• I found a dolphin!
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What am I thinking about right now?
[QUOTE=Zoran;28408374]What am I thinking about right now?[/QUOTE] Hmmm... Either you're thinking about pancakes, or if you'll let me suck your cock. I think the latter~ [editline]4th March 2011[/editline] god I feel rainbow right now
[QUOTE=saddasta;28407658]How do I find out the seed? :v[/QUOTE] [url=http://mc.42nex.us/]Here.[/url]
[h2]Seed is: 4990925708048663785[/h2] [editline]4th March 2011[/editline] Wait what. Now I got a snow world.
[QUOTE=saddasta;28407474]:saddowns::respek::saddowns::respek::frown::respek::saddowns::respek::crying::respek::downs::respek::niggly::respek::smith::respek:[img_thumb]http://sveafur.se/forum/images/smilies/trollface.gif[/img_thumb][/QUOTE] I was about to say "Since when was there a trollface.jpg smiley?" Thinking about it, it would be well... useful. [img_thumb]http://sveafur.se/forum/images/smilies/trollface.gif[/img_thumb]
Was that randomly generated?
[QUOTE=saddasta;28409633]Yes.[/QUOTE] What were your xyz coordinates?
[QUOTE=l33tk00lk1dz49;28409908]What were your xyz coordinates?[/QUOTE] 983, 64, 111
Landsharks are real?
Sharks don't have horizontal tailfins, dolphins have horizontal tailfins. You found a dolphin. [editline]3rd March 2011[/editline] Hooray!
Agree if I should update the thread title as such. How about it, saddasta?
Why not? :buddy:
Oh god dammit I was excited for a second.
omg what was the level seed ?
[QUOTE=Upgrade123;28410062]Landsharks are real?[/QUOTE] We are doomed.
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