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What is the status of this game, haven't played in about a year. But me and 2 other mates might start up again, how are the servers/ activity doing?
I think it's still active enough, but you have to level up quite a bit since the earlier areas are almost entirely deserted. Also empire knight of the blazing sun 4 life
Which is the most popular server for eu?
[QUOTE=deamer44;23101410]Which is the most popular server for eu?[/QUOTE] Not sure, I heard dark cragg is the best server though
Does anyone know why I cant change any of my details now :(
I just subbed yesterday after me and a couple friends started playing two days ago . I see a good amount of people in the new areas. Not so much after level 10 since you have to start paying after that point but people play PvP so I'm satisfied.
[IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/foqhvr.jpg[/IMG] Does anyone know why I can't change my information?
Mythic is transfering data from GOA to Mythic and until they are done doing that, all character data (renown, experience, items and gold) obtained will not be saved. That could be the reason why you can't change account info, since they're transfering all of the character data.
I tried Warhammer online, it was okay, but I still liked DAoC better. I subbed for a while, but then just got bored of it. Still like it though. I couldn't change my info either, but as Hoboharry said before, I also think it is that.
ITs pretty Dead, Not so many players
Is it free?
No. Why does every MMORPG have to be free with you people?
Well i havent got a credit card.
[QUOTE=EliteMohawk;23207298]Well i havent got a credit card.[/QUOTE] You can probably find game time cards at a place like walmart or whatever you may have near you.
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