• #PotatoFoolsDay v4 - "Weekend Discouragement Beams"
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[h2]This thread is not for spoilers, posting them will get you banned! However, if you want to be safe download this script made by Dehodson! [/h2] [QUOTE=Dehodson;29261587]Fucking yeah, update to my script, now with expandable text boxes for the Aprilfags who don't happen to be trolls. Next up: I dunno. [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4223221/html/spoilerdeter.user.js[/url] What it looks like in action: [img]http://i.imgur.com/jbrFa.png[/img][/QUOTE] [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Valve_ARG_Wiki][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5046503/pday/PFDv4Banner.png[/img][/url] [h2]Thread music:[/h2] [b]Robots FTW[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJghR7CuxG0[/media] [b]Reconstructing Science[/b] [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=DtKerGgqbFQ[/media] [b]Some Assembly Required[/b] [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=v10Eu4rt2hY[/media] [b]Science Can Be Fun[/b] [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=85sqSbqv0Fs[/media] [h2]What's this?[/h2] [release]This is [b]not[/b] a place to beg for #PotatoFoolsDay games or sell them for TF2 hats! This is an [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game]ARG[/url] metafiction created by Valve involving the [url=http://store.steampowered.com/sub/7586/] Potato Sack Pack[/url] on Steam. This thread serves as a repository for our current knowledge and understanding of the ARG as well as a public space to discuss and debate theories which arise. Feel free to sign up and add your input! [b]Not up to date with the story so far? Read the [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Investigation_History]Investigation History,[/url] [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Template:News]News,[/url] and the [url=http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1824635]SPUF thread![/url][/b][/release] [h2]GLaDOS@Home[/h2] [release][b]How the site works[/b] The red bars next to each video game represent the total time people have played that game for; this fills up over time. The number under each bar (current CPUs) shows how many people are currently playing that game, and hence the rate it's filling up. [Confirmed via consulting the Steam stats page]. The main bar at the top represents the average of the length of all the red bars. Once this is full (when every red bar is full), we get Portal 2! The potato number at the bottom shows the total number of potatoes that everybody has found. The rate at which all the bars fill up is proportional to the number of potatoes; if we double the number of potatoes, the entire thing goes twice as fast! (Confirmed by data analysis and by Doug). If you get all 36 potatoes by the time Portal 2 is out, you also get a special prize. When a red bar fills up completely, it turns blue. This acts as a checkpoint of sorts, knocking off a guaranteed chunk of time from the release date. This will only matter though if we fail to fill the main bar up in time. Note that once a bar is full up, there is no longer any point playing that game; switch to another. More popular games require more people in order to fill up at the same rate; it is the proportion of game owners playing a game that matters, not the number of people by itself. (Also confirmed by Doug). We have word on how the progress bars work from Dougley!: [list] [*]The individual game progress bars are based on sales made. The more times a certain game has been bought, the more you have to play it to finish its bar. [*]For example, 1 2 3 KICK IT! was released at (nearly) the same time as the pack, so it has the fewest sales making it the easiest to complete out of the whole pack. [*]Killing Floor and Audiosurf were out for longer and as such have had way more sales, so they require a ton of more hours to complete. [*]According to Dougley, Potatoes still matter and are of importance (but don't neglect playing the games). Get them. [*]The Store might be keeping a record of how many times a certain game has been bought, so we need to go find that and order which games we should play based off of that. [/list] [b]Tactics[/b] In order of priority; 1. Collect as many potatoes as you can ([url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Potato_Sources]guide[/url]) 2. Then, constantly run a game in the potato sack for as much time as you can (leave it on when you're away from your computer!), preferably one at the top of the priority list below. It follows from the above that we should be doing the easiest (least popular) games first. Firstly, this means we get the guaranteed checkpoints. Secondly, and most importantly, by leaving the hardest games until last, we ensure that we have the maximum number of potatoes when we get to that hard game, making things a lot faster. [b]Priority list[/b] This is based on which games have bars that are easiest to complete, which we should focus on first. If you have the current focus game, play that; if not, the next highest game. It is recommend that you quit and restart the game every few hours. For reasons why we have the priority list, and why we switch before they are complete, see [[Switching Games Before Completion]]. 1. [del][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/The_Wonderful_End_of_the_World]The Wonderful End of the World[/url][/del] 2. [del][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/1_2_3_KICK_IT!]1... 2... 3... KICK IT![/url][/del] 3. [del][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/AaAaAA!!!_A_Reckless_Disregard_for_Gravity]AaAaAA!!![/url][/del] 4. [b][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/RUSH]RUSH[/url] = Current Focus[/b] 5. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/BIT.TRIP_BEAT]BIT.TRIP BEAT[/url] 6. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Toki_Tori]Toki Tori[/url] 7. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Cogs]Cogs[/url] 8. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/The_Ball]The Ball[/url] 9. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/AudioSurf]Audiosurf[/url] 10. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Amnesia_The_Dark_Descent]Amnesia[/url] 11. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Super_Meat_Boy]Super Meat Boy[/url] 12. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Defense_Grid]Defense Grid[/url] 13. [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Killing_Floor]Killing Floor[/url] [b]Countdown trackers[/b] Here is some data, and some calculators predicting when Portal 2 will be out based on current rates. Bear in mind these might be late, because the countdown is constantly speeding up due to having more potatoes. [list] [*][url=http://hasportal2launchedyet.com/] HasPortal2LaunchedYet.com[/url] [*][url=http://twitter.com/gladosAtHome] gladosAtHome unofficial twitter[/url] [*][url]http://www.gamingmasters.co.uk/portal/[/url] [*][url]http://www.themcgoverns.info/portal/[/url] [/list] [b]The story so far[/b] At 17:00 on April 14th, 2011 [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Audio_Clues]Audio Clues[/url] led to a [url=http://i.imgur.com/4UStQ.png]QR code[/url]. [url=http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=8&d=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aperturescience.com%2Fa%2Fb%2Fc%2Fd%2Fg%2Fh%2Fabcdgh%2F] It leads to[/url] an [url=http://www.aperturescience.com/a/b/c/d/g/h/abcdgh/] ApertureScience.com URL with a countdown[/url] to [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Emails_from_Gabe_Newell#Translation]4/15 9:00 AM[/url]. At 09:00 on April 15th, 2011 the countdown page redirects to [url=http://www.aperturescience.com/glados@home/] here[/url], confirming an early release provided enough people log in to Potato Sack games. [b]Theorised formula for timers[/b] This is a Mathematical Theory that attempts to explain how the GlaDOS@Home system calculates the game time. Assuming that when we reach 100%, Portal 2 is released- [list] [*]Originally slated time of P2 release = b [*]Actual moment of P2 release = V [*]Man Hours of a single user = m [*]Number of concurrent Players (NOTE: One game per unique User ID) = c [*]Potato Multiplier/Auxilliary Power = p [*]Game completion bonus = g [*]Time Reduced = t [*]thus: t=mcp+g, V=b-t [/list] [b]Auxilliary Power (The Potato Multiplier)[/b] [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/File:Mail_from_Jeep_to_Ryukaki.png]This email[/url] from a member of the team at Valve confirms that the Potatoes act as a multiplier to each user's Man hours. But we need to reach a certain milestone of potatoes for that multiplier to activate. The actual milestone amount, and how much of a multiplier this will give us is unknown. Please update the Wiki with this information when the milestones are achieved. [/release] [h2]Red Herrings[/h2] [release][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Red_Herrings][i]Wiki page with more details.[/i][/url] [list][*]Half-Life 2 Episode 3 [*]Team Fortress 2 glyphs [*]VVVVVV [url=http://twitter.com/#!/terrycavanagh/status/55739763222773762](It has no relation to the ARG)[/url] [*]Rube Tuberson YouTube account (troll) [*]Zalgo (It's just a Meme) [*]Babel Research (its part of a 2 year old arg) [*]Sarah Fincher (part of another ARG altogether)[/list] [/release] [h2]Game specific pages[/h2] [release][list][*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/1_2_3_KICK_IT!]1... 2... 3... KICK IT![/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/AaAaAA!!!_A_Reckless_Disregard_for_Gravity]AaAaAA!!![/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Amnesia_The_Dark_Descent]Amnesia[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/AudioSurf]Audiosurf[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/BIT.TRIP_BEAT]BIT.TRIP BEAT[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Cogs]Cogs[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Defense_Grid]Defense Grid[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Killing_Floor]Killing Floor[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Portal_2]Portal 2[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/RUSH]RUSH[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Super_Meat_Boy]Super Meat Boy[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/The_Ball]The Ball[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/The_Wonderful_End_of_the_World]The Wonderful End of the World[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Toki_Tori]Toki Tori[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_2]Team Fortress 2[/url][/list] [url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Developers](Game Developer Roster)[/url] [/release] [h2]Analysis and Theory[/h2] [release][list][*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Aperture_Science_login_page]Aperture Science login page[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/People]People[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Twitter]Twitter[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Cyphers]Cyphers[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Glyphs]Glyphs[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/List_of_Unused_Strings]List of Unused Strings[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Razer]Razer[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Theories]Theories[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Possible_Clues]Possible Clues[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Red_Herrings]Red Herrings[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Stupid_Theories]Stupid Theories[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Stupid_Questions]Stupid Questions[/url] [*][url=http://valvearg.com/wiki/Investigation_History]Investigation History[/url][/list] [/release] [h2]Other Useful links:[/h2] [release]SPUF Thread [b](Must Read)[/b]: [url]http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1824635[/url] Facepunch v1 Thread: [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1074965-PotatoFoolsDay[/url] Facepunch v2 Thread: [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1077163-PotatoFoolsDay-v.2-quot-If-you-love-this-ARG-so-much-then-why-don-t-you-marry-it-quot?highlight=[/url] Facepunch v3 Thread: [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1078786-PotatoFoolsDay-v3-Science-rhymes-with-Compliance.-Do-you-know-what-doesn-t-Potatoes?highlight=[/url] Official Valve ARG 2 Steam Group: [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/valveARG2[/url] Official Valve ARG 2 Wiki: [url]http://valvearg.com/wiki/Valve_ARG_Wiki[/url] [b]Note: Due to trolling all wiki registrations must be done on the Wiki IRC Channel![/b] Valve ARG 2 Wiki Signup Channel: [url=irc://irc.gamesurge.net/ValveARG2-wiki] Direct link[/url] [url=http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23ValveARG2-WIKI&server=irc.gamesurge.net]Mibbit link[/url] Valve ARG 2 Private Channel: [url=irc://irc.gamesurge.net/valvearg1] Direct link[/url] [url=http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23ValveARG1&server=irc.gamesurge.net]Mibbit link[/url] Valve ARG 2 Main Channel: [url=irc://irc.gamesurge.net/valvearg2] Direct link[/url] [url=http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23ValveARG2&server=irc.gamesurge.net]Mibbit link[/url] Valve ARG2 Off-topic Channel: [url=irc://irc.gamesurge.net/valvearg3] Direct link[/url] [url=http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23ValveARG3&server=irc.gamesurge.net]Mibbit link[/url] Valve ARG2 AaAaAA!!! 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PM Political Gamer with your idea, complaints, or other random ramblings today![/h2]
298,999 potatoes.
Troll harder Valve.
1,001 potatoes away
Just 1001 taters left. :v:
Go go go! Almost there!
Just about 300,000!
So many taters, so little time.
New thread, new chances, more potatoes and more Portal 2! Yay!
298,999 potatoes how funny. Hopefully 300k helps us out with this shit.
Ugh, I wanted to make a funny last post... :smith:
[QUOTE=Skunky;29227153][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSUiE6YGxLM&feature=channel_video_title[/media] and no.[/QUOTE] What did that guy say? I have my sound muted because everyone around me is asleep. and at the 300k potatoes: To think 4 of those bad boys are mine..
[img]http://i.imgur.com/B8kFi.png[/img] you hurt me [editline]fags[/editline] meanie
Almost to 300,000! [/firstpagespot]
I'd like to begin this thread with my favorite GlaDOS Quote. [quote]"You're not smart. You're not a scientist. You're not a doctor. You're not even a full-time employee. Where did your life go so wrong?"[/quote]
This thread does not have enough concern for higher potato counts.
Ah, fresh new thread smell.
[b]"I'm going to kill you, and all the potatoes are gone."[/b] What's the code for the enhanced GLaDOS@home page?
Get ready... for disappointment...
[QUOTE=Aurora93;29227213][img_thumb]http://i.imgur.com/B8kFi.png[/img_thumb] you hurt me[/QUOTE] I like this banner
Having the overclock enabling itself at 500k means 13500 players with all 36 potatoes :colbert: Considering there are 25,000 players participating right now, they need to all have 20 potatoes, and that's waaaay too optimistic on Valve's part. That is, considering it doesn't enable at 300k, and I doubt it's going to
You type very fast mister!
[QUOTE=Dlaor-guy;29227222]Ah, fresh new thread smell.[/QUOTE] Smells like French fries. :h:
299,257 :smithicide:
299,257... almost close...
Just a few potatos to 300k
299,257 taters!
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