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[QUOTE=Adsone;19201834]Wow, you sure showed us, it would have taken us nearly a week to get to that level normally instead of using a different ip and acting different then getting permabanned for account sharing.[/QUOTE] They care about that? Also, I dunno if I should play this again. If I were to play, id put membership, but I already pay for another mmo which is better in the way that "any other mmo is better then runescape" way
[QUOTE=honeybuns;19201876]You wont get banned purely on different IP but yeah. Level 71 is nothing.[/QUOTE] Well I didn't even have to work for it :smug:
the fun is working for it
guys im level 24 lets go pking!!!! runescape sucks [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - verynicelady))[/highlight]
[QUOTE=grayronftw;19209355]guys im level 24 lets go pking!!!! runescape sucks[/QUOTE] So you come in this thread just to voice your opinion? be a bit more descriptive if you plan on rudemouthing a game and only saying "it sucks"
Man, it's hard finding Living Rock Patriarchs... I'm trying to go down the list of worlds killing them to make quick money, doesn't really work though.
[QUOTE=AshtonArdoin;19205539]Well I didn't even have to work for it :smug:[/QUOTE] Then it's still worth nothing.
[QUOTE=gRuKz;19033656]Where is a good spot to train range?[/QUOTE] The guild.
Hey guys, unbanned and ready to post updates! Got my brother 54 runecrafting finally, got my fishing to 75, so close to 76! Working on Runecrafting some more, and getting my money again. How's life been in the digital world, and how was everyone's christmas?
I'm fishing monkfish. Got 7k of them. Only 94k to go.
Going for teh 99 broseph?
Oh yes.
God this game kills my patience.
[QUOTE=Wipmuck;19229084]God this game kills my pacients.(I forget how to spell)[/QUOTE] you mean your patience?
Ya! (l)
Men, there is a silent troll among us, giving us empty boxes as late Christmas presents... :pcgaming: Anyway, I've been going to Aviencies to train my range to 70, two levels away! Made like 3 mill yesterday off of adamant bars. [editline]03:19PM[/editline] [QUOTE=WPlayer;19042576]like hell would I know, no one ever awnsers the question and if they do they're just into some auction house scheme or something.[/QUOTE] :siren:[b]Money Making Tutorial Alert![/b]:siren: Note: These are not from any guide, just my personal experiences. You can do a couple things; Runecraft: Get your runecraft from 1 - 54 in a couple days doing fires once you get the chance. Once you hit 54, go get pouches, 10 glories, some rings of dueling and Pure essence. (This is how I do it anyway) Since you have 2 mill already, you can get the first 54 levels easy. Once you hit 54 and get the items I just said, you can start making Law Runes. At level 54 you can make 100k every 15 minutes by running to the Entrena boat from Draynor Village, make the runes at the altar on the island, tele to Castlewars to bank, then tele to Draynor and repeat the process. I always do this in increments of 1000, and that many laws take about an hour. It's not much, but 450k an hour every day for a month really stacks up, and I usually sell the laws and buy more essence and do it for three hours while watching a movie. (It gets really boring if you don't watch a movie while runecrafting.) Aviencies: You need to have finished a few quests to get to the godwars dungeon, and you need at least 70 strength to get into it because of the rock in front. (I don't remember if there was a 70 agility alternative, but whatever I don't have 70 agility so I just stick with the strength level thing) Make sure you bring all of your best ranging equipment. Personally, I got with a full dragonhide set for whatever level I can use, Torags helmet for the armor bonus, Rune Crossbow with Mithril or Adamant bolts, (depending on what I can afford at the time), and food. Also, if you know the spell, I [b]HIGHLY[/b] recommend using Bones to Peaches, as it helps out a lot once you run out of food and you want to keep going. You can also go with a Guthans set if you have one at your disposal. When you get to the godwars dungeon, run south. There is a little area where there are a ton of aviencies, and a whole bunch of hiding places where only they can attack you and not the other random monsters. Most of the time Aviencies drop noted adamant bars, and since they're noted you can get as many as you can until you run out of food, runes or patience. You can make around 1 mill an hour running through aviencies, but you need at least 50+ range to kill them, and 70+ strength to get into godwars. Random Money Makers: Picking Flax and turning them into bowstrings is a good one. Recently, bowstrings have doubled in price, so this is a great way to do it. You can either pick Flax at Camalot or the Gnome place, as they both have banks nearby and a spinning wheel to turn them into Bowstrings. Also, if you do this a lot, it's an excellent way to raise your Crafting level. Fishing Monkfish is an extremely good way to get Fishing exp, and money. People like Monks because they are cheaper than sharks, but heal almost as good as them. Also, they don't take as long to catch as harpooning sharks, so it's really good money. You need to have finished Swan Song, and I don't particularly know the level for it, but it's lower than level 70 fishing. Those are just a few ways of getting money, and I've done all of them. :obama:
You can crawl through the tunnel just beside the rock if you have 60 agility. This is my checklist before I leave for aviansies: [code] Equipment: Torag's helm Ava's accumulator Armadyl pendant Mithril bolts Rune crossbow Saradomin d'hide Granite shield Torag's legs Zamorak bracers Snakeskin boots Ring of life Inventory: Bones to peaches tablets Mithril grapple 1 gp Excalibur 500 fire runes 100 nature runes 2 law runes 4 ranging potions Fill up with Monkfish [/code] All the god equipment prevents you from being attacked by the monsters belonging to that god in the dungeon. I prefer to keep it that way. The 1gp is a placeholder for the cash I get from alching drops. The aviansies sometimes drop runite limbs and poisoned rune daggers. Use the bones to peaches tablet to convert all the bones you pick up after your kills to peaches.
Def pure ftw!
I highly suggest you to use broad bolts instead of mith/addy, broadies are quite cheap and effective. 55 slayer is required tho.
[QUOTE=-Blah-;19255833]I highly suggest you to use broad bolts instead of mith/addy, broadies are quite cheap and effective. 55 slayer is required tho.[/QUOTE] Unless you've learned how to craft them, mithril bolts are cheaper right now. They do about the same damage anyway.
My RS name: lazer447 add me if you can be arsed.
i gotta say this is one of the most addicting games ive ever played lol, just quit like 2 months ago or so and played for years, didnt really accomplish much, but its a fun game to play around on when your bored lol
I love it how people rated this thread dumb, Runescape is by far the only MMO that I loved. Seriously every other one simply sucks utter ass.
It doesn't get boring fast like WoW and EVE Online, unless you hate it from day one. How does this avatar look guys? [img]http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/1244/wcdude2.gif[/img] I made it a while back, but haven't used it yet. [b]Update:[/b] Dragon bones sell for [highlight]4,514 - 4,990 gold EACH[/highlight] at the moment. I've been making good money off of Blue dragons, as well as awesome Ranged exp. Almost level 70 ranged! :orks: Just throwing that out there just in case anyone is interested in another money making tip. This is all I bring for Blue Dragons: [code] Armor: Full Dragon Hide set (Chest, Chaps and Vamps) Helm of Nietiznot Amulet of Fury, or Amulet of Glory Combat Bracelet Boots Of Lightness Ring of Wealth Weapons: Rune Crossbow Mithril or Adamant Bolts Anti-Dragon Fire Shield Misc: 1 Varrock Tele Tab 3 Monk Fish. Spots: Up near the top of the room, there are a few stalagmites. You can take two at a time at the farthest most one, and cannot be attacked by baby dragons. There is also the spot where you start heading towards the lava again by the black demons, and you can range or use a Halberd (Not recommended by me, I got 6 mill out of drops once from a guy with full Zammy Rune armor, a fury, ranger boots and some other misc. expensive items because he was careless) You can only camp one dragon here, but it's safe from Baby ones. Close to the bottom of the room, (Looking from the stalagmite spot right next to the passage that leads there), there are more stalagmites that you can hide behind. You can take on two dragons there, and are safe from babies most of the time.[/code]
Grr, why is construction so expensive?
DarkMime77= Dark Mime 77 in runescape
[QUOTE=RedBlade2021;19285231]Grr, why is construction so expensive?[/QUOTE] I dunno, I saw a level 78 with 99 Fishing and 99 Construction capes though, so it should be less than 100m.
oh shhhhh forgot user :emo:
[QUOTE=RedBlade2021;19285231]Grr, why is construction so expensive?[/QUOTE] It was Jagex's attempt at a money-sink, to save the RS economy from massive inflation I don't think it worked
Well it did, for a time. Now the economy is in the shitter and everyone knows it. It's a buying economy now and not a providing one like it used to be.
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