• Favorite Classes in MMO's
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Post your favorite class to play in a mmorpg. Or a Class that you would like to see in a upcoming game.
Entertainer :smug:
UB3RPR0. Some stealthy shit, although its never really to do with assassinations or stealth.
Tank/warrior/knight/whatever the heavy-armor wielding melee expert is called in different MMOs.
Any tank or healer
Sex Machine
2handed warriors
tanks, all other classes are for pussies
Healers are usually my first choice, i enjoy the power of deciding who lives and dies mwhaha :keke:
The long range classes.
Dark Templar (starcraft) :3
Assassin (Guild Wars)
I am a level 80 Paladin. No seriously, Paladins, i like to be able to do damage, tank or heal with my choice. Also stealthy classes like rogues or assassins.
I like Warlock-like classes. Fuk u im a dedli damonn sumonerr.
Either swords and shields or bows and arrows.
Ranged DPS is my bill
Ranger in Guild Wars, Paladin in WoW.
I like support/utility classes. I fucking love playing shaman in WoW. Otherwise, biggest and baddest tank you can get.
The healer or tank and the druid-like classes that can turn into animals and stuff.
Tank, Healer, and DPS. Pretty much a Druid of WoW.
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[QUOTE=Dashiel;22798008]Entertainer :smug:[/QUOTE] *mos eisley cantina music* HEY BUY MY HORRIBLY OVERPRICED SLOW ASS CREATURE MOUNTS
I've played a bowman archetype in pretty much every MMO(every game even) with that option.
Archer/Thieve/Assassin/ etc.
priest because it's fun having your life in my hands
Stealthy DPS class/ Archer / sometimes Warrior
Mage :slick:
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