• What's your biggest loot haul in Minecraft Multiplayer?
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I once stole 2 stacks of Obsidian from some guys castle on the server, it was sure hacked, then he figured it out and i got banned.. kids..
100+ iron ore, 100+ redstone dust. From one base.
Large chest full of stacks of iron ingots.
Between the current and original servers on TheHangover's, there was a vanilla, lawless server. I created a small mansion, and when i died and trekked to it, about 5 others fallowed me, and together we created a small village at the base of my plantation's hill. I had a brick house that I spent ages on, and stashed all my loot there. Logged on once, everyone's but my brick house was destroyed. Everyone looted. My wooden mansion was burning. They left my actual house alone, except for the carpet, which they took. They left a sign saying thanks for the stuff, and that they took the carpet. 25 diamonds, 4 pumpkins, alot of wool, some coal, 2 cakes...just from me. Largest I've taken was about 300 about diamond boots from an admin's chest.
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