• Cry Of Fear: HL1 mod that thinks it's a Source mod. RELEASED!!!
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Maybe if I pretend to go to sleep it'll work?
You've been owned.
Uploaded to ModDB, finishes processing. GameFront - "The file you are looking for seems to be unavailable at the moment. Please come back later. " FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.
[QUOTE=Dredile;34826984]why is it unavailable?[/QUOTE] it's either because it was just uploaded, or filefront is being overflowed just like moddb :v: oh god im still calling it filefront, it's gamefront now
download up!
DOWNLOADING! 2 hours left!
Downloading. [I][B][U]Feels so good.[/U][/B][/I]
hello download now button
Downloading, will probably go to bed instead of waiting for it to download anyway
File is available now, guys!
clickety clack its workin
200 kb/s! Woo.
3 hour download.. oh dear god no.
Gamefront said my ip was banned. My mind is full of fuck
D-to-the-l-to-the-oading. Yeeees, this feels right.
YES YES FUCKING YES! Downloading :D ...."4 hours left" Oh fuck me
40 minutes im so cool
2pro, I'm downloading.
250 kb/s, good enough
my download is so slow it doesn't even show a speed o;
122kb/s :(
Holy fuck everytime i say that i'm going to sleep we make progress [editline]23rd February 2012[/editline] 1mb/s like a boss
3 hours left. :suicide:
Ok nevermind, that was weird. [editline]22nd February 2012[/editline] Automerge
SO I didnt paste what I wanted to paste. Anyway 9:40 PM -  titopei: I have the weirdest boner right now.
Fuck my download speed is slowly dropping. 3 hours now.
[QUOTE=Morbo!!!;34827038]122kb/s :([/QUOTE] That's like a good speed for me
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