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[QUOTE=BeardyDuck;34822911]what the hell you're player263? fuck you you left 2 of my games[/QUOTE] I have 6 Agrees :~) Player### if your Steam name has : or just a . to stop people from having them so they have a really small name in the game(Therefore harder to see), so the number is random, there are lots of 'Players'. I have 11 leaves and nearly 200 games so I doubt it was me, but if it was Yesterday it was because I am constantly on 357ms and I would of fed. [editline]23rd February 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Badunkadunk;34825523]I hate the forfeit option in HoN, the second a russian dies: "RUxXstampedeXx has called a vote to concede!" Every damn game I play there's a concede vote from one or both sides.[/QUOTE] Must be playing in the 1300 bracket. In the 1600 to 1700 bracket you don't get many concedes
Just went into my inventory and noticed i've got 2 copies of SMNC laying there. If anyone wants an invite, add me on steam <--- E: Gave them away
[QUOTE=FreddiRox!;34834267] Must be playing in the 1300 bracket. [/QUOTE] Yeah pretty much, also the second it's apparent you lost the team just concedes, I rarely see an actual victory screen- might be different higher up. It also demoralizes everyone when they see that vote. I just feel like I wasted my time to just quit at the last second when so many times I've pulled through even with a team of completely new players, maybe concede tracking and a filter for people who concede a lot like how HoN has all those filters.
Yeah I see now, Moneyball shields go down and Russian Boyo starts a concede vote. I've won losts of game without barracks and towers in HoN, however, most of the time I'm like dearlord, there is shit all we can do. I think they should add it in whilst it is still in beta
Yeah good point, mind as well test it in the testing phase.
First time I played as an Assassin, first time playing this game ever I got a 0 kills, 25 deaths:v: Now my latest game was 24 kills, 1 death.. Feels good man. And how do you unlock the veteran costume? I owned the previous game from a while ago and can't seem to apply it on my assassin.
I don't quite know why they haven't unlocked the Vet costume yet, we had it in an earlier beta. It's for those who own MNC.
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Uber nerfed all the Commandos to 750 of health, but why!? Spark was supposed to be the commando with the most health, but now he has 750 instead of 770, goddamn it.
[thumb]http://www.uberent.com/forums/download/file.php?id=3126&mode=view[/thumb] [thumb]http://www.uberent.com/forums/download/file.php?id=3125&mode=view[/thumb] Tea bagging taunt. Very clever. Also: Juice bot is back You can now get taunts, endorsements, and products randomly as prizes after a match New main menu
What's the next rotation like? Totally hoping for some more CG.
[QUOTE=Croshi;34840526][thumb]http://www.uberent.com/forums/download/file.php?id=3126&mode=view[/thumb] [thumb]http://www.uberent.com/forums/download/file.php?id=3125&mode=view[/thumb] Tea bagging taunt.[/QUOTE] That's going to annoy the everloving fuck out of me at some point.
[QUOTE=Ray-The-Sun;34840551]What's the next rotation like? Totally hoping for some more CG.[/QUOTE] Gunslinger, Captain Spark, Gunner, Cheston, Megabeth, Support
told you guys they were adding juicebot back in.
[QUOTE]Next, we'd like to introduce our new Post Game Prize system! At the end of every game you have an opportunity to win a random Prize. Prizes currently consist of endorsements, products, taunts and even some powerful new products![/QUOTE] [QUOTE]We will be adding Uniforms as well in a future update. We want to make sure everything can be either be bought or won as a Prize.[/QUOTE] Yay, I suddenly feel a lot better about this game's business model.
[QUOTE=Croshi;34840647]Gunslinger, Captain Spark, Gunner, Cheston, Megabeth, Support[/QUOTE] Yuck. Only one pro I'm familiar with, and then three with a passing interest.
[QUOTE=Ray-The-Sun;34840780]Yuck. Only one pro I'm familiar with, and then three with a passing interest.[/QUOTE] I own four of those pros so that's lame
[quote]Megabeth Health: 915 -> 900 Added new Jackbot grapple animation. Rocket Ma'am: Reload Time: 1.25 -> 1.35 Rocket Ma'am: Removed enemy knock back Rocket Ma'am: Alt Fire Laser: Recovery Time: 6 -> 12 Rocket Ma'am: Each rocket explosion now drains 1/2 skill rather than 1/4 Shoot the Moon: Velocity: 2048 -> 1536 Shoot the Moon: Removed knock back from initial damage Shoot the Moon: Damage no longer sets enemies on fire.[/quote] thank fucking god
[quote]Added idle player kicking.[/quote] YESSSS Seems like a really good update this week.
Now we got TF2 random drop bullshit on SMNC? GG UberEnt.
Well, it's not an overtly bloated cross-promotional billboard like TF2. Yet.
Cheston was buffed, megabeth nerfed, and now we can get taunts for free after every match. This deserves a [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROwH8ZEST1U]celebration[/url] Seriously I'm really happy, the HP and the family jewel buffs were siggested on a thread i made, now they just have to buff roar and rampage.
[QUOTE=BaCkStAbEr;34841020]Now we got TF2 random drop bullshit on SMNC? GG UberEnt.[/QUOTE] Oh no, now I don't have to pay for taunts! When will it end!
im glad i don't have to pay for taunts or new stuff. i hope they have a new voice actor for megabeth soon.
i guess i wasted 320 uber points on spark's action hero taunt.
[QUOTE=BeardyDuck;34841487]i guess i wasted 320 uber points on spark's action hero taunt.[/QUOTE] You paid cash to guarantee you have that taunt right now. You could have had to wait literal months to get it.
[QUOTE=BaCkStAbEr;34841020]Now we got TF2 random drop bullshit on SMNC? GG UberEnt.[/QUOTE] And that is bad because...? No, seriously, tell me. I'd love to laugh at whatever stupid thing you come up with!
[QUOTE=BaCkStAbEr;34841020]Now we got TF2 random drop bullshit on SMNC? GG UberEnt.[/QUOTE] It's not even the same thing. These drops actually effect the game. and it helps because some of those endorsements are expensive.
It's getting to the point where I'm not even enjoying losing really close games. It just feels like a really drawn out loss.
I did really well as sparks just now, 7-0-3. This is from someone who never plays sparks
Could someone please show us the new menu / effets ? I'm at work and cant wait ! Thanks !
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