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[QUOTE=Marc Laidlaw]The Combine is a combination of different species (including humans) working (or forced to work) together. Other than that, you’ll have to stay tuned for more information as we work it into the games. From: boris vanderbeek [mailto:borisvdb@yahoo.com] Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 4:57 PM To: Marc Laidlaw Subject: Re: 7hr Yes, but the Roman Empire were all humans and as far as I could tell the Advisors and the Striders are two different species. What I'm trying to ask is if there is some evil overlord apart from dr. Breen that drove the combine into conquering the human race? From: Marc Laidlaw <laidlaw@valvesoftware.com> To: "borisvdb@yahoo.com" <borisvdb@yahoo.com> Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 4:18:49 PM Subject: RE: 7hr Hi, Boris, “The Combine” is a name for a large organization. So asking if the Advisors are the Combine is like asking if a Roman Senator is the Roman Empire . There’s no one creature called The Combine. Marc Laidlaw From: Gabe Newell Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 4:10 PM To: Marc Laidlaw Subject: FW: 7hr From: boris vanderbeek [mailto:borisvdb@yahoo.com] Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 4:04 PM To: Gabe Newell Subject: 7hr Are the advisors the combine in their true form since striders and gunships are robots (I think), or will the true form of the combine be revealed in ep3? [/QUOTE] Maybe the combine are working with the Gman! Either way, I'm exited.
I once emailed Gabe about TF2 and he answered me. Since then he hasn't answered my other 20 emails. I'm almost certain it's one-per-address. TO GMAIL!
Holy bump. [quote=My questions]1: Who is your favorite survivor and your favorite special infected? 2: Any chance the beta models of the survivors will be released to the community (for skin replacements or for comics and machinimas use in Garrys Mod)? 3: Will there ever be a L4D stats page in Steam (just like TF2)? 4: How many did L4D sold on the first day (or week)?[/quote] [quote=Smelly Chet]Gabe forwarded me this, so hope you don't mind if I answer for him. 1. I have to go with Bill. I like being the cranky old guy, what can I say? For the infected, it is the boomer. More games should have projectile vomit as a weapon. 2. Sorry no, they were incomplete and not compatible with the current tech we use in making characters. 3. This should already be answered... and more coming. 4. Lots and lots. Thanks, Chet[/quote] So no L4D beta models in Garrys Mod or anywhere else :(
[QUOTE=Gabe Newell] RE: Secret&#8207; From: Gabe Newell (gaben@valvesoftware.com) Sent: Tue 12/02/08 3:47 AM To: 'wade arendsee' (arendsee101@hotmail.com) Argh. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my grranimals that day. From: wade arendsee [mailto:arendsee101@hotmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 1:26 AM To: Gabe Newell Subject: Secret Dear Gabe, I know your secret. Also, Left 4 Dead is awesome[/QUOTE] Emailed Gabe at 3:55 AM and got a response in about 10 minutes
Someone email him this picture that I made. [IMG]http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/1494/22640011ps3.jpg[/IMG]
[QUOTE=Saxon]Emailed Gabe at 3:55 AM and got a response in about 10 minutes[/QUOTE] what the hell is a grranimals oh granimals [i]wearing the same color shirt as your pants, without anything in between.[/i]
Sent an email this weekend and received this. [quote=Me]Is it in your plans to release community maps/movies like you did in Team Fortress 2 with Turbine, Fastlane and Steel ?[/quote] [quote=Gabe]If there are good ones.[/quote]
nice bump guys. still haven't gotten a response :( [img]http://www.tehupload.com/uploads/5417b8eb1942d82gaben.PNG[/img]
I can answer that one. NCF files have low-compress system, which means game/engine can load files faster.
[QUOTE=Hybrid 4F]I can answer that one. NCF files have low-compress system, which means game/engine can load files faster.[/QUOTE] What about the common folder? ;)
I know this is a bump, but the replies from Gabe always make me laugh. Anyone got more emails from him?
yeah i want more too! they are so awesome...
My email: [quote="I"]Dear Mr. Newell, I just thought I would take the time to thank you for making that historic deal with one Garry Newman, turning him into a millionaire, 5 bucks at a time. Just think-- if the man had to WORK for his money (other than coding, of course), we might never see an update again! So thanks for making my hero a millionaire. Also, do you play Garry's Mod from time to time? If so, what do you like to do most? Thanks for reading, **Like hell I'd give you my name, FP**[/quote] I got this back from Erik Johnson: [quote="Erik Johnson]Thanks for the mail *my name goes here,* There isn&#8217;t a lot of credit we can share for what Garry has done with, we just offered to put it in front of a bunch of people for him. He&#8217;s been really smart with how he builds a community around his game, and he&#8217;s been rewarded for it. I think you&#8217;d be surprised my how much work (and stress) goes into doing what Garry does. Erik[/quote] This is from a couple months back.
[QUOTE=Fanboydude;12059484][MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdZC5LJswFE[/MEDIA][/QUOTE] Not much of a fan of Halo or Red vs Blue but that Caboose guy is hilarious
[QUOTE=Sibilantjoe;13462651]My email: I got this back from Erik Johnson: This is from a couple months back.[/QUOTE] Jonathan's your name
[QUOTE=TheTalon;13462947]Not much of a fan of Halo or Red vs Blue but that Caboose guy is hilarious[/QUOTE] Bleep bloop!
[QUOTE=confinedUser;12058649]it's copying the 360's achievement system practicly they renamed it as a trophy system[/QUOTE] The 360 didn't invent trophys. Also why is it a bad thing that more gamers can have some extra fun? I hate fanboys.
I sent Gabe an email pointing out the similarity between the Combine soldier's design and the Panzer Cops from Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and asking if there are any other influences on HL2 that people may not catch at first glance. Will screenshot and post reply when it comes. [QUOTE=Maloof?;12058887]I guess Valve just made their achievement system blindly and hoped nobody else had a similar idea.[/QUOTE] Valve put achievements in the PC versions of TOB and L4D so they could keep them roughly the same as the 360 versions, from what I can tell. I may have to ask GabeN about that.
Heres mine [quote]Hey Gabe, this is *name here*, a LONG time fan of VAVLe and all of the games you make. This might sound like a letter to santa (or satan, whichever) but Do you like the alienware computers, or would it be better for me to just build my own. [/quote] [quote=Gabe Newell] I build my own and also have some Alienware computers for my personal use (most recently an M17 laptop). I've been quite happy with the Alienware systems. I think the most iinteresting decision is how to manage your uprade cycles (I think I should buy slightly less bleeding edge and upgrade more often than I do). [/quote]
I'm surprised he uses Alienware, at all.
[QUOTE=Crono*;13746670]I'm surprised he uses Alienware, at all.[/QUOTE] Thats what I thought, I thought he would be building his computers, or at least having people build them for him, not getting Alienware.
Gabe is being paid by Alienware.
[QUOTE=bu5hman;11930482]He'd actually start orbiting his enormous belly.[/QUOTE] Quit delaying it. I want to play EP3.
[QUOTE=lol12;18256685]Quit delaying it. I want to play EP3.[/QUOTE] -snip-
I emailed him saying "Happy Birthday Gabe!" His reply was "Thanks" :3:
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