• Rift: Planes of Telara
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Holy shit. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hc2ZZcu-2o&fmt=22[/media]
:smith: I want to play this. Why won't they send me an invite. :argh:
They said they would send a new batch tomorrow, so maybe.
[QUOTE=SweFox*;26449970]Holy shit. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hc2ZZcu-2o&fmt=22[/media][/QUOTE] Holy shiiiiiiiiiii- :dance:
[QUOTE=SweFox*;26450121]They said they would send a new batch tomorrow, so maybe.[/QUOTE] Oh good. Thanks.
Does anyone know the rules for the beta? Are we allowed to record videos/talk about it? I remember there was another beta (maybe final fantasy XIV) where if you even talked about it you could get your account banned and beta privileges revoked.
Nothing expect saying you are in the beta but the site is ofc down atm when I was going to check to be sure.
It's up for me.
I meant the forum.
Got an e-mail that I'm in the beta now. :dance: Thanks again, SweFox!
Yay! I'm very happy to hear that. But was it your vip key that got invited or was it a non-vip invite? Bec I have a normal but my vip is not invited hah. [editline]3rd December 2010[/editline] pagefuck
I have no idea, it just says Beta_Event1_EN. :v:
Ah awesome. [editline]3rd December 2010[/editline] Since everyone on their damn forum said different things. I sent an email to Zann just to be sure. "Yeah, if you just had one of the normal keys and got invited to this week's event, adding the VIP key will get you invited to the next events. :)" Fuck yea.
Any idea when the beta is going to start?
18:00 gmt.
Awesome, that's 19:00 for me. Can't wait. :dance:
Same ;D.
Where do you live anyway? I'm from Holland. :v:
Sweden with snow, snow and snow everywhere. Its so awesome when its suppose to be black dark but all the snow glows so its like morning, beautiful.
Well it could've been [b]swe[/b]aty for all I knew. :colbert:
Haha Sweaty? Sorry, you're right :(.
If only you could make a character already and just get it in the server when they go online, I'd love to screw around with it.
Well you can start the game and enjoy the music and the empty server list :P.
Also what side are you gonna chose? I'm considering The Guardians but I pretty much always play the 'good guys' in these games... so I'm not sure.
Both had very cool races. But yea its the same here, I normally only play the "good" guys. Kelari - Mage - Pyromancer and Mathosian - Rouge - Assassin/Blade Dancer. Something like that. And about the that smiley (rolleye), I never meant "Sigh don't you know you idiot", I picked the wrong smiley.
I know, I wasn't offended or anything. :v: I'm not sure about my class yet, I'll have a look when the servers go online.
I just registered really hope I get in the beta as I most likely will never get chance to subscribe
A bit late :(. But there will be more events and your chance getting in isn't smaller than anyones else so. [editline]3rd December 2010[/editline] [quote]Yes, European and North American gamers can play together. MMOs by their nature are very social experiences and Trion believes it's critical to let gamers play with their friends wherever they are located. Europeans can play on North American servers and vice-versa, and our testing thus far suggests the game's performance will work fine whichever server you choose to play on regardless of your location.[/quote]
That's pretty damn awsome, I have a few friends in NA so this is good news. :haw:
Turtlehead, PvE or PvP? [editline]3rd December 2010[/editline] It was meant to be automerged but ok. [editline]3rd December 2010[/editline] And yea, as long as it works I have nothing against it.
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