• Upon the Shoulders of Giants: An Adventure in 2b2t
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2b2t is a server I find very interesting. It's basically an open, public server with no rules whatsoever. No admins, no plugins, no anything. This makes it a pvp free for all. Many communities are invited to this cesspool of a server, including Something Awful, 4chan, and our own Facepunch. [IMG]http://gyazo.com/5a257a19ed803037c43138d40a8d7987.png[/IMG] This is 2b2t.net. More exactly, this is the spawn of it. The spawn is like a nuclear blast. Everything near it is in shambles, and you can only find untouched landscape 5,000 blocks out. That's what most people do, seek refuge elsewhere. The other half of people, like me, live on the Shoulders of Giants. Under the ruins, in the mess. It's a very unique experience. This thread will highlight some of the small treasures I find in this mess of a server, and show some of my adventures. Here's some pictures. The spawn on a rainy day [URL]http://gyazo.com/9b3bc592c28ab2af81a2d6099aa593e7.png[/URL] An amazing tower, griefed to sadness. I currently live under this, in the mines. They go on forever, and I am still exploring them! [URL]http://gyazo.com/e092178548485d7c7363fd845dd2acd5.png[/URL] A slice through the center of the entrance. I'm pretty sure this was used to get all the cobblestone and materials to make the tower, but it must have taken forever! [URL]http://gyazo.com/a61d5712991269b05b0a66f957187a26.png[/URL] A strange pair of signs under our residence. "My name is Vex I found noone only darkness alone uppon arrival" [URL]http://gyazo.com/d5044e89a1d0a60da1d24581c442681d.png[/URL] [URL]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7803450/Minecraft[/URL] Pics/More/bros.png A group picture in the fourth fort, The Complex. [URL]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7803450/Minecraft[/URL] Pics/More/derp.png Another group photo of the crew in The Complex [URL]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7803450/Minecraft[/URL] Pics/More/doggeh.png A dog on a bed :3: I encourage you to join me in this excavation of sorts. It takes a lot of strength to explore the mess of blocks and griefed structures, but I find it intriguing, finding remnants of hard work and labor put into a structure, only for it to be griefed and forgotten. The server IP is [B]2b2t.net[/B]. Share what strange things you find on this thread! [release][B]There is no one base, but a separate group of republics. The Peoples' Republic of Facepunch is led by each of these bases' leaders They all have their different rules and regulations associated with them. [highlight]Ask each leader for the coords to their respective base.[/highlight][/B] [B]Project Arsenal:[/B] A Mob Grinder project, but could be expanded to house people and provide a decent infrastructure. Run by Chezhead, ask for coordinates only if you are willing to help create the mob grinder. [B]Camp General Discussion:[/B] Run by Startoad, a nice base willing to house many people. [B]Camp Kickass[/B] - Run by SLAGATHOR09, a nice little open-air village with many resources and even more animals. A mob grinder is here as well, with a great military personal. If you would like to register a base, /tell or PM me the coordinates and some details about it. If it has enough people, you'll become an adviser at the discretion of the current ones. In order to make a base, it must have 5 members, have a set location, have some sort of name (preferably a subforum or a project name), and a designated leader. It should be able to house a total of 10 people. Also, limit the distance to around 3000 or so blocks from spawn.[/release] [release][U][B]Current Members of the Republic of Facepunch[/B][/U] [People in bold are Advisors. Also, post on the forum with your IGN and I'll add you to the list.] [B]Chezhead[/B] [B]Mattyyy[/B] Askaris ArsonBoy5996 Asrue2 Bisousbisous BlueAVS Bob4life10 Cameron_Stroub Cellular ChrisDom Computrix Coolguy13511 Coolity Crommissar DeandreT Devonwargod Fizzlecleave Frustum GiggleBlizzard Hellborg Hinderjd Horsedrowner IcyTruth Joshirw54 Jackald KarvaBopi Leleko_765 Livelion LucanC Mariodude146 MrFoxer Neos300 Ninjarooster Prezshadow PrinnyGenocide Rabbittt RagamuffinJoe Rauthr Ricaaado Robotito RobotBanana Ryfry Slag Soccerskyman Startoad Taos_Lightnin TayG0 Teacakes Velguador Zeos ZombieDawgs PootisSpencer [U]uitham[/U] [highlight][U][B]KILL ON SIGHT:[/B][/U][/highlight] Glent Protocol7 Bennygun rage (numbers after his name) coolnow PimpMastaFlex [/release] [release]Social Structure Advisors: These are the people that lead the bases, and generally keep things in order. All advisers must agree (who are online) on a major decision. These people are on the list above in bold. Mayors: Mayors lead the towns and keep hold of them. They make major decisions in their towns. Citizens: People that live and work in Federation shelters. Others: Anyone that isn't affiliated with Facepunch. Kill on Sight: People that have wronged the Federation and should be killed on sight. [/release] [release][U]Rules for all people in the Federation of Facepunch:[/U] 1. No non-facepunch personal shall be in any Facepunch approved hideouts, unless approved by Chezhead. 2. Never kill or harm a Facepunch user. Facepunch users are designated by being on the list. 3. Any room or chest with a clear identification of a Facepunch username's name above it should not be taken from unless given permission by that person. Looking inside the chest is fine, however. 4. Each fort is owned by a certain person under Chezhead. If you have an issue or need specific coordinates, ask the current leader. Forts and leaders are in the op. If you have an issue inside the base, contact the fort leader before Chezhead. These leaders of the forts have the right to refuse entry to specific people, but Chezhead will make the final decision on most issues in fortresses. 5. Betrayal is not permitted whatsoever, and includes giving coordinates to anyone non-facepunch, breaking any of these rules, or generally making the life in this server a worse player for Facepunch players. These will be enforced by death and or exile.[/release]
Okay, i'll come give it a shot.
Giving it a shot now.
Awesome server, except for when I couldn't see shit in the rain :P
That was annoying. I was in the mines below our hideout, and found diamond. I got lost in some caves, then a creeper killed me. I need to get that all back, so I'm aimlessly lost now. [editline]27th April 2011[/editline] Well, I found the place I died, but my stuff is all gone. I traveled for too long. At least I know the tunnels much better. [editline]27th April 2011[/editline] [img]http://gyazo.com/0a1c4277547d10851245af7a8e91f3cd.png[/img]
Wouldn't it be cool if some servers published the maps so people could explore them in ssp like ancient ruins (or with some friends in a private smp server)? [editline]27th April 2011[/editline] I always thought it would be interesting to walk around a map that I didn't make myself... Anyone have a giant map they'd like to share?
This sounds amazing....
I'll try to find your shelter in the mines and leave a sign if i do
Sounds fun. I'll be there sharpish. :v:
I wanted to play, but I'm lagging so bad... :saddowns:
We're moving out, so gather your things! As soon as this iron is done and the sun rises, we'll be off!
Server looks cool, but way too laggy. Fell to my death, then after walking a few hunderd blocks I died. I think it would be cool to do this with a limited map size, so people would fight over the last bits of iron etc.
I'll try it out. Looks awesome!
[QUOTE=ZomBuster;29471961]Server looks cool, but way too laggy. Fell to my death, then after walking a few hunderd blocks I died. I think it would be cool to do this with a limited map size, so people would fight over the last bits of iron etc.[/QUOTE] I'm going to do this on my server once I finish the map I'm making for it.
[img]http://img860.imageshack.us/img860/4360/20110427224156.png[/img] found this just west of the ruined castle. It might have been made by one of you, since everything else near it had been griefed.
This server symbolises most public servers: a wreck
Holy shit, this place is a mess. So I suppose the point of this server is to hide your base so it doesn't get griefed to fuck and back?
This is so fucking fun! This castle is awesome!
FPers: DONT HAND OUT OUR COORDS TO ANYONE. If they are a FPer they will look at the thread [editline]27th April 2011[/editline] AntiApina just screwed us over
Looks interesting im joining...
This is amazing, but I'll be surprised if the castle is still there tomorrow.
currently on the way to you guys. ran out of picks so im currently smacking blocks with my fists to get out of this cave system :patriot:
[QUOTE=ryfry99;29474513]currently on the way to you guys. ran out of picks so im currently smacking blocks with my fists to get out of this cave system :patriot:[/QUOTE] Hardcore as fuck.
also chez you should just not respond to people asking for coords. might be trolls
This is friggin' crazy.
I'm here, MrFoxer Also military
Rules: 1. No killing or hurting other Facepunchers. 2. No destroying bases or the property without permission or renovation purposes. 3. No standing in front of the meeting room without the current speaker's permission.
I will be military. Just stop stealing my crap. Fizzlecleave
I would like to be Military Minecraft Name: StarToad
[QUOTE=IliekBoxes;29476535]I will be military. Just stop stealing my crap.[/QUOTE] Good. You're username? [editline]27th April 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=StarToad;29476548]I would like to be Military[/QUOTE] I'll update the OP.
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