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[B]These rules apply to ALL subsections of Games:[/B] Please Search before you post, the game thread you're after should be here. You should put effort in your threads, you're either making a thread about a game or discussing game topics Want to post YOUR game, go for it. If you're posting on behalf of someone make sure to disclose your relation to the developers - PM a mod if not sure. Don't make "post your" threads here, use Fast Threads This isn't a support forum; don't make a thread if your game or console is broken. If you think your game isn't working because your computer is malfunctioning, ask for assistance in the [url=http://www.facepunch.com/forums/107-Technical-Support]Technical Support section.[/url] Don't spoil games, please! [B]Report threads and posters that you see breaking these rules. PM a moderator if you have a rule you'd like added to the list. [/B]
[B]Spoiler Rules[/B] • If you post any major storyline information, or any details sensitive to the plot, it's a spoiler. [B]Tag these posts![/B] • Speculating about future plot points based upon spoiler information, is [B]SPOILING [/B]• It's advised Spoilers (especially for NOT YET RELEASED / NEW RELEASE) come with [b]WARNINGS[/b] to describe the type of spoiler. • General speculation (i.e: What you think is going to happen) does not need to be tagged. [noparse][sp]Spoiler[/sp][/noparse] ^-- these are bbcode spoiler tags. Spoilers can only be read if someone highlights the text or mouse over it. ex:[sp]Spoiler[/sp] [highlight]Spoiling information without using tags will get your account banned. If you are trolling with spoilers, you'll be banned even longer! You have been warned.[/highlight] [B]Abusing/Misusing Spoiler tags gets you banned - Use them in their appropriate manner only[/B] As a final note: please be kind and courteous about spoilers. People don't like having an entire game ruined for them before they even get a chance to play it, and guess what, us mods have to deal with it.
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