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I'm quite tempted to play this game again on Hardcore.
Bought it on XBLA. Loved it. Completed it. Traded in my xbox. Who else thought the loot was a bit confusing at times, and an utter mess the other 90%?
Nope. It's easy to understand but you get a lot of it - but that comes with the genre.
[QUOTE=Take_Opal;30582216]Nope. It's easy to understand but you get a lot of it - but that comes with the genre.[/QUOTE] I agree. You learn to live with it. But around lvl 19 dungeon, I just packed everything on my dog and sent it to the surface. Was getting tired of sorting everything.
Yeah, it does get a little cumbersome
I hope the pet companion is more competent. My pet does unnoticeable damage and just gets wailed on and then runs around like a retard only to recover, get hit once and then repeat.
I'll just leave this here: [url]http://asia.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=now_playing_torchlight_ii20110629[/url]
[QUOTE=Chrispy_645;30820994]I'll just leave this here: [url]http://asia.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=now_playing_torchlight_ii20110629[/url][/QUOTE] [url]http://www.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=now_playing_torchlight_ii20110629[/url] Thats the "non-asia" version lol. So happy about this game coming out! Its gunna be amazing, specially being able to play mods online also. I can see so many good things coming to this game. Even when the game dies, people will be able to make mods to keep it going! Edit: I figured I'd like to add this.... "online" mod for people to take a look at. For it to work, you only need an IP of someone's game and should work. It has before for me. Torchlight 1 Online Mod: [url]http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12680[/url]
I and my friend installed that mod, but there was no button when we launched the game. Any idea why?
[QUOTE=Trooper-guy1;26336318]Bought it yesterday and was glad to see it saved the progression I made from the demo so I was able to just load up and keep going forward instead of replaying from the beginning all over again.[/QUOTE] Darn it, I deleted the demo. I guess I'm going to have to start over.
Holy shit time to reinstall
Someone suggest non game-breaking mods, plox.
Wow, I remember this game, bought it on release date and finished it 2 months later as the alchemist. Can't wait for Torchlight 2, multiplayer sounds so fun.
[QUOTE=Plasma Rifle;30830729]Someone suggest non game-breaking mods, plox.[/QUOTE] [url]http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10127&start=0[/url] I recommend this guy's mods(the other two are in his signature), they make gem transmuting much more intuitive
Thankies, playing. :buddy:
Welp, this is the best Torchlight thread. Can't wait for Torchlight 2, already pre-ordered it :holy:
I'm probably going to preorder the 4 pack and give away copies of Torchlight 1 and 2 to friends and family. $60 for 8 games is a little too good to pass up on. If I have copies of Torchlight 1 left over, I'll probably give them away on Facpeunch. Sorry, there won't be any copies of 2 left over.
I hope Torchlight 2's character classes feel a little more unique this time. I didn't really like how every character class can be a melee fighter or a ranged fighter or an offensive magic user or a summoner or whatever else. Especially since multiplayer is coming, I want to feel like my character does something my friends' can't, and that theirs can do things that I can't.
I really loved Torchlight, but I do not like the new classes. They seem odd, maybe unique but I cannot identify myself with them nor do I like their looks.
Supposedly 2 already has a July 2012 release date. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZiOtc.png[/img] Not sure if that's a placeholder tho or fake. [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/ZiOtc.png[/img]
[QUOTE=TheJoker;35788116]Supposedly 2 already has a July 2012 release date. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZiOtc.png[/img] Not sure if that's a placeholder tho or fake.[/QUOTE] Don't use Imgur, it doesn't work anymore. but yeah, my steam tells me it will unlock in July 2012.
Nice find
To be honest, I'm more waiting for this than Diablo 3, after Diablo 3's Beta weekend.
I'm excited for both. I love dungeon crawlers.
I liked Torchlight I'm still playing it from time to time, next is Diablo 3 for me and then Torchlight 2 on the list.
[QUOTE=Archonos 2;35797056]I'm excited for both. I love dungeon crawlers.[/QUOTE] I would be excited for both if Diablo 3 didn't cost about three times as much. I would say I'll buy Diablo 3 when it gets cheap, but knowing Blizzard, it'll never get cheap. I still see Diablo 2 on the shelves of game stores from time to time and it's still like $30 after 10 years or so. It shouldn't be more than about $10.
[img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/174/outlander_art01_huge.jpg[/img] [B]The Outlander [/B][quote]“The Empire would like to pretend people like me don't exist— and yet, here I am.”[/quote] Born to roam, Outlanders are the vagabond adventurers of the world. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and even races—but all share a lust for travel and excitement, an appreciation of eldritch lore, and an appetite for danger. Outlanders personify the nomadic impulse. They travel the world in search of forgotten artifacts and forbidden knowledge—the more perilous the quest, the better! However, because they often have few qualms about acquiring what they desire by any means necessary, most civilized folk see them as renegades at best, and outlaws at worst. After all, while Outlanders are among the most skilled and daring explorers the world has to offer, they are hardly a formal organization; anyone can become an Outlander. A great many began their adventuring careers as thieves, swindlers, brigands, pirates, and even murderers—and old habits can die hard. The strength of the Outlanders lies in the vast body of lore they have collected—and which they have passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, and master to apprentice for hundreds of years, in the form of specialized magical training, sophisticated fighting techniques, and the odd ancient relic. They also go to great lengths to study the magical and martial arts of various races—from Estherian thaumaturgy to Zeraphi alchemy—and have even traded with monsters for the secrets of their crafts: learning incantations from goblin chanters and rune magic from the enigmatic Varkolyn. Even so, all of that knowledge and nifty magical gear is only useful if the Outlander survives long enough to use it, so Outlanders also undergo intense training to be as fast, fit, and nimble as possible. A good Outlander will tumble through scores of opponents, herding them together for an attack with their deadly throwing glaive. A good rifle or a pistol might be handy in a tussle, but, when the odds are against them, every Outlander knows that whirling blade of razor-sharp death is her best friend in the whole wide world. The Outlander's throwing glaive defines her role in combat: Speed, skill, and long-range accuracy—paired with the arcane knowledge to make every attack as lethal as it gets! [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/172/embermage_art01_huge.jpg[/img] [B]The Embermage[/B] [quote]“Ember is dangerous to the untrained hand— and deadly in mine.”[/quote] At the forefront of the Empire’s colonization of Vilderan are the Embermages—highly-trained spellcasters renowned for their skill, dedication, and arcane power. No Imperial army is complete without these fierce warrior-wizards in the vanguard. It is widely accepted in the Empire that Embermages are a special breed, held in awe and respect for the rigorous training they undergo, and the prowess they display. Selected in early adolescence by the Ember Council, Embermages undergo extensive arcane conditioning and mystical studies, accompanied by hours of physical drills and combat exercises each and every day. They learn to work in tandem with Vanquishers, and crush the Empire’s foes with both subtle grace and overwhelming might, as the situation demands. By the time Embermages are assigned to active duty, they are accomplished wizards, formidable soldiers, and insightful strategists. As the name suggests, Embermages study the magical mineral known as Ember, through which process they gain a better understanding of thaumaturgic principles. But, unlike the Empire's legion of Alchemists, Embermages do not actually draw energy from Ember itself; instead, they observe its properties, and, through meditation and experimentation, learn to recreate the effects of Ember in a wide range of magical applications. In addition to unleashing blasts of high-energy fire, ice, and electricity, an Embermage develops the means to magically interfere with the laws of time and space, moving themselves—or their enemies—across short distances in the blink of an eye. This facility with applied magic defines the Embermage's combat role: an offensive spellcaster capable of delivering focused, precise attacks at a considerable distance, or of shifting foes violently away with short-range teleportation—usually with physically wrenching results for the targets! In battle, the Embermage wields each aspect of the Ember like a duelist wielding a blade—switching from fire to ice to lightning and back again in the span of a few heartbeats—all while disappearing from their foe's sight and reappearing in another, more advantageous position! The Embermages’ combination of physical and magical discipline makes them superb ranged combatants: powerful, mobile, and versatile... and, most importantly, ingenious! [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/171/berserker_art01_huge.jpg[/img] [B]The Berserker[/B] [quote]“Enough talk! Gold and glory await!”[/quote] Driven by a lust for adventure and a savage determination to win fame, fortune, and glory, Berserkers wander the wild places of the world in search of formidable foes, fabulous treasures, and the sheer joy of a worthy challenge. The Valgang tribes of the icy north produce some of the fiercest men and women in all the world, and the Berserkers are the most savage warriors of the lot. Possessed of an animalistic cunning and an unbridled fury, a Berserker is an untamed and unpredictable beast who is a blessing when set upon one's enemies—and a curse when turned against you. The Berserker’s lust for battle cannot be sated even by the endless warring of their tribes; eventually, every Berserker sets their eyes on the exotic lands to the south, where adventure is ever just over the horizon... and danger lurks around every corner. Berserkers draw their strength from the worship of the northern lords of battle: Vur, the Wolf; Dralk, the Dragon; and Krax, the Raven. Their totem beasts grant Berserkers extraordinary powers, and only improve the more they embrace their own animalistic natures. From Vur, the Berserker gains a single-minded perseverance; from Dralk, the sheer power of the dragons of old; and from Krax, the vicious cunning to put them all to good use! Naturally, a Berserker makes an excellent hand-to-hand combatant: a primal force lashing out with fists and claws, the rage building inside like a caged beast. Their onslaught can stun foes and leave them vulnerable to a vicious follow-up... or finish them all in one quick charge. And, on those rare occasions when a Berserker is overrun, their fearsome totems unleash gouts of fiery dragon breath or packs of spectral wolves to turn the tide of battle. The Berserker personifies the offensive-minded fighter: strength, speed, ferocity, and the power of the wild, all rolled together into one devastating combination! [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/173/engineer_art01_huge.jpg[/img] [B]The Engineer[/B] [quote]“If a problem is too big to fix... one must break it into smaller problems.”[/quote] The workhorse of the Empire, the modern Engineer’s strength lies in his Ember-fueled, steam-driven armor—a technological marvel devised by top scientists at the Industrium (the Empire’s academy of science and technology), and crafted personally by the Engineer as his journeyman project. So equipped, Engineers carry out any mission involving technology that the Empire requires, from building mighty Herkonian Embercraft transports to delving into ancient ruins in search of long-forgotten knowledge—sometimes as part of a team of Imperial soldiers, but more often than not as “independent” contractors. As time passed, though, the role of the Engineers evolved. Some strictly pursued research and theory, locked away in factory-labs and paid kingly sums to examine dwarven artifacts and develop new designs from them. The Engineers find work aplenty on the continent of Vilderan, exploring dwarven ruins for more artifacts, maintaining the Empire's transports, and overseeing work in the Ember mines. But the conditions have forced the Engineers to adapt their methods and equipment. Gone are the leather aprons and tidy toolboxes—replaced by armored plates and massive, two-handed spanners that conveniently also serve as weapons. Now the Engineer is more soldier than scientist—more warrior than workman. The Engineers' technological expertise lets them imbue their weapons and armor with the power of Ember to deliver blasts of energy through devastating melee strikes, or directly from the armor itself! Their gear might be a bit weightier to accommodate all that technology—but "a good, heavy spanner is just the right tool for stubborn bolts ... and stubborn beasts!" That combination of brawn and tech makes the Engineer a formidable front-line combatant—a powerhouse of melee attacks and short-range energy bursts.
Engineer looks like a tank.
Years ago, the Heroes of Torchlight saved the world from the ancient evil, Ordrak. Now someone has stolen the essence of his power, and is using it to upset the balance of the six elements. After witnessing the destruction wrought by this terrible artifact, you'll begin a quest to uncover the villain's identity and avert disaster. The trail leads from the beleaguered Estherian Steppes, through the war-torn Mana Wastes, and the haunted ruins of an ancient dwarven civilization, before descending to a realm where no mortal has set foot for thousands of years—and where an even more terrible evil struggles to unleash itself into the world. ------- [B]The Beast Warrens [/B]Warbeasts are savage predators by nature, and the Sturmbeornen put their natural ferocity to good use in their raids across Vilderan and the rest of the world. The warbeasts are so effective that the Sturmbeornen have set up a trapping operation around the Beast Warrens, in the Temple Steppes, where a huge pack of Warbeasts lair. Sturmbeornen raiders capture the wild beasts, and Gunnbren and Stennbrun,the Sturmbeornen's best blacksmiths, bolt armor onto the warbeasts, turning them into nigh-unstoppable killing machines! Vanquisher Scouts in the area have discovered that the two Sturmbeornen smiths are working from a set of schematics. Vale, the Vanquisher Commander, believes that analyzing these plans might reveal an weakness that the Imperial troops can exploit, to turn the tide of battle and drive off the Sturmbeornen raiders! [B]The Stygian Aerie Approach [/B]Centuries ago, the Zeraphi abandoned their frail, mortal bodies for forms of pure energy, achieving effective immortality. As each Zeraphi tired of physicality, he journeyed to the sacred Underworld, where his body would be converted, and his essence encased in alchemically-treated wrappings. When all of the Zeraphi had been rendered immortal, they abandoned the Underworld to the shifting sands. Now, the ancient facility is the lair of various desert beasts—the most fearsome of which is the mighty Manticore. The Manticore has claimed the ruin's deepest reaches as its shadowy domain, an underground aerie from which it periodically emerges to hunt, high over the sands of the Ossean Wastes, striking terror into Zeraphi and Ezrohir alike. [B]Widowmaker Woods [/B]Since the dwarves vanished from the world, the ruins of their once-mighty civilization have crumbled and decayed... while generations of would-be successors and opportunistic entrepreneurs came and went. One such endeavor was an Imperial sawmill, eager to log the old forest and ship the lumber back to the Empire. But their operation was plagued with accidents and unexplained disappearances, and the loggers took to calling the forest "Widowmaker Woods." The Empire eventually lost contact with the sawmill. Years passed, and the Empire declared the loggers all missing or dead. The latest expedition to the area investigated the remains of the sawmill, but found no sign of the missing loggers, aside from deep scratches insides some of the buildings, and an ominous howling from the woods ... [editline]4th May 2012[/editline] [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/151/ezrohir_feature.png[/img] [B]The Ezrohir [/B]Although the Zeraphi finally recognized the dangers of Ember and gave up their war over the Estherians' Ember, one faction refused to lay down arms. The Ezrohir pursued the retreating Estherians, seizing their mines. With the Estherians' Ember, the Ezrohir eventually perfected their own process for encasing souls in suits of armor. But the process was flawed. The Ezrohir gained immortality - but the corrupted ore burns out over time, and the Ezrohir die unless they can procure more Ember. Their insatiable need for Ember led to a disastrous war with the Zeraphi, and the Ezrohir were driven out into the Mana Wastes, forced to hide in their ancient fortresses. For centuries they have waited, and plotted ... and their vengeance is finally at hand. [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/153/dwarves_feature.png[/img] [B]The Dwarves [/B]The oldest myths of the creation of the world always mention the dwarves: Short, stout beings who discovered the secret of Ember-powered clockworks, and, with it, conquered all of Vilderan and much of the rest of the world. But their lust for Ember led them to make war on the dragons, and, ultimately, brought them to the brink of destruction. As the dwarves' power waned, the races they had subjugated rose up and decimated them, sacking their glorious cities and plundering their precious Ember-powered machines. All that is left now of the once-mighty dwarven empire are their dead, grotesquely animated by the corruption of Ember, and their wondrous machines; all still steadfastly defending their deserted mines and ruined cities from invaders who never come. [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/149/sturmbeorn_feature.png[/img] [B]The Sturmbeornen[/B] In the far north of Vilderan dwell the Beornen: a race of bear-men who have developed a primitive culture built around exploration and trade - and, from time to time, plunder. These raiders, or "Sturmbeornen," cross the northern channel and ravage the coastline settlements, pillaging and slaughtering in their quest for power, glory, and battle. Most of these raiding parties consist of a few dozen bear-men, but a veritable army of Sturmbeornen has recently arrived in the Estherian Steppes - far outside their usual range. Led by the fearsome warlord, General Grell, the Sturmbeornen push ever nearer the Enclave, the last city of the Estherians, and not even the might of the Vanquisher Corps can stop them. [img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/155/varkolyn_feature.png[/img] [B]The Varkolyn[/B] After dwarven civilization collapsed, their oldest enemies, the Varkolyn, crept from the shadows, claiming the ruined keeps and palaces as their dominion: the Kingdom of the Dark. For centuries afterward, the Varkolyn ruled over the dwarven ruins, making war on their neighbors and preying on anyone who strayed within their territories. Ultimately, they failed to grow their civilization: The First Great Varkolyn Empire was also the last. For all their pretense of civilization, for all their glorious plans, the Varkolyn lack the expertise to carry them out. Those on the fringes of Varkolyn society have a tendency to backslide into barbarism, splitting into feral clans and even going to war with their more advanced cousins. All that still unites them is their utter contempt for other races. [editline]4th May 2012[/editline] [B]Cannons [/B]"If it was good enough for the defenders at Castle Kriegstok, it's good enough for me!" The mighty cannon has been a fixture of Imperial military tactics for centuries, but it is only within recent years that it has found new popularity as a handheld weapon. After an infamous siege, in which Imperial soldiers adapted their fixed signal cannons to serve as makeshift, hand-carried guns, personal cannons rapidly became the standard weapon of heavy infantry. They were particularly popular among Imperial Engineers, who often built their own, casting them into fearsome shapes. Now, decades later, they have somewhat fallen out of fashion, but still show up from time to time, particularly in the savage wilds of Vilderan. [B]Fist weapons [/B]"Those Berserkers are so deadly with their claws that it's easy to forget they weren't born with them." Fist weapons—including everything from knuckle dusters and claws to trench knives and the exotic katara—are popular weapons among the barbarian tribes of the frozen north, where predators don't always give their prey time to unlimber a bigger weapon. The Valgang warriors carried these weapons with them on trading and raiding missions to the south, introducing people all over the civilized world to these decidedly uncivilized weapons, and demonstrating just how brutally effective they were in the hands of someone strong and fast enough to properly wield them. Fist weapons quickly caught on with the criminal element of the Empire, but Berserkers are still their undisputed masters! [B]Great weapons [/B]"If you're not killing your enemies with both hands, you're not getting the most out of your weapon." Considered by some to be the crudest of fighting implements, two-handed or "great" weapons are seen as the weapons of brutes and savages, despite the fact that greatswords serve as the badge of office for the Emperor's Guard, and Imperial Engineers use massive, two-handed spanners and hammers on a daily basis. Aficionados maintain that great weapons require more skill to wield properly than other weapons, and are considerably more effective in the hands of a true expert. Even so, no one can deny that a solid blow from a greataxe or greatsword does some serious damage, and so blacksmiths the world over always find great weapons in high demand.
[QUOTE=imadaman;35819208][img]http://static.cms.runicgames.com//assets/174/outlander_art01_huge.jpg[/img] [/QUOTE] For some reason, this cracked me up. I SHALL COVER EVERY PART OF MY BODY, EXCEPT MY EYES, CLEAVAGE, AND GROIN. THE THREE MOST VITAL PARTS.
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