• New Vegas: quest glitch
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in fallout new vegas theres a quest called "I put a spell on you" you have to investigate some control tower break ins but the map marker is pointing to a radio in the tower. i press my use key to activate it and nothing happens, just nothing and thats pretty much what i need to do in the mission. but its right above the door you come into. so i cant tell do you use the radio or use the door. ive tried using the "quest complete" console command but it wont work i need help on this. whether its a glitch making it impossible or whether im doing it all wrong. also if you kill Ceaser when he invites you to the fort, will that prevent a massive battle on the hoover dam?
sit outside, far away, hidden, ~2am someone will enter the building. go inside and listen to the conversation.
ok thank you
and for the second question, no i don't think it will prevent a massive battle since [sp]he's not the one you're going to kill[/sp]
who do i have to kill. just so i know
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