pretty sure he's not joining the raid team when he's shit thorny shutup
bad troll
bad poster
i was talking about ~ME
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