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[img]http://files.maxofs2d.net/potatofoolsday_header.png[/img] [url=http://www.valvearg.com][img]http://files.maxofs2d.net/potatofoolsday_wiki.png[/img][/url] [url=irc://irc.gamesurge.net/ValveARG2][img]http://files.maxofs2d.net/potatofoolsday_irc.png[/img][/url] So it all began on April 1st, when Steam got, at 10AM PST, spammed with indie games updates. These updates contained... potatoes. And maybe even more — turns out it's an ARG! Who knows, maybe it's about Episode Three! (well, a man can dream.) Alternative IRC link: [url]http://chat.mibbit.com/?channel=ValveARG2&server=irc.gamesurge.net[/url]
I see you noticed too. No idea, maybe something big (lol no) is coming up?
Yeah, I just noticed Super Meat Boy, Audiosurf, and KF were updating. No idea whats going on.
I like potatoes.
Maybe Valve gave every developer the opportunity to release "funny" changelogs? Super Meat Boy now has a cookie or something as the character. Also it set its quality setting to low which is probably a bug though. Edit: Oh shit the level editor is out.
All News FULL STORIES HEADLINES 10:00Super Meat Boy Update Released [b]Bugs[/b] [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay[/b] SHARE: 10:00The Wonderful End of the World Update Released [b]Added new bugs to the game[/b] SHARE: 10:00AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity Update Released [b]Added new bugs to the game[/b] 10:00RUSH Update Released [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay![/b] SHARE: 10:00Toki Tori Update Released [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay![/b] SHARE: 10:00Killing Floor Update Released [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay![/b] SHARE: 10:00AudioSurf Update Released [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay[/b] 10:00The Ball Update Released [b]Happy #PotatoFoolsDay[/b] Lol, Notice -Added new bugs -Happy #PotatoFoolsDay Just wanted to point it out...no need to dumb me :smith:
Something big is going to go down. Portal 2 Demo april fools joke. Everyone rages. Valve laughs at us. Then at exactly 12:59pm they release the actual Portal 2 Demo. Double-fooled. Then they tell us its only for mac pre-orders only. Triple fooled.
[img]http://gyazo.com/c1fc5f4ff6faaad42a9cc08d243fdd48.png[/img] Cool.
Someone on SPUF said Meat Boy is now a potato.
Some people reported they are downloading 2GB files. :v:
The worst thing about this is that Steam is still absolutely fucking dumb when it comes to updates so it keeps freezing while it starts all those downloads aaaaah
Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: [b]A thousand new headgears[/b] [b] Added new broken stuff and bugs to the game[/b] But yeah, we need something more than update notes to make this April Fools remarking. Please Valve do something awesome.
Someone reported that the Ball in "The Ball" is now a giant potato. [editline]1st April 2011[/editline] Hurr, april fool?
If this is their April fools joke, they're doing it wrong.
I've just check audiosurf and I haven't found anything out of the ordinary.
Aha, loading AAAAAAAAAAAAA or whatever. "Now funded by the Carbohydrate lobby of America". Plus the cursor is now a box of chips/fries
[img_thumb]http://s3.noelshack.com/old/up/qzdqzfdsfdfs-37b696ad68.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://s3.noelshack.com/old/up/qzdsqzdqsdzds-99e50bd049.png[/img_thumb] Let's find potatoes!
Wow, now I want to eat potatoes.
Watch the dosh in Killing Floor be changed into potatoes. LODS OF STARCH
In super meat boy, you play as a Potato :ohdear:
I wonder if this has a deeper meaning. Potato-Life 2: Episode Three?
Am playing KF and nothing out of the ordinary here. POTATO DOSH! :D
[img_thumb]http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/541763649890023696/6EFD0915315DBB8614D1FC532DDCD2272B421CD8/[/img_thumb] Yummy
[IMG]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x282/icemaz/main2011-04-0118-32-23-20.png[/IMG] AaAAaAAA potato
I'm irish and I find this offensive.
[QUOTE=MiKaXsUs;28931907]Am playing KF and nothing out of the ordinary here. POTATO DOSH! :D[/QUOTE] [media]http://filesmelt.com/dl/kf_af.jpg[/media] Character descriptions. The one for the Horzine head of security with the burned face is just 'rawr rawr rawr', while the black guy in the latest pack is apparently 'a current member of the A-team'. Found nothing else.
[img_thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/SuperMeatBoy_Potato_Update.png[/img_thumb] New chapter.
there was a 337 mb update for Amnesia as well but no patch notes did they turn the fish face monster into a walking potato? :ohdear:
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