• Valve want to make the Half-Life movie themselves
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He made it to the show business. Valve - Helpin dem hobos.
If the movie were to be made hopefully it starts with Half-Life 1 ad viewed from the perspectives of an HECU squad, two guards trying to survive, and maybe a team of scientists waiting to be rescued but are chased throughout the entire complex. If Gordon is going to be in the movie then I'd rather the characters mention Freeman and the shit he does throughout the game.
I just want a 20+ minute video of the RED team completing No Mercy.
Fuck Gordon perspective, it would suck, fuck rebels perspective too, every fuckin idea you have thought up by now is gonna have some drawbacks. what I want is...[b]Alyx growing up[/b]... Now that would be pure awesome! EDIT: What I mean is like 3 or 4 ages in her life (age 7, 13, 20 for example) showing her as a child going through the stuff we haven't played in any HL game - 7 hour war..etc. You know what I mean.
[QUOTE=E-102 Gamma;24402371]Oh really? [url]http://a.imageshack.us/img714/6281/c0a0c0002.png[/url] So Gordon grew 7 years younger over the course of 20 years?[/QUOTE] He was in a stasis for 20 years :frog:
[QUOTE=GetBent;24365981]Yeah, if they don't get Gordon's original voice actor the movie will be ruined.[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://cdn0.knowyourmeme.com/system/icons/1779/medium/hnnnnng.jpg?1269310003[/IMG]
I'd rather them to make a new game, instead of putting money on a movie.
[QUOTE=kukiric;24474835]He was in a stasis for 20 years :frog:[/QUOTE] I don't get why we all think being in stasis means one does not exist.
[QUOTE=E-102 Gamma;24483333]I don't get why we all think being in stasis means one does not exist.[/QUOTE] Because he temporarily phases out of existence.
I'll bet :10bux: that TF2/Left4Dead will have a cameo, even if it's on one of the arcade machines you see in that break room on the opening tram ride.
[QUOTE=Lemonator;24371225]Video game movies suck, I like playing Half Life games more than I would like watching them.[/QUOTE] all video game movies suck [b]so far[/b]. Postal was halfway decent because Uwe Boll wasn't a dick about the storyline, and the humor was kind of tepid but there were funny moments. [editline]03:31PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Rick Ross;24389846]Live-action actors have more dimension then voice actors.[/QUOTE] Voice actors can have as much, if not more dimension than live action actors [editline]03:33PM[/editline] [QUOTE=little.sparrow;24416357]If gordon is The central charachter in the film, he will have to talk. the only reason he does not talk in-game is so the player feels like they actually are gordon.[/QUOTE] Or MAYBE if you were listening at ALL in Half Life 2, you would have heard several references to Gordon Freeman not talking, i.e. being the strong silent type.
[QUOTE=That___Guy;24371905]To all of you who would rather have a team fortress 2 movie, I don't see how they would make it a movie, because as soon as someone kills someone they are dead. Respawning wouldn't make for a interesting movie.[/QUOTE] I, and probably alot of people out in the fanbase have Ideas for a story and how the game elements in tf2 would work out in a movie.
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