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Greetings, and salutations fellow GModders. I have been using Garry's Mod for some time now, and have always loved how users are able to make and submit their own models into the game. I only recently learned that there is a way to port models from games (I.e. getting Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and making him into a ragdoll for the game). This interests me. So, I have made this thread asking this question; how would I be able to do this too? If there is anyone who can explain this to me (as I am not a designer, but am quick to learn and willing to learn to use a program like Blender), or if someone knows of a tutorial, it would be greatly appriciated. Thank you. Signed, ~Kotoroshi
1. Don't sign your posts. 2. This is not the correct place to ask that. 3. [url=http://www.facepunch.com/forums/40]Ask here[/url]
Did he really sign his post?
[QUOTE=Delta616;32330961]Did he really sign his post?[/QUOTE] no
Greetings,comrade from america It saddens me to inform you that you shall not receive the requested information,however as mentioned by Sir MasterFen007 You must try the other section dedicated to this issue Sincerely ~znk666 (P.s convince people in your country to end the capitalistic oppression!)
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