• SkyBlock - Minecraft survival.
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[release]Hello and welcome to the SkyBlock challenge![/release] A adventuremap created by:"[b]NoobCrew[/b]" From the original minecraft forum! In this adventuremap you start on a floating island in the middle of nowhere with 1 tree and 1 chest. inside the chest you will find: [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/11r6iar.png[/IMG] [b]12 strings, 1 lava bucket, 1 bone, 1 piece of reed, 1 red mushroom, 2 blocks of ice, pumpkin seeds (1), 1 brown mushroom, 1 piece of melon, 1 block of cactus[/b] [release][b]Yea yea we heard that before, that is no challenge for me..[/b][/release] The island is insanely small to start out with: [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2n03mh0.png[/IMG] And of course there are 20 challenges you have to complete! [b]The challenges are the following:[/b] [release][b] 1.Build a Cobble Stone generator. 2.Build a house. 3.Expand the island. 4.Make a melon farm. 5.Make a pumpkin farm. 6.Make a reed farm. 7.Make a wheat farm. 8.Make a giant red mushroom. 9.Build a bed. 10.Make 40 stone brick's. 11.Make atleast 20 torches. 12.Make an infinite water source. 13.Build a furnace. 14.Make a small lake. 15.Make a platform 24 blocks away from the island, for mobs to spawn. 16.Make 10 cactus green dye. 17.Make 10 mushroom stew. 18.Make 10 Jack 'o' lanterns. 19.Build 10 bookcases. 20.Make 10 bread. [/b][/release] [release][b]I don't own minecraft/i don't feel like playing it[/b][/release] Why don't watch it in action then? [b]CaptainSparklez[/b] is making a let's play/walkthrough of it! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl41sTALR4c&feature=channel_video_title[/media] [release][b]So why dont get started now?[/b][/release] Offical forum link: [url]http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/600254-surv-skyblock/[/url] A facepunch user have made us a more challengeing map! Do it nether style! [release][url=http://www.mediafire.com/?iphxri3snw2433s]Download the new experience here![/url][/release]
Why the fuck won't the tree drop saplings!?
Man, this looks awesome to play with a partner, sharing rations
Adventure map? nope nope nope there is pretty much NO adventure in the map [editline]3rd October 2011[/editline] guys I can setup a server with this if you want.
I found 2 sand in the 'ground' and 1 bedrock. I couldn't go more down.
[QUOTE=343N;32588512]there is pretty much NO adventure in the map[/QUOTE] You are too narrow-minded to understand that there's [I]many[/I] kinds of adventures.
want a server up with this or not.
Of course not.
[QUOTE=MasterFen007;32588680]Of course not.[/QUOTE] Sarcasm? (No seriously)
no god damnit
okay fine if you dont want a server with this map then fine
Some of the challenges seem easy, but how the hell do you get 40 stone bricks
cobblestone generator
[QUOTE=GameDev;32588841]Some of the challenges seem easy, but how the hell do you get 40 stone bricks[/QUOTE] Smelting cobble stone in a furnace with the plank grown from trees. Take's a lot of patience and time.
yeah fuck this map thanks to the 1.9 pre-release I lost my melon seeds due to a snow bug yeah fucky you PRERELEASE time to 1.8.1 and TMI this bitch.
This map with hardcore mode. Also, just place a roof over you melons, if not on hardcore you should expect yourself to die from starvation until you get a nice little farm.
Gonna give this a go. Expect lots of pictures.
holy fuck at above how do you
This is genius! I wouldn't be surprised if mojang staff themselves commended this guy for his unique spin on minecraft gameplay.
Quite challenging and a good spin on the usual survival gameplay.
This would be cool if it was online, but with loads of different islands and everyone got one.
I could do that but with the "no we dont want your server" its not gonna happen
You can't make cobble generators with planks, right?
[QUOTE=LordCrypto;32589768]You can't make cobble generators with planks, right?[/QUOTE] Water + Lava /captainobvious
[QUOTE=343N;32589709]I could do that but with the "no we dont want your server" its not gonna happen[/QUOTE] Get over yourself, seriously. Just because it's your birthday it doesn't mean you can act this way.
[QUOTE=Wyrmdraken;32589794]Water + Lava /captainobvious[/QUOTE] I meant the walls of the generator.
Pretty much all of what is on the check list is easy to do, it just takes a little planning and ALOT of patience.
[QUOTE=LordCrypto;32589823]I meant the walls of the generator.[/QUOTE] I misinterpreted. Sorry. :(
[QUOTE=LordCrypto;32589768]You can't make cobble generators with planks, right?[/QUOTE] Lava + Planks = CrackleFireCrackle
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