• Goose's Faction Server 2 - Go Away Popillil Edition
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Hello and welcome. [B][THREAD STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. WEAR YOUR HARDHAT AND REQUIRED PPE AT ALL TIMES][/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/8yzjP.jpg[/img] Old old thread: [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1076572?p=29029776&viewfull=1#post29029776[/url] [img]http://mc.beastnode.com/index.php?r=status/1345.png[/img] [B]SERVER IP:[/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/nbQ2U.png[/img] Goose’s Faction Server is a Minecraft server where there is a major focus on a player driven world. This means that rules are kept to a minimum, and I let the plugins handle restrictions. The main plugin on this server is the Faction’s plugin. It allows you to team up with friends, or just plain strangers, and form a faction of your liking. You can claim land, and battle other factions over their land. This server is Minecraft survival at its best. Do what you must to survive, or work your way to the top and claim the title of Most Powerful and Prosperous Faction! This is not a purely PVP server: While PvP is an aspect of this server, don&#146;t think that it’s all you need to do. You can build massive cities, trade with other factions, become the lord of the nether, or whatever you wish. [B]Please keep in mind that this server is not a protected build server. Anything you build runs the risk of being destroyed by an enemy faction for whatever reason they see fit. Be prepared to defend your creations.[/B] [B]To those who just want to PVP:[/B] There is no rule against it, but please try to show that you're smarter than just the average asshole. Play realistically. If you build like shit and just attack everyone you see, I'll probably find a reason to kick you out very quickly. [B]This is not an RP server,[/B] but I would encourage everyone to build like it was one. I'd love to see massive castles surrounded by a city with an outlaying farm village. [img]http://i.imgur.com/uTVrL.png[/img] The admins of this server are players just like you and want to have fun. Do not fear the admins, but please do respect them. If you are unsure about something, just ask an admin or even the players themselves. The following are the rules of the server: - [B]No Mobtraps, EXP farms, Auto-farms, Tower farms, underground farms, etc.[/B] - I'm holding entire factions responsible for this. Educate your members and either remind them not to build this shit, or report them as soon as you notice. I'll be disbanding factions and banning those who don't follow this rule. [B]Intentionally forcing mobs to spawn into an area so you can kill them is considered a mobtrap. The only mobs that are an exception are Slimes, since they only spawn in specific chunks, and their drops are not significant. [/B] - [B]No Nether trapping with portals.[/B] - Allow players to at least leave the portal and re-enter it so they can return back to their location. - [B]No spergtower shit/ugly crap[/B] - No 1x1 block towers going up into the sky. No Pixel Art. No block houses. Just make things look attractive. I know what's attractive differs for everyone, but there is a difference between no effort and effort. Just try to make it look nice. - [B]No Hacking/Exploiting[/B] - No shit. - [B]No Water/Lava Shielding[/B] [B]Regarding Ships:[/B] Since the ship mod isn't perfect, it has a few issues. So, to combat these issues, there are going to be some rules to prevent abuse. Please follow them, or we're going to have to consider getting rid of the plugin: [B]- Ships must be made to look like a ship[/B]. This is basically the "no eyesore rule" but with ships. For example: Build sails, don't just tuck all the required wool into your ships hull and call it good. Ask yourself "Is this a realistic sailing ship?", if you have your doubts, you should probably reevaluate. [B]- Ships must stay at [highlight]sea level[/highlight][/B], and must be in water. I don't want to see ships floating around in the sky, or putting through dry ravines. The only exception is when it is in a dry-dock because you are repairing it or building it. [B]- Your ship is not a submarine. Stop it.[/B] Now, for some friendly notes and reminders: - You can use the [engine] signs as a way to tugboat your boat into a tight spot. Whatever direction you placed the sign at, that is the direction the ship will be shunted. - Valid blocks you can use to make a ship: [quote][B]Wooden Plank Wood Glass Dispenser Note Block Sticky Piston Piston Wool Gold Block Iron Block Slab Bookshelf Torch Fire Wooden Stairs Chest Redstone Wire Diamond Block Workbench Furnace Burning Furnace Sign Wooden Door Ladder Lever Iron Door Wooden Pressure Plate Redstone Torch Fence Netherrack Cake Redstone Repeater Trapdoor Iron Bars Glass Pane Fence Gate Nether Brick Fence Brewing Stand Cauldron Redstone Lamp[/B][/quote] For building information, and other plugin info, check out the main plugin page: [url]http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ships/[/url] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ypVv2.png[/img] [B]- Factions:[/B] The main plugin of the server. [B]MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE BASICS.[/B] Learn more about factions here: [url]http://massivecraft.com/plugins/factions[/url] [B]- Anti-Endermen:[/B] Simply stops endermen from picking up blocks [B]- AntiUGfarm:[/B] Prevents crops from being planted underground or under opaque blocks. [B]- Bookworm:[/B] Gives some more features to books. More info here: [url]http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-mech-bookworm-v1-14-read-and-write-books.22159/page-19#post-1251969[/url] [B]- CreeperHeal:[/B] Gradually heals the natural landscape from creeper explosions. [B]- EnderChestControl:[/B] Makes it so players holding an Eye of Ender can peer into an Enderchest and see the last person who used it's Enderchest stash. [B]- iConomy:[/B] Economy plugin. [B]- Loretime:[/B] Keeps track of Minecraft time in Elder Scrolls calendar style. [B]- Lumberjack:[/B] [highlight] THIS PLUGIN MAKES CHOPPING TREES EASIER AND ELIMINATES FLOATING TREE TOPS. LOGS FALL DOWN LIKE SAND. IF IT APPEARS THAT WOOD ISN'T DROPPING, JUST KEEP CHOPPING[/highlight] [B]- Mapclone:[/B] Enables you to clone maps using a recipe: [img]http://tux2mc.com/mediagallery/mediaobjects/orig/f/f_map_cloning.png[/img] You can also zoom maps in shortly after you create them with [B]/mzoom.[/B] [B]- MoneyDrop:[/B] Makes certain mobs drop money when killed by a player. This is the primary source of currency in the server. [B]- ObsidianDestroyer:[/B] Makes obsidian actually take damage and break after a few hits with TNT. [B]- PermissionsEX:[/B] Permissions plugin. [B]- Pickboat:[/B] Makes boats break into a boat item when running into an object. [B]- Ships:[/B] Another major plugin. Go here for more info: [url]http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ships/[/url] [B]- BottledExp:[/B] Allows you to bottle your Exp for safe keeping or selling. Each bottle holds 10 EXP. For more info, check out the plugin page: [url]http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bottledexp/[/url] [B]- BattleAxe:[/B] I always thought axes were pretty under powered when it came to combat. This plugin makes axes do more damage than swords (except for wood and gold, which now do identical damage), but with the trade off that they don't gain the benefit of combat enchants, and you cannot block with them. The new damage amounts are: [I]Gold:[/I] 2 hearts [I]Wood:[/I] 2 hearts [I]Stone:[/I] 3 hearts [I]Iron:[/I] 4 hearts [I]Diamond:[/I] 5 hearts [B]Whitelisting[/B] To join the server, you must be put on the whitelist. In order to be whitelisted: [B]YOU MUST POST A REQUEST IN THIS THREAD.[/B] Make sure you read the rules and understand them well. You may make requests for your friends to be whitelisted as well, [B]but you are then responsible for their rule breaking.[/B] If your friend fucks about and gets banned, I will be looking at you, wondering what the hell went wrong. So please, make sure you're inviting mature players. [img]http://i.imgur.com/alLS6.png[/img] - Farms need to have access to sunlight directly from above. No underground farms anymore. I want to see fields. - This is a legit server: I will not be spawning in any items for people or teleporting people to places because they are lost. [B]Donating:[/B] Like the server? Want to keep it going? Please Donate! [url=https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=L4ZRJTWS7KHSG&lc=US&item_name=Goose%27s%20Faction%20Server&currency_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donate_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted][img]https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donate_LG.gif[/img][/url] You don't get any super cool admin powers or the ability to spawn random shit in, but you do get to be on this nifty list on an internet forum: [B]Donators <3 UK_Bedders (2 times!) Bradsmr (2 times!) Dr.Feelgoood (3 times!) omgw00t JoggingBear (2 times!) Ter13 153x DeandreT Zertuk _Kent_ Ripvayne[/B] [B]SERVER IP:[/B]
Ah, that new thread smell. Also, for those who missed it, the Iron Legion will be reforming for the new server. [editline]18th August 2012[/editline] Also, can I be whitelisted? Minecraft username is Robotito.
hello world
Whitelist me. Minecraft username is rrunyan.
ooooh ssshhiiieeet. if you could be so kind to whitelist me and my friends, our names are Stus67 KarateChimp Arc1t PapaDinDin joshbaker443 I think I have a few more friends wanting to play, but I'm not sure yet.
Don't forget about me goosey ;D Phoenux
If he whitelists everyone what's the point of it being closed
He told them to post requests for whitelisting though.
JoggingBear So who's in for Iron Legion 2 Electric Boogaloo?
[QUOTE=merculoid;37308800]If he whitelists everyone what's the point of it being closed[/QUOTE] so random ass people can't google "factions", find this server, and join randomly to act like retards.
Oh, and I found a fix for the sound lag bug zert, but it's 1.3.1. [url]http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1414774-131smp-nosoundlag/[/url]
[QUOTE=merculoid;37308800]If he whitelists everyone what's the point of it being closed[/QUOTE] Two whitelists, duh. One for the group of people who will be helping me (I WILL CONTACT YOU, PLEASE STOP ASKING OH GOD). And the other for everyone who is requesting. When the server is ready, I will simply paste over the first one with the one I'm making right now.
Hey goose remember when I bought you Arma 2: Oa. Well, can I be whitelisted please :c IGN: Madflyingduck
Event should have some kind of prizes. I got an extra copy of magika still and torchlight 1 and 2.
[QUOTE=merculoid;37309198]Event should have some kind of prizes. I got an extra copy of magika still and torchlight 1 and 2.[/QUOTE] no. It's a story event. You can give away prizes to whoever you wish. But me giving away prizes will not make any sense.
Are we going to be updating the old wikia or do we have a new one?
~le monkey quonk~
[QUOTE=Mad Flying Duck;37309314]Are we going to be updating the old wikia or do we have a new one?[/QUOTE] Same wiki. Just keep adding. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] BeastNode hasn't been fucking around while I've been gone. Seems they've updated their control panel. I can now make scheduled tasks like running the save-all function, and having scheduled backups. Will make things a lot easier. Now I don't have to deal with a shitty plugin. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Dankie;37309331]~le monkey quonk~[/QUOTE] is this your minecraft username I am confused.
Yo, sign me up. I was a major player in the last server, helped a lot with the technocrat base and outlying village.
It's time. SuperDAIU
Is it really late august? This is fantastic, sign me up. Name: ChannS
ooOOOoooOOO look what I fucking found: [url]http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/block-cannons-v1-1/[/url]
Eh, I would miss the good old days of 'just add water and stir' cannons, but a block cannon mod could work. Just not sure about it. Ambivalence, I guess.
whitelist por favor :) (Artemis360) [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Also do auto farms include wheat farms where you push a button and water brings the crops to you? It's not very auto considering you still have to replant and it doesn't just do it to itself when it's ready.
Hey, it's MeinKrauft. I'd like to help out. Please consider me for white-listing.
[QUOTE=Blah360;37309840]whitelist por favor :) (Artemis360) [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Also do auto farms include wheat farms where you push a button and water brings the crops to you? It's not very auto considering you still have to replant and it doesn't just do it to itself when it's ready.[/QUOTE] That is an auto-farm, yes. If you aren't harvesting it yourself, it's an autofarm. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Cheshire_cat;37309743]Eh, I would miss the good old days of 'just add water and stir' cannons, but a block cannon mod could work. Just not sure about it. Ambivalence, I guess.[/QUOTE] You can still use old style cannons. These ones are just easier to build and allow you to break through obsidian, considering the type of ammo you use. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] I'm going to give this whole emerald currency thing a shot. Not sure how well it will work. Guess villagers are going to become a very important thing. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Lumberjack seems to work. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Looks like this cannons thing isn't going to work after all. Doesn't seem to want to work with factions very much. Maybe some day. Anyway, I'm heading to bed. I have a lot more plugin testing to do tomorrow to make sure everything is in working order before I can start on the event.
May I be whitelisted please IGN: SuPaKaWaIi~420~bLaZeItUpFaGeT
[QUOTE=Bulet;37310457]May I be whitelisted please IGN: SuPaKaWaIi~420~bLaZeItUpFaGeT[/QUOTE] banned
whitelist pls gose my username is swampie
Could I get whitelisted? my in game name is SnoodBeAR
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