• Wurm Online: Let's have a new Shantytown!
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What is Wurm Online? Wurm Online, a MMOFS (Massivley Multiplayer Online Fantasy Simulator) in which players set out alone, or in groups of players into a large unmapped world, for the most part pioneering this wild land. From large peaks, to hidden valleys, the lands of Wurm are absolutely huge, taking 10+ hours to reach one corner of the map to another allowing for seclusion if wanted. Wurm allows for an unheard of amount of freedom, from clearcutting forests leaving plains, to terraforming small hills into great peaks (if you know the trade secrets) to even allowing for building of houses wherever you please, Wurm is truly one of the most freeform MMO's around. On top of being freeform in tradeskills, it does have a weak fighting system that is mainly supported by quality crafters, it allows for warring between towns, factions and other players, allowing for wars to be fought out with words in politics or with swords in the battlefield. With the Introduction of Epic Pvp Servers, the old Wild Pvp Server almost died out and has now been turned into a Free to Play Freedom server. Facepunch has had a long history on this game and especially on this server. But when it was turned premium only, Facepunch Settlements basically died out on Wild. Now that it is back Free to Play, we should make an effort to repopulate this server. I have a little settlement with some unused Land that can be populated by newcomers. I will be assigning lots. You can register on [url]http://www.wurmonline.com[/url] and after completing the basic tutorial on Golden Valley, the newbie server, you can go to any Server you like. Just choose the Portal to Chaos, which is the new name for the Wild Server. Where to go? [url]http://www.wurmonline.com/wiki/index.php?title=Wild_Village_Roadmap[/url] On this map, our Settlement is at 60 East and 14 South. It is called New Prypjat. When you arrive from Gold Valley, you will be at 72 East and 7 South. Where to get help? From the link above you will get to the Wurm Online Wiki, it contains pretty much everything you need to know. Pressing F1 ingame ,typing wiki itemname into the console and pressing enter will also search for that item name on the wiki and display the result. Alternatively you can open the Freedom Server global chat by typing /shout to ask weird and stupid questions directly to everyone. When I'm online, you can pm me ingame by typing /t smbh or /t milp, where /t is the command to pm someone and milp and smbh are my chars names. The plan? Well, I'm basically offering you plots of land in my humble settlement that you can use to build your own house/farm/something on it, so we can assemble a big shantytown thing and repopulate the server. I would be glad to see some of the old timers back around. Once you registered please post a something here so i can take you up into the list. Ingame Footage? Oh yeah I'd be glad if someone could suggest some good ingame footage. I'd do it myself but I despise youtube clips. The list: - DVH - DDSNv2
You know what? I played this game forever ago, I might just give it another try.
An invasion is already planned for the 17th of january 2012... People planned to create a thread just before it... Have you read the thread [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1094349/42]here[/url]?
Haha wow no, i used the search multiple times and it didn't even turn up. Anyways, it says that the town is dead or something? Is there anything planned for the Chaos Server though? If not i'd just let this project continue aswell for this server as i believe that what i am attempting (an open village where everyone has his own plot of land-kind-of-thing) hasn't been done before. @DDSNv2: I'd be glad to see you around, drop me a message when you're on Chaos.
Meh, I can't see why we can't have 2 invasions. The first wave'll go and make preparations so the masses can join easier later. Either way, I feel like it. Count me in.
There's no problem with having 2 invasions, the invasion is planned only on a date, how/where is still undecided.
[QUOTE=Kaelazun;33893481]There's no problem with having 2 invasions, the invasion is planned only on a date, how/where is still undecided.[/QUOTE] So, what'd be the best is to have this invasion officially planned on the 17th, but you can come in before that if you'd like.
Well you guys can still partake in the invasion and just have your place at my Settlement. I'd be glad to have some company. We've got so much space now.
-snip- cause I'm stupid. What'd be cool tho is if we mine out our village. Go underground!
I played this a while back, was pretty decent.
"fuck i wanna get to you ;~;" and then the game did crashed
Oh that's what happened. Are you coming back? DVH arrived at the town and got his plot already. I'm also in the process of setting up a makeshift Townhall with some Socialist Appliances.
Town hall's set up, permissions are set up, I believe we're ready to roll!
Where is it located?
[QUOTE=DeandreT;33895726]Where is it located?[/QUOTE] On Wild Server (Chaos), just South of Kyara. Where PO #2 was. For detailed instructions on how to get there, check the OP please.
Why not use epic? It has PVP and is F2P.
Well, my deed is on Chaos, not on Epic. Been there since '07, I'm not gonna move. :)
Well fuck, my old account with all my stuff seems to have been deleted. I guess I have to make a new one.
Yeah just come on over, we need citizens :v:
I might give this a try, never played it but looks very interesting
Excuse me for my absence, I was really busy, I'm playing right now tho.
We need more people, got room for plenty more. Would it help to mention that Notch once helped Develop Wurm? :v:
*bump* This thread is now here: [url]www.facepunch.com/threads/1152767[/url] Whatever happened to you guys that announced to come?
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