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server is up
I just started, traveling along and I found a small area of owned land, baskets all over the place, I think whoever was there has already harvested all the tree branches as I can't seem to find them. Has a runestone next to it saying "Please have the decency to not steal my stuff" I can't enter owned land though. Also, anyone know if there is a way to pan the screen without moving? Edit: Thanks, that was really annoying.
hold middle mouse button and move your mouse
I can't seem to find clay when digging, I am in the right area aren't I? [URL=http://img442.imageshack.us/i/dig.png/][IMG]http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/2489/dig.png[/IMG][/URL] Edit:[B] Fucking bears[/B] Edit: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I started again and spawned next to a bear.
I found like one piece of clay. And then I never got any more clay. EVER
Server down again...
Haha me,bro,mates and cousin decided to call our group the "Spruce Mooses" We go around and find people's bases and ransack the whole place leaving nothing. if you guys wanna join us then hop in [img]http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/5.jpg[/img]
How do I rotate a house before I make it?
[QUOTE=AteBitLord;20525623]How do I rotate a house before I make it?[/QUOTE] can't not implemented yet.
[QUOTE=RaptorBlackz;20525970]can't not implemented yet.[/QUOTE] So when I make a house or anything I am force to go to a door I can't see because I can't rotate the cam?
Not Sure i think when it's done a door appears but i don't know.
Dammit, losing health from no food and I can't figure out how to fight for some reason. Been sodamn long since I played.
What type of area you living in AteBit?
[QUOTE=RaptorBlackz;20526269]What type of area you living in AteBit?[/QUOTE] Trees.... TREES MOTHERFUCKING EVERYWHERE MAN!
Want to come live with us man? we got like 5-6 people here plenty of fruit tree's nearby. the catch is though we go raiding alot and take peoples shit whenever we get the chance?
[QUOTE=RaptorBlackz;20526329]Want to come live with us man? we got like 5-6 people here plenty of fruit tree's nearby. the catch is though we go raiding alot and take peoples shit whenever we get the chance?[/QUOTE] I would love to.
i sent you a pm
Hurr I drowned
Make a new Character then use the hearth secret i gave you to the person at the top. then stairs will appear walk down them. you'll teleport straight here.
[QUOTE=AteBitLord;20526582]Hurr I drowned[/QUOTE] Swimming isn't worth getting, you can just build a boat later on.
[URL=http://img151.imageshack.us/i/torchp.png/][IMG]http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/4444/torchp.png[/IMG][/URL] It's dark and scary and I'm confused. How do I light my torch? haha. At least I got a sweet top hat this time. Edit: Ah, thanks.
Put the torch in your hand,right click it,light it up.
I'm going to stave, was searching for ages for food and finally found an area with fruit trees, but they had all been harvested. I stole a boat out of desperation.
Ghillie hats for the win.
Doing Daily raids on nearby neighbours is fun. Stole a heap of leather,food,another boat and some tanning bath's.
Facepunch camp going good, we just found this excellent HUUUUGE spot surrounded by cliffs. [url=http://imgkk.com/c/Ra4yPA.png][img]http://imgkk.com/t/Ra4yPA.png[/img][/url] We'll built our fort here, surrounded by natural protection, 2 caves are near to explore and possibly get mines from! Food is plenty since we're in light forest. We're next to a river, next to a mountain.
Soo many wasted tree's in that picture. The "Spruce Mooses" sleeping. [img]http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm44/nailsthefox/HavennHearthsprucemooses.png[/img]
Trees gonna be used eventually. Helped me get the lp for yeomanry [editline]04:04PM[/editline] Current Punchyork work plan: HIGH PRIORITY: Get walls up. Get house up. Get a form of defense. (Rage, murder) Relocate old camp to new camp. - It's northwest of the old camp about 5 minutes travelling. West of the mountain. MED PRIORITY: Get farm up LOW PRIORITY: Get silk moths up to new camp [editline]04:24PM[/editline] [b]How do I join the facepunch village?[/b] You make an account on the [url=http://www.havenandhearth.com/portal/register]website[/url]. Click the [url=http://www.havenandhearth.com/portal/autohaven]play[/url] button, log in. Ingame, create character according to tutorial. [b]DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER[/b] [url=http://imgkk.com/c/pnBlE8.png][img]http://imgkk.com/t/pnBlE8.png[/img][/url] Join [url=irc://irc.synirc.net/havencake]IRC[/url] and type !requestpw Enter hearthsecret at detective guy and enter stairs. You now just spawned in Punchyork
@Punchyork as Atriga, got Hunting and Foraging. Gonna go for Archery, and probably both Leatherworking and Cheesemaking because I have tons of time and patience on my hands. Server went down though. :crying:
You can scratch the house building, we finished it with Varaz. [editline]05:57PM[/editline] We need some beds now.
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