• Haven and Hearth - This runestone says you're a maggot.
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When I do Run.bat and log in, I just get a black screen. :frown:
Yeah bears can suck, bite trough it, get carpentry, make a wall with 1 tile wide entrances, you can flee inside to it if you find a bear. [editline]12:01AM[/editline] The server is online and somewhat less laggy now, you can spawn near me by asking my hearth secret on irc. Try not to mess shit up, I'll be making some beds for nearby spawners. [editline]12:09AM[/editline] You can join [url=irc://irc.synirc.net/havencake]#havencake[/url] on IRC for further instructions. I'm going to sleep soon. Edit: Yes Rayven that ban was douchy :v:
This game is pretty fun besides trying to get food constantly got my brother,cousin,mate and me to go and steal someguys stuff. shit's funny.
Is it me, or is their page seriously overloaded? [editline]08:09PM[/editline] So, do you start a FP village or something, g1real? I would like to try this out.
Why can't I fish? I have my pole equipped and I have the fishing skill.
I'm a bit laggeh, I can't play sometimes, hop on #havencake and ask me or swebonny for the pw to my area
I seemingly cannot download the client. I follow the link on the page, the file gets opened by javaws, but then the download of the client itself hats at random time.
Yeah the game is pretty slow at the moment. It has now over 250 players online most of the time when it was around 40 max a few months ago.
The game is lagless right now, so if you want a chance at it you can always try it at night.
Well then, Time to make a new character and this time -Stay the fuck away from bears-
Join #havencake on irc.synirc.net and !requestpw from the bot to get my hearthsecret, I do this controversional so I know who requested a PW and who didnt.
Anyone know what the black little things are? Are they easy to kill?
can you be more specific? [editline]02:21AM[/editline] Hey, g1real, your password system doesn't work.
Nevermind, their rats. Also, I love the necksnap sound when you kill a rabbit :fuckyou:
Man its hard living in the forest. can't find string or anything on the ground pretty difficult.
Ha. I got ingame. Offensive structures, here I come!
I have been chopping tree's near my place in the marsh, I'm tired of not getting branches :fuckyou:
Seems like server got :downs:
Yep, Anyways I learned how to build a log cabin, I'm hoping I can saw enough boards to put up alot of barrels.
What skill do I need to be able to kill a rat? Also, where to get strings?
To get string you have to pick up either of these: [URL="http://havenandhearth.wikia.com/wiki/Plant_Fibres"]Plant Fibres[/URL], [URL="http://havenandhearth.wikia.com/wiki/Silk_Thread"]Silk Thread[/URL], [URL="http://havenandhearth.wikia.com/wiki/Spindly_Taproot"]Spindly Taproot[/URL], [URL="http://havenandhearth.wikia.com/wiki/Stinging_Nettle"]Stinging Nettle[/URL] and [URL="http://havenandhearth.wikia.com/wiki/Yarn"]Yarn[/URL]. Spindly Taproot looks like stick but have plenty more stems. so 1 Spindly Taproot>fishingrod makes a line for it eg.
Guys where are you, I am getting tired of aimlessly wandering around, pillaging the woods and leaving campfire swastikas behind.
If you see a leanto and some things next to the marsh it's probably mine, Build a hearthfire there and we'd probably be awesome. I want someones name, I wanna add you to chat too you.
Man, come to our town which Real leads. We are working on the palisade. (but the server just crashed). I am not sure if I didn't actually crash it. I wanted to pull a cart, but I got somehow strangely stuck on the way, and the server instantly crashed :v:
Well I tried to lay stone on a plant when it crashed..
Now I got to the "Authenticating" part, which probably meant the server was already up, but then it disconnected me again :saddowns:
This is what the website says: The server appears to have crashed :( The server last talked to me at Tue Mar 2 22:20:53 2010 (UTC)
That guy needs to set up some autorestarting utility.
they dont want to because it fucked up their server once already
I hope that the server itself isn't coded in java, or is it? :ohdear:
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