• Damn Creepers! minecraft machinima
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[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhsoKoUoBqg[/url] this was my first ever attempt to make a minecraft short, based on a true story thanks i hope you enjoy it, positive/constructive criticism please :)
Well it's been done before, a lot of times, actually. It's nice edited, though.
[QUOTE=Chekko;29892310]Well it's been done before, a lot of times, actually. It's nice edited, though.[/QUOTE] thanks for the feedback :)
Awesome video! Was it some other person who filmed it?
Eh... It's alright, but I think it's just really uncreative. "OH THERE'S A GUY BUILDING A HOUSE. THERE'S A CREEPER. HE EXPLODES. CREDITS." You could probably do a lot better, but I suppose this is an alright start.
I would mainly suggest to try to be a little more creative with your plot ideas. V3nom put it perfectly, how the guy basically builds a house and gets exploded. It's nothing that we haven't seen a thousand times before. Also, for something like this, try to make your pannings and croppings in Sony Vegas (I assume that's what you're using) slower and more subtle. Zooming in too much makes the picture look to pixely and looks kinda cheesy anyway. I might would also throw in some slight color correction in there. Only takes a minute, and makes it look noticeably nicer imo. Other than that, not bad at all for a first machinima. Mine was much worse lol.
It's very long for such a common joke, and the title gives away too much. I also think that you shouldn't have used the ingame music because it's used a lot in videos.
Also, the title spoiled the ending. Just saying. Edit: Again.
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