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This is something I'd like to join! [I]But I can't connect to the server.[/I] [editline]23rd April 2012[/editline] I downgraded to 1.2.3 like Val said to do, but nothing.
I'm still looking for a fun, vanilla (or almost vanilla) build server to play on. Can't seem to find any proper ones that aren't already completely mined out and overfilled with buildings.
Well this one isn't [I]that[/I] filled with buildings
Would like to keep in mind that on the new facility we're gonna be tougher when it comes to people building whatever they want. Also yeah we're currently having a hiatus/downtime because Lexi is verry busy And we all know that the server can't function without both of the dynamic duo
Sorry, uni is currently jumping up and down on me.
[url]http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Book_and_Quill[/url] Neat.
So I guess bookworm will be obsolete now?
[QUOTE=nebe123;35736736]So I guess bookworm will be obsolete now?[/QUOTE] One less mod we have to worry about updating, I guess, but on the other hand, we'll have to transfer all our old books into the new format
You can't seem to store those books in bookcases, meaning there's still a reason to use bookworm. I suspect it will simply change to give the player official minceraft books when right clicked on instead of bookworm books.
Do the books get their own names? If so I can deal with putting them in chests. Otherwise bookworm is still the way to go.
I found an elevator mod: [URL="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/302018-125124123-ironclad49ers-mods/#elevators"]Tada[/URL]
Anything that needs a client mod is out.
Oh, well it said that it was for SP and MP but the MP link isn't up.
We're back! [[url=]Dynmap[/url]]
haha, I just noticed the IP ends with 173.
What should I do if I want to join? Do I just join or should I register somewhere? And when usually do the people play?
We're chill when it comes to people joining - just join. As for when people usually play, atm it's more a question of if people play, as we've been down for like, a month or something and still picking up our bearings. Feel free to plop on whenever.
Probably gonna have an event of some form or scale in this week or the next, if you have any cool ideas throw them at me otherwise I know what I'll do
Can anyone play tomorrow evening PST?
I won't be able to because afaik that's pretty early for me unfortunately
This server sounds epic, I'm joining. Will anyone be on anytime soon?
We're on a semi hiatus because we're designing the new facility but I've seen a few new people log on lately in the last few days If people ask me I can throw together a simple event for them too
Hey guys, I've been logging onto the server quite a bit the last few days, and only seen one other person on [I]once[/I]. Can we maybe organize an event? ... please?
There... seems to have been an accident on the second floor offices. It has something to do with chickens...
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/CaiHp.png[/IMG] [B][I]SCP-8484 'The Melon Curse'[/I][/B] [B]Special Containment Procedures:[/B] Should be kept confined to Dr. Bright's office, as it is now. No one is allowed in, or out. No eating of the melons is permitted. [B]Description:[/B] SCP-8484 is a large cluster of melons forms inside of somewhere, after awhile completely enveloping it. There seems to be no way to get rid of it, though you [I]can[/I] destroy the melons, you can't get rid of it, it will come back. SCP-8484-B Is what becomes of people who come in contact with the Melons. A pumpkin-looking thing envelops their head, and a metallic-like chain armor covers the body and the clothes. They are very hostile and they carry wedges of the Melons. They cannot be reasoned with as of yet. Though, they can be killed. [B]Addemdum:[/B] This was found in a Testificate village near Sector-03, all the residents, including the golem, were infected with SCP-8484 and were SCP-8484-B, all were exterminated. [I]Interview:[/I] Junior Researcher Niblic: Hello? SCP-8484-B: [unintelligible] Junior Researcher Niblic: Speak up. SCP-8484-B: [unintelligible]... you all...[unintelligible] Junior Researcher Niblic: Okay, we're done here.
[QUOTE=nebe123;36111659]There... seems to have been an accident on the second floor offices. It has something to do with chickens...[/QUOTE] In the new facility? The chickens just appear once every few weeks. Disregard them, it's probably nothing anomalous.
[QUOTE=esalaka;36112615]In the new facility? The chickens just appear once every few weeks. Disregard them, it's probably nothing anomalous.[/QUOTE] No, it was in the Mane site. I was there. [editline]28th May 2012[/editline] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3rmdy.png?1?5397[/IMG] I found this in the facility and [I]oh[/I] [I][U]god[/U][/I] [I][U][B]what[/B][/U][/I]
So much stuff I forgot about
[QUOTE=LavaLord4;36113641] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3rmdy.png?1?5397[/IMG] I found this in the facility and [I]oh[/I] [I][U]god[/U][/I] [I][U][B]what[/B][/U][/I][/QUOTE] You saw nothing. NOTHING. Please disregard his post. There is absolutely nothing suspicious here. nothing at all.
CheeseMan, do we need to get you help? You're using intranat exploror.
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