• 3 Wishes: Gaming Edition
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1. More space games (Like a space station sim or something) 2.Another Digimon that is like Digimon world 1 3.More games like minecraft (that or free DLC)
1. Unlimited game wishes Then, I would do wishes on-demand, whenever I feel like. I'll wish that an infinite game wishes wouldn't bore me and I'm set.
Why are you guys wishing for BF3? It's going to come out anyway so why waste a wish? 1. A Fallout/TES game running on a new engine with smooth animations 2. PC games to be developed FOR the PC, console versions should be dumbed down, not the other way around 3. Money (to buy video games and new hardware of course) See I only wish for the impossible.
1. A modest gaming rig that will play all the games I currently own as well as the upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat (have the other 2) 3. that's really all I want.
1. Prototype 2 to be made by a better company 2. From Dust to be decently priced and released soon 3. A better damn computer to run these awesome games on :colbert:
1) Money to buy games with 2) Star Wars: KoTOR 3 3) The Old Republic to come out sooner! Who's Bobby Kotick and why's everyone hate him?6
1. Mass Effect 3 2. Battlefield 3 3. The best gaming rig money can buy
1. Duke Nukem Forever 2. Warhammer 40k Dark Millenium and for it to be amazing 3. Diablo 3
[QUOTE=qmanjr5;24445275]Who's Bobby Kotick and why's everyone hate him?6[/QUOTE] The CEO of Activision. As for why we hate him, he charges $15 for 5 maps, 2 of which are old. And he says that the CoD fanbase is clamoring to pay a monthly/weekly fee for online multiplayer. [editline]05:03PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Jund;24444801]Why are you guys wishing for BF3? It's going to come out anyway so why waste a wish?[/QUOTE] It is?
1. Warcraft 4 2. Episode 3 3. I get to fuck Alyx Vance. You're all a bunch of pansies for not wishing to bang atleast someone.
1. For more video games with wish granting genies inside. (Hey, it's not 'more wishes', and it's vidya related.) 2. An actual desktop with the best current hardware with Episode 3 preinstalled. (I've got enough else to test run it. :) 3.PC games to be developed FOR the PC, console versions should be dumbed down, not the other way around
[QUOTE=Sir Whoopsalot;24441096] 2. Lego Pokemon.[/quote] You gotta be shitting me
1. For From Dust to be finished completely a lot sooner than currently expected and for its modding potential to make it hugely expandable. 2. Elder Scrolls V in 2011 (I know...but hey it's a wish, they don't have to be realistic) 3. A Spore remake that's exactly how Will Wright imagined the first one from the start.
What did this Bobby Kotick guy do that everyone hates? Other than being the CEO of activision, of course.
1. developers actually listening to their customers and assessing what the customer wants. 2.More games that do free updates to fix/improve the game 3. DLC's to actually be worth paying for. *sigh* I can dream...
1. Episode 3 2. All gamers online are more respectable. 3. Duke Nukem Forever.
1. Free high-quality games forever. 2. That every Valve employee is given immortality. 3. Affordable virtual reality.
1. Spore as it was supposed to be. 2. Infinite GPU power for everyone! 3. End to unfair publishers.
1. Fair pricing on ALL games 2. Battlefield 1942 updated with the frostbite engine. (1943 doesn't count) [B]3. Gaming not being the scapegoat for everything. [/B]
1. Kill Bobby Kotick. 2. Give team Ico unlimited funds and eternal life. 3. Give me a computer with infinite processing power. [editline]06:15AM[/editline] Or maybe replace that last one with dirt cheap portable virtual reality simulators.
1. spore but not shit 2. bilbo bagginssss 3. bilbo bagginssss
1. MineCraft on steam. 2. A Custom Robo remake (not sure if anyone remembers this Gamecube game) 3. Fuck a hot chick in gaming. Any really I don't have a preference.
1. Bobby Koticks death. 2. Bobby Koticks death. 3. Bobby Koticks death. No specific order
Freelancer 2 to be resurrected. Blomkamp's Halo movie to happen. Can't think of a third wish. [editline]10:15AM[/editline] [QUOTE=GameDev;24449219]You gotta be shitting me[/QUOTE] That might work.
1. One of every console 2. One of every game 3. I giant HD Tv that is paper thin, never breaks, can change size, any av type of cords can be plugged into it and it to be portable.
1. Good, Free, Fun MMO's 2. Unlimited Access to all playtesting with every company and no responsibilities, get paid to play games. 3.To get a game where I have a real life. :smith:
You get nothing from removing MW2 from existence therefore that is useless. I would go with, 1. Guild Wars 2 completed sooner. 2. Guild Wars 2 to have the epic battles it's said to have. 3. A game where it gives me 3 more wishes.
1. Mass Effect movie being good 2. A decent fucking Spider-man game for one 3. Insomniac making one last Spyro game/Naughty Dog making one last Crash game
1. Empires becomes perfect. 2. A job in the industry. 3. Better coding skills.
1. A better net connection 2. Australia's broadband plan actually turning out good and giving the country an average of 20mb/s download like South Korea 3. WoW have Australian based servers so I can have 20ms of lag instead of 400.
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