• Space Station 13 V7 - ''How do I make infinite explosions''
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[img]http://localhostr.com/files/SwoPZH9/SpaceStation13banner.png[/img] [img]http://localhostr.com/files/3L91xBo/aboutbanner.png[/img] Space Station 13 is a station located in a universe unlike our own. The aim is to keep the station in one piece and follow the objectives dictated by the current gamemode. There is no limitation to the time a round can last. The shortest time being around 15 minutes or as long as a few hours. This however is assuming everyone does their job and are not killed/forced to abandon the station. There are many ways to live and many ways to die inside (and outside) of the space station. Being sucked in to a singularity, zapped by a wizard, gibbed and served as burgers by the chef and even getting your butt stolen because some asshole roboticist wanted to make buttbots. [img]http://localhostr.com/files/TSbEeZW/Gamemodesbanner.png[/img] Secret In short, any of the following modes can happen. This is to make sure you do not know if you should go and arm yourself to the teeth to fight against aliens or stop a syndicate member from stealing the stations blueprints and jet-packs. [b]Traitor[/b] Centcom: Enemy Transmission Intercept - Security Level Elevated One of the most common gamemodes played has a high chance of being picked in secret mode. Syndicate agent have infiltrated the station and have already assumed their disguises within the station. A Syndicate agent must follow a set of goals delivered at the start of the round. The goals include but are not limited to the following: - Assassination: Kill a member of the crew in secrecy - Theft: Steal a following item Jet-pack, Captains Uniform, Rapid Construction Device, Captains Laser Gun, Hand Teleporter, Magnetic Boots, Station Blueprints, NASA Void Suit, Functional AI, Optical Thermal Scanners, Hypospray - Escape Alone: Allow no one but yourself to escape on the shuttle. This does not always have to mean kill everyone. Simple sabotage can hinder escape efforts as well. Often there are multiple traitors with conflicting goals such as stealing the station blueprints or kill a member of staff. [b]Changeling[/b] Centcom: N/A “The Thing” is pretty much how to sum up this gamemode. It looks like one of us but it isn’t. The changelings goal is to consume DNA of crew members. Any crew member he consumes, he can transform into at will. A changeling must be stealthy and have a plan. Find an isolated victim and devour in secrecy. A changeling has an array of built-in natural weapons which can be changed and used in an instant such as paralysis and blind. [b]Nuclear Emergency[/b] Centcom: N/A A team of two to five Syndicate agents have the goal to steal the Nuclear Authentication disk and detonate the bomb within the space station. The members of the station have to stop the agents. Game usually turns into team death-match (however this is a bad approach) Game Ending Conditions: - Shuttle leaves with Nuclear Authentication disk on board - Crew wins - Shuttle leaves without the disk - Draw - Bomb Detonates - Syndicates win [b]Revolution[/b] Centcom: N/A Power to the people. A group of people are fed up with the Heads of the station. - Revolution Leaders start off with a flash. Flash crew to persuade them to join your fight - Revolutionaries can be identified by a red R on their character. Only revolutionaries can see this. - Some can not be flashed (Security Officer, Detective, Heads of staff, Captain Game Ending Conditions: - Command staff are eliminated (Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Research Director, Chief Engineer, Captain). Revolutionaries win - Revolution Leaders die. Crew wins [b]Wizard[/b] Centcom: There is a Space Wizard aboard the station. This is a very rarely played gamemode. A space wizard has infiltrated the station! A wizard is much like traitor mode in which he has a goal to steal or destroy a part of the station and escape on the shuttle. The wizard comes with an arsenal of spells which can manipulate time and space. There may be an apprentice at times also. Game Ending Conditions: - Wizard and apprentices die. Crew wins - Shuttle leaves without wizard completing objectives. Draw - Wizard completes objectives and escapes. Wizard/Apprentices win [b]Alien[/b] Centcom: N/A Aliens are invading the ship! You must accept your call to arms and defend the ship at all costs against the space scum. Random players are chosen as aliens and must gain access to the ship and destroy the inhabitants. Game Ending Conditions: - Heads and AI die. Aliens win - Alien Queen dies. Humanity wins [b]Misc[/b] Other chances involve having Rogue AI, Meteor showers, wormholes, blackouts, gladiator fights in a huge maze and many more possible ways to make life hard in general. [img]http://localhostr.com/files/ZtYBre3/Charactersbanner.png[/img] [b]Jobs[/b] List taken from TG station Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Lawyer, Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Janitor, Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Botanist, Research Director, Chief Medical officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Roboticist, Scientist, Assistant, Bartender, Chef, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Librarian, AI, Cyborg, Personal AI, Ghost [b]Enemies[/b] Nuclear Agent, Changeling, Xenomorph, Wizard, Death Squad Officer, Space Ninja. [img]http://localhostr.com/files/reIJLU7/HowToPlayBanner.png[/img] [url=http://www.byond.com/download/]Download[/url] [url=https://secure.byond.com/?page=Join]Register[/url] [url=http://www.byond.com/games/Exadv1/SpaceStation13]Eat shit and die[/b][/url] [img]http://localhostr.com/files/4FEKgng/Stationsbanner.png[/img] [url=http://worldofvagax.com/ss13/][img]http://localhostr.com/files/WNOEaaA/Spacepunchbanner.png[/img][/url] [url=ss13.donglabs.com][img]http://localhostr.com/files/m3mCsu0/Gibbedbanner.png[/img][/url] [url=www.nanotrasen.com][img]http://localhostr.com/files/MT8dZG1/TGbanner.png[/img][/url] [b]If you want to experiment or learn to play, and don't want to risk getting banned or robusted, then try this server[/b]; byond:// Gamemode is always Sandbox [b]Facepunchers[/b] [code]Byond key: MisterSjeiks IC Nam: Brian Wilson or Hot <job> Johnson, usually Servers; Gibbed, /TG/, SPS 69 Byond key: WarRage IC Name: Darren Rowley Servers: SPS 69 Byond key: ATDoop IC Name: Doctor Green, Anus Green, Grant Jenkins, Cesar Wilson Servers: /tg/, SPS 69, DK25 once in a blue moon Byond: Manofwealthandtaste IC: Roman Canabe, sometimes "Ban-He the Warrior Monk" Servers: Gibbed Byond Key: Pilotguy97 IC Name: Markus Luian Servers: Gibbed #4, SPS 69 every now and again Byond key: Sasasing IC Name: Tomas De Zumalacarregui Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69 Beyond key: Streecer IC Name: Dan McNinja Servers: SPS 69 Byond key: Flothers IC name: Arkhip Modest Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69, /TG/. Byond key: VistaPOWA IC name: Dave Johnson Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69 Key: Falcon343 IC name: Scruffy Mcscrufferton, Batman, Sheogorath, Athena the wise, Aphrodite the Lovely, Lady Justice, Dr. Gordblort. Server: Administrator for SPS 69. Byond key: Bogex IC Name: Ricky Sullivan, Hannah Sullivan Servers: SPS 69 Byond: WalrusPunch IC: Gabe Arr Servers: gibbed, mars station occasionally Byond key; Bromega IC Name; Kurt Helborg Servers; Gibbed Byond key: Jattl IC Name: Al Asad, Nippelle Dickens Servers: Mars Station, Gibbed, (sometimes) D2K5 Byond key: Scratt IC Name: Jamie Zoucks Servers: SPS 69 Byond key: Norzone IC Name: Romeo Fisher Servers: SPS 69 admin. Byond key: swebonny IC Name: COCKSUCKER / Benny Wollang Servers: SPS 69 and Gibbed BYOND: Kaizo54 IC: Elliott Quinn Server: Facepunch and SPS 69. Byond key:themoses IC Name:Jack Jebidiah Server: SPS 69 Byond Key: Repulsion IC name: Iob Jardine Byond key: Bopi IC Name: Duncan Bouer Servers: SPS Byond Key: Andpie1 IC Name: Leonid Stepanovich Servers: Spacepunch, then FP server, then gibbed. Byond key: Foos IC Name: Randomized Servers: FP BYOND Key: Ceojac IC Name: Random Servers: SPS 69 BYOND Key: Jack_Trades IC Name: Jack Trades Servers: Gibbed Byond key: MrCampin IC Name: JC Denton Servers: SPS 96 Byond key : Articsledder IC Name: Derpsmond D. Moonbar Servers: Gibbed for now Byond key : Trevian1 IC Name: Trevian Varthius Servers: Gibbed #3 and SPS 69 BYOND key: DrVagax IC name: Scruffy/Kim young Ill/Adam Hensen/Lord Vagax Servers: SpacePunch Station 69 BYOND key: DoctorDoodler IC name: Doodler Punch(item here) Servers: Sps69, Gibbed 3/4. BYOND name: MrDestroyer123123 IC name: Olaf The Pink Beard Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69[/code] [b]Ingame footage[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grl68tre2ZY[/media] Copyright Yffulf 2012
Not bad.
Forgot to add me to the list of players. BYOND name: MrDestroyer123123 IC name: Olaf The Pink Beard Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69
[QUOTE=MrDestroyer;34498376]Forgot to add me to the list of players. BYOND name: MrDestroyer123123 IC name: Olaf The Pink Beard Servers: Gibbed, SPS 69[/QUOTE] Added.
HONK Also why is the main stations section empty?
Clicking the pictures will send you to the station's website.
dangit I was gonna make this thread
If you can round up enough info you should create a spot on the OP for some of the various remakes being made.
[t]http://i.imgur.com/8nHKL.png[/t] [editline]1st February 2012[/editline] it's a post in the ban appeal forum on /tg/ stations forum
Don't forget to add me. BYOND: Rowtree IC Names: Lucy Sky, Lance Peterson Servers: Most of them.
Add me too please BYOND: Billibobc1 IC names: Richard Fuefer/Rickey Fuefer Servers: Mostly Gibbed
Change mine to Elliott Quinn/Ellen Quinn and tgstation/SPS69, please.
Permabanning everyone on the facepunchers list from gibbed + mo42.
MO42? Mars Outpost? Fuck, I thought that was a cool thing. Why would you do this?
[QUOTE=Infinimo;34501680]Permabanning everyone on the facepunchers list from gibbed + mo42.[/QUOTE] no wait a few of them are good players
I never did anything to you! good thing i'm not on list then :v:
can you add "Jerome Calamity" to my list of IC names
Oh god, I remember playing that game long ago. I always ended up getting knocked out by murderous clowns hiding me in lockers or 80% of the station instantly blowing in pieces with no prior warning or trying to contain a plasma fire thingy in the med bay, good times.
Wow! a new update to the spacestation13.com remake yesterday! [url]http://spacestation13.com/?p=220[/url] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ztHFk.jpg[/t] Look how pretty that cryo tank is!
Wowie, I can get my self banned for just about anything. And, I just learned how to multi-key! WOO~
Is the initdroprilasdkja recipe still the same? I want to try it out sometime. [editline]2nd February 2012[/editline] Oh wow you can win moderating rights on Gibbed with a spriting contest. [editline]2nd February 2012[/editline] I sure hope it wont be an asshole that wins. [quote="Deon"]Are we getting a nuclear engine? Awesome. So here's the deal. Reactor: [img]http://tnypic.net/8b405.png[/img] You insert the plutonium rods there, and then through a computer you can control their lowering. The lower - the more power the reactor generates, but it increases a risk of meltdown. Plutonium rods: [img]http://tnypic.net/88a5b.png[/img] (I have the in-hand sprites in .dmi format) Rods like rods, just plutonium. Their holder should recieve radiation damage (there's a way to evade that, below). A coolant pod: [img]http://tnypic.net/12165.png[/img] It's better than having other rods (graphite for example) because if engineers have to insert plutonium rods, then graphite rods... Yeah, boring, and it adds some diversity to the engine look. These should be the primary subotaging targets for traitors to cause meltdown. A boiler: [img]http://tnypic.net/3a396.png[/img] The working part of the engine which transmits the power from nuclear reaction to turbine (by being heated). A turbine: [img]http://tnypic.net/2a8b4.png[/img] An electrical motor which generates power. I have a rotating animation for a powered turbine in .dmi (I can make a gif if you do not believe :P). I used parts of some pipe machinery from old SS13 sprites I have from somewhere for the rotating parts (rotors), so if you hate it I can remake them :). Finally, a manual control, in case of the main computer being destroyed, when you need to retract rods to stop a meltdown risking your own life (a true job for a true hero assistant): [img]http://tnypic.net/918a8.png[/img] Here's a full picture of the inner reactor: [img]http://tnypic.net/c1c97.png[/img] All parts should be remotely controlled by a computer console. It's not advised to set the engine manually (rod loading is safe because the engine is not working yet). A radiation medkit: [img]http://tnypic.net/3a088.png[/img] It should contain arithrazine in case of some stupid engineer walking into reactor. And finally, a recolored and tweaked bio suit, [b]the radiation suit[/b]: [img]http://tnypic.net/858ba.png[/img] It should prevent radiation damage from holding rods or entering a working reactor, it should also probably protect from radiation events and a massive radiation wave (so engineers could use them to save poor people who could not get into maintenance; a bonus usage for an item and a profession is always a plus). Various hand-held equipment like geiger counters and a proper image for the engine computer console are on the way.[/quote] Best one in my opinion.
[QUOTE=MisterSjeiks;34507460] Oh wow you can win moderating rights on Gibbed with a spriting contest. [/QUOTE] And that is why Gibbed is shit.
[QUOTE=MisterSjeiks;34507460]Is the initdroprilasdkja recipe still the same? I want to try it out sometime. [editline]2nd February 2012[/editline] Oh wow you can win moderating rights on Gibbed with a spriting contest. [editline]2nd February 2012[/editline] I sure hope it wont be an asshole that wins. Best one in my opinion.[/QUOTE] That looks indeed awesome. Who doesn't want to cause a space Chernobyl? Also clown in charge of reactor erry day.
So someone in the What Are You Working On thread is making an SS13 gamemode for GMod. [QUOTE=Thermadyle;34501729]I've been working on a [URL="http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1160429"]SS13[/URL] gamemode this week, WIP. I have stolen some of the textures from that game but I hope that I will create my own later on. The map editor, It's not finished yet and I need to add so that you can place items in the map. The tiles become solid/floors depending on the layer name, if the layer name that the tile is lying in contains "solid" the tile will become solid for example. [video=youtube;3371FbKiOQM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3371FbKiOQM[/video] Testing out the map and adding lightning plus testing an item. When I go out in space I float in the direction I last went and will continue to do so until I hit a floor or something solid. [video=youtube;DpKJ1EBOI98]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpKJ1EBOI98[/video][/QUOTE] What do you guys think? I'm quite hopeful that it won't be as scary-looking to pick up as SS13 is.
[QUOTE=Cone;34510510][b]SS13 gamemode for GMod.[/b][/QUOTE] What the fuck.
Oh my god that looks amazing. I do hope this one gets finished, because it looks like it'll be fun.
[QUOTE=elowin;34510574]What the fuck.[/QUOTE] Well I don't know, what're you asking me for? It looks good anyhow, so what does it matter?
[QUOTE=Cone;34510598]Well I don't know, what're you asking me for? It looks good anyhow, so what does it matter?[/QUOTE] Uhm, im not asking you anything, simply expressing my disbelief that such a thing exists. I simply fail to see the point of converting it to Garrysmod of all things, especially if you are just going to use the exact same tile graphics of the actual game.
That just gave me goosebumps.
[QUOTE=elowin;34510626]Uhm, im not asking you anything, simply expressing my disbelief that such a thing exists.[/QUOTE] Oh right, I thought you were being all like "omfg nooo lil kiddies will play it"
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